Ultimate Guide: How to Turn on a Penny Board in Various Way

Figuring out how to ride anything can be challenging from the start. This is valid for a bike, skateboard, and even penny sheets. Fortunately, you are in the perfect spot to get familiar with the stunts and tips for riding a penny board. We will cover all that you have to know from what sort of shoes you should wear to how to stand. At that point, we will move into further developed things like getting a move on and halting. Peruse on to figure out how to ride a penny board quick and simple. With the tips, we give you will ride a penny load up in a matter of moments, regardless of whether you don’t have any understanding.

skateboard flipped near wooden fence

What do you refer to when you talk about a Penny Board?

In this way, before getting into how to ride a penny load up. We will first quickly cover what it is really going after that don’t have a clue. Penny board is in the skateboarding family. It is a leading body of different shapes with four wheels on it.

You can get them made out of a wide range of materials and a wide range of various ways that is a lot to cover here. What you can be sure of is that a penny board is only a skateboard that is shorter than an ordinary skateboard. Unique penny sheets are 22 inches, however now you can get a minor departure from this.

Now, what could be the most effective method to Ride which?

Before broadly expounding on the most proficient method to ride a penny board, we are first going to give a breakdown of what we are going to cover. That way, in the event that you are somewhat more progressed or have a particular inquiry, you can bounce to that area. The subjects about how to ride a Penny board that we are going to cover are:

First and foremost, is your Footwear and Positioning. Second to it is the Adjusting.  The third is the Picking up Speed. Fourth is your Turning; and last but not least, is Easing back and Stopping.

Now that these are already provided for you, bear in mind that these classes are the fundamental things you have to know, and the request that we are showing them is the most widely recognized request to learn them. That is on the grounds that you don’t have to realize how to stop on the off chance that you can’t get moving, and you don’t have to figure out how to go in the event that you can’t adjust and remain on the board. Along these lines, in the event that you are simply beginning, we prescribe perusing the article altogether and afterward separating it as you practice.

Footwear and Foot Positioning

Of course, it is important that what you wear is comfortable and what is accurate to wear in the first place. This is the reason why before you ever jump on your penny board, you first need to ensure you are wearing the correct shoes. Shoes can affect your overall performance when it comes to your activity; that is why it is a must for you to take this thing into consideration. This is on the grounds that you may get injured on the off chance that you are not wearing the correct shoes. The best shoes to wear are shut toe shoes that have a level sole. Having a level sole cause, you get a decent grasp on the board. Shoes, for example, Vans or Chuck Taylors, that you see a ton of skaters’ wear work incredible, which is the reason skaters wear them. In the event that you don’t have a level sole shoe, that is alright. A decent pair of sneakers will work. The key is to ensure they are shut toe simply.

When you have the correct shoes, the time has come to put your feet on the load up. There is no correct way with regards to which foot is in front. It is ideal to do what is agreeable for you simply. On the off chance that the correct foot is in front, this is called a silly position, and if the left is in front, it is simply called standard, yet it doesn’t make a difference. The key when putting your feet on the board, however, is to have the board on a level surface. Along these lines, it won’t begin rolling when you jump on. While stepping on the board, take whichever foot you need in front and put it on the board close to the front at an edge. Keep your other foot on the ground till you are adjusted. When adjusted, you can put it behind the other foot at a similar edge.

To know whether you have your front foot in the correct spot, it ought to be between the four screws that are holding the trucks on. When you have been riding for some time and are experienced; however, you can move the foot to any place that is agreeable. The incredible thing about skateboarding and riding penny sheets is that you can do whatever works for you. The craft of riding a board is about what is agreeable for you and for you to be unified with your board. Take the best longboards will help you learning simpler.


The following thing before you even beginning moving is to get your parity right. The most significant thing when riding a penny board is the equalization. You need your feet to be in accordance with your shoulders to enable you to adjust. Likewise, to assist you with adjusting, it is ideal to have a greater amount of your weight on your front leg. You can do this by bowing your knees and inclining forward a bit. This is particularly obvious when circumventing corners. On the off chance that you are as yet battling with balance, at that point, you may need to utilize your arms to enable you to adjust, yet this can be a twofold edged sword since utilizing your arms can likewise make you lose balance.

