Improve Your Balance for Surfing Instantly With a Few Tips!!

Surfing is a recreational sport that needs a lot of practicing to finally perform it flawlessly in the ocean and to perfectly surf in big ocean waves.

It takes a lot of time to be a pro surfer. It takes a lot of exercises and workouts that are designed to be physically fit like agility, speed, balance, flexibility and explosive power to be able to maneuver the surfboards on your own.

Almost half of the population of surfers in the world said that they spend a lot of their work out, out of the water to prepare and ready their body muscles before going into the water for surfing. But some other surfers said that a little bit of exercise and workout would do, to be a good at surfing.

There are a lot of things that needed to be learned and be practiced when surfing especially the balancing of the body while surfing and the coordination of the body movements to have a good balance of techniques.

Having a workout routine out of the water, surfers make sure that their balance exercise will always be included in their daily routine. Before go surfing, you should mentally and physically prepare yourself for the techniques that you should always keep in mind when surfing.

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Balance in surfing is the ability to stay in proper position and to maintain it even when performing stunts while surfing and also the ability of the surfer to successfully maneuver the surfboard without falling into the water.

Surfers prioritize practicing how to have a proper balance when surfing and how they can improve their balancing skills.

There are different ways on how to improve each and every skill in balancing if the surfers especially for the beginners in surfing field.

Improve Your Balance for Surfing Instantly With a Few Tips!! 1

Balance with your eyes closed

The first technique is to balance with your eyes closed. You can do this technique off water or on water. If you are a surfer that already have a background in balancing and you just wanted to improve your skills in balancing you can do this technique on the water with your surfboard, stand on your surfboard straightly and try to stand on the balls on your feet and place your both arms in front of your chest and just try to feel the flow of the water and familiarize it.

If you fall on the water try it again and again. But if you are a beginner in surfing, try to do this technique when the ocean waves are calm, and there is no hint of big waves coming on the way, you can do it with your body slightly curved, because you are just starting to balance your body on the surfboard, stay on your eyes closed to feel the flow of the water.

And eventually you will just learn how to go with the flow of the water.

Balance on one foot

Another technique is Balance on one foot, bend the waist. This technique is best to do off water or on the shore of the ocean before surfing, keep your knees bent and just let your arms fall down in front of you.

This exercise may be very tiring, but it will prepare you to have and to know how to properly balance yourself even when big waves come in you when surfing in the ocean. Stand on one foot and play catch, is another exercise technique that can make you improve your balance.

In this way of exercise you can make it a game with your co surfers, where you only use one foot to stand, and you will catch a ball or any object that is being thrown, if you can stay balanced and did not fall down then you may have a strong ability to balance yourself while surfing. Balancing is very important.

As a surfer, you should know your limits when it comes to balancing yourself, how far and how long can you balance yourself while surfing even if there are big ocean waves approaching your way. The next technique is skateboarding or many referred to as land surfing.

If you are still a beginner in surfing and still feeling scared to get outbalanced when big waves approach your way then this balancing technique is good for you.

You can try balancing yourself in a skateboard, and when mastered balancing yourself in a land surfing, try now balancing yourself in the ocean and start enjoying the big waves.

Single leg balance is another technique that you can do to improve your balancing skills, and it helps you improve your lower body. Stand straight, distribute your weight on your both feet, and when you already relaxed, start lifting now your one leg bending it upward.

Hold that position as long as you can, so that you will be able to know how long you can balance yourself with your one leg only. The next thing to do is change your position, the leg that you bent upward change it with the other one and place your both arm in your hips, stay in that position for 30 seconds for as long as you can.

Balance plays a very important role in mastering surfing and to be able to enjoy every little bit of it. Why is balancing very important in surfing? It is because when you are able to balance yourself while surfing, it only means that your body coordination is working, and your movements will be highly enjoyable.

Balancing also helps the surfers to have and improve proper posture when surfing and will establish power and better movement in the ocean waves. Getting to know how to properly balance yourself when surfing gives a body awareness and high confidence level that might help you play and perform better.

So always remember that to improve your balance skills, you should have proper balance workouts off the water and on water. Even though you are just on the shore, resting, or waiting for the waves to calm down before surfing, you can freely exercise and master balancing workouts to improve yourself when it comes to balancing.

Aside from balancing, there are other things that every surfer should remember and know. The first thing to put in mind is that surfing is not a sport; it is a way of life. Surfing can be a way of relaxation and to physically, mentally, and emotionally achieve peace.

In this recreational sport, it allows you to freely expose yourself. Another thing to remember is, free up your time because you will need it. When learning how to surf, you will need a lot of time to exert and patience to make.

It is not easy to learn this kind of sport. Just always remember not to give up and be patient all the time; it will all be worth it when you already get to master it. Fitness, Balance, and Movement is another thing to remember that being physically fit with this kind of sport will be a great help in mastering this sport.

Nevertheless, being physically fit is not a requirement to learn and to play this sport.

Some Things to Remember

There is no requirement to be in this field of sport. Understanding water flow and understanding waves are probably the most important thing to learn and understand when surfing. There is always a special connection between surfers and the waves of the ocean.

It is also the best way to understand the different aspects of surfing. Never be ignorant. When it comes to surfing you should always be aware of the dangers and hazards that might come the way when you are surfing.

Most important too, is to choose the right surfboard to use. Choosing the right surfboard for you depends on how tall you are, your weight, and of course your choice of design.

It is very important to have a suitable surfboard for you because if not, it may be the cause of some problems in surfing like balancing your weight in the surfboard, or maybe the length of the surfboard you are using does not fit your height or on how tall you are.

It should always be appropriate. There are different types of surfboards such as the Fish, Shortboard, Hybrid, funboard, lightboard, and the gun. Another thing to remember is to never go surfing without a surf leash or leg rope.

And lastly is to wear the proper gear for surfing to avoid encountering hazards like having cuts because of coral reefs, lacerations, and many more.

You should always keep in mind that when surfing, do not surf closely with other surfers because it might cause collisions and might result in unexpected injuries that a surfer can get. Safety must come first at all times.

You are surfing to enjoy and to have an outdoor recreational activity that is why you should avoid getting into danger and hazards. Having an injury is not a joke, because a simple injury might cause a danger to your health and may affect your life. Always be careful when surfing in the ocean.

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