Parity comes down to feet position ordinarily, however. On the off chance that you are as yet battling with balance and are bowing your knees and keeping the weight towards the front, at that point, you may need to reposition your feet. Since individuals are various statures, there is nobody right foot position. For a few, the back foot should be flatter than the front to assist it with fitting on the board. In the event that you notice your feet changing position and your equalization showing signs of improvement, at that point, stay with that position. The key is to simply move slowly on a level surface, for example, your garage until you make sense of what balance strategy works for you.

Picking up Speed

When you have the equalization down, the time has come to begin picking up speed and riding around on your penny load up. The manner in which you gain speed is you push with your feet. The vast majority utilize the back foot, and they lift it off the board and afterward place the wad of the foot down on the ground. They, at that point, do a kicking pushing movement to manufacture speed and afterward place the foot back on the board to journey. You may need to do this on numerous occasions from the outset to find a workable pace tough, yet once you have the speed, you won’t need to kick or push to such an extent.

A few people don’t utilize their back foot, however, and would rather utilize the front. This front foot pushing technique is called gonzo. Either technique for pushing and kicking is fine. Once more, it just boils down to whatever is agreeable for you. You can even pick up speed circumventing bends without kicking. This is on the grounds that your body’s energy can be changed over into board speed. We will cover this in turning straightaway.


In this way, we referenced that you can pick up speed turning. However, the primary explanation behind turning is significant is, so you don’t crash. There are two principal approaches to turn. The most widely recognized way is inclining and changing your body position. Thusly is the most straightforward for learners. On the off chance that you need to keep up speed, however, when you turn, at that point, you should utilize the other strategy, which is with the kicktail. We will separate kickturns first since they are more diligently and afterward clarify essential inclining turns.

For a kick turn, you set your back foot on the kicktail toward the finish of the board. You then simply swivel the board around the turn. This can be hard and takes practice. The most ideal approach to rehearse is in a halted position and afterward, gradually develop speed.

Until you get the hang of kick turns, however, you ought to do essential turns. Fundamental turns are done just by inclining; however, you need to turn. You can drive your toes into the board to assist you with keeping your decent. On the off chance that you need to turn the contrary way, you are confronting, at that point you recline. In the event that you need to turn the manner in which you are confronting you lean forward. The inclining technique is quite simple to get the hang of, particularly in the event that you have great equalization.

On the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty turning, at that point, your trucks may be excessively free or excessively tight. From the outset, you presumably won’t know how you like them, however as you ride, you will realize what feels bravo. In the event that your trucks are free, it will be simpler to turn, and on the off chance that they are tight, it will be more earnestly to turn. Try not to make them excessively free. However, in light of the fact that then your board won’t be steady. Try not to make them excessively tight anyway either in light of the fact that then you won’t have the option to turn.


Since you have ridden and turned down, the exact opposite thing to learn is the means by which to stop. The primary technique for halting, which you may have discovered at this point, is bouncing off. This isn’t the best strategy since it can’t work in the event that you are going quickly. In any case, at more slow speeds, it is a compelling strategy. The following technique that is somewhat more progressed is foot stop.

With foot halting as the name suggests, you utilize your foot to stop. The foot you use is the one you push with. You take your foot and put it right down on the ground delicately. You then simply let it slide along. The grinding will gradually back you off. You would prefer not to push too hard when the foot is halting for a few reasons. One is you would prefer not to harm your shoe. The other explanation, however of not pushing excessively hard in the event that you would prefer not to wreck. On the off chance that you push too hard when foot halting the load up could stop out of nowhere sending you taking off.

Now, you have been provided already with the things you must know and be equipped with when it comes to riding a penny board. This article has indeed taught you all the necessary things on the manner of how you test a penny board as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest penny board shop in your town now and go get to try riding and testing your newly purchased penny boards. Rest assured that with the provided guides on how to ride on, you will surely smoothly perform the activities in no time.


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