Super Tip on How to Turn on a Skateboard from Level 1 to Pro

It isn’t easy to do an action sport like skateboarding, especially when you’ve only just begun riding one. Any person would understand that not everyone gets to master the skills like that of a pro. However, you shouldn’t worry much about this once you get the hang of the simple tricks that would instantly make you look like you’ve been skating your whole life!

Lots of practice and patience is what you need in order for you to quickly become a professional skateboarder yourself. Keep in mind that with practice, failure is always given, and you may even end up hurting yourself too in the process. But if skateboarding is your passion and you know you have got what it takes to conquer this amazing sport, quick tips on the beginner tricks will surely help you from level 1 to level pro.

You know you’ve seen it, all those good-looking skates of the local skateboarders around your block. How awesome they look while they calmly glide around and do all those crazy stunts. You kind of wish you were like them, don’t you? You shouldn’t have to worry much because you’ll get there. With proper knowledge, tips, and determination, you may even surpass all the other people you look up to! By doing simple tricks as a beginner up to the flying and hardcore ones, the following tricks will help you in your learning process.

Super Tip on How to Turn on a Skateboard from Level 1 to Pro 1

Simple Skateboard Tricks to Help You Become A Pro

1. Kickflip Trick

Considered to be one of the easiest and most basic there is to skateboarding that you can do with a little bit of patience and practice. The first thing you got to do is lift the wheels of your skateboard deck from the ground to about 180 degrees and you can only do so by leaning the back of the board so that you can be able to raise its nose. You can do this trick on the grounds and ramps so that you will be able to get that quick turn correctly. By learning this simple trick, you are one step closer to becoming the pro skater that you aspire to be as you advance to more difficult tricks.

2. Ollie Trick

Most of the professional skateboarders today might tell you that Ollie is their first learned trick in the sport. That is why you should better start learning it yourself, too, if you want to become one of them. It is actually quite straightforward as you only need to lift yourself, a.k.a. your body, up while your skateboard is still on the ground as you do it. First, is to bend down your knees before you even attempt to lift yourself. Then make sure that your board’s tail should come first off the ground. Next, is you need to land on your board exactly the same way on how you jumped, meaning that your knees are still bent so that they would be the ones to absorb all the shock. Got to work on your skills in timing as well as the right balance by how you properly place your foot on the skateboard so that you will quickly and accurately perform the Ollie trick. Try doing some small and short jumps first to avoid getting hurt a lot.

3. Nollie Trick

It sounds a lot like the previous trick but is actually a reverse version of it. By raising your board’s nose instead of the tail as you do the jump, you will be able to do this trick correctly. Place your back foot at your skateboard’s center while your front foot is resting nicely at the front. When you do your jump, go ahead and raise the front of your board from the ground and certain level it while it is in the air. Just like at Ollie’s, land exactly how you jumped off – knees bent and your feet are placed just right where you left. This trick will prove to be more difficult than the previous one as your driving force will come from your non-dominant foot; In other words, your weaker foot. However, if you truly master this trick or Ollie, things will be much easier and prettier for yourself, too.

4. Heelflip Trick

This trick is kind of similar to the kickflip one, but its difference is that it is done in reverse. The thing that you got to do here is to use your back foot so that you can lift your skateboard’s face from the ground when you go and jump. While you’re still at it the air, precisely place your front foot on your board’s nose and quickly flick the skateboard itself using your back heel. Once you have done so, using your feet, accurately hold the board as you land on the ground. If you are able to do this trick, you are one step closer to being able to do complex tricks as you go further on your skating like a pro journey.

5. Wallride Trick

This trick is not anything like the tricks listed above for this starts the complex and advance moves that you need to do. The first thing you got to have is that confidence level that should be just about right in order to pull this off. In order to wallride, you need to place both of your feet on both ends of your skateboard and be able and to raise up its node once you are getting closer to the wall. You will be able to observe that your skates may roll to the wall so you need to make sure that your back is facing that wall as you go and direct it up and down in a kind of rainbow arc movement. After this, you will be sliding back to the ground so you need to raise your board’s nose again so that it will help you to slide down more easily. Once you have done and perfected this move, you will become like most expert skaters. Practice hard and you will get this without mistakes or falling off in no time.

6. Pop Shove it 360 Trick

You can do this kind of trick by slightly raising your own front foot on your skateboard and then scooping the tail of your board with the use of your back foot gently. Once you do this right, you will notice that you are able to spin the board in 180 degrees in the air. By doing this carefully and accurately, you will this just right with over spinning your board.

7. A Fake Bigspin Trick

To do the fake bigspin trick, you need to face the opposite direction of the position of your original stance on your board. Considered as one of the basics in the skateboarding sport and tricks, you need to be able to rotate your body in about 180 degrees while you spin the skateboard in about 360 degrees in the same direction. If you are having difficulty in doing this, you can always use your shoulders to help you navigate your movement in a kind counter-clockwise direction or clockwise movement that depends on what kind or type of big spin you want to do and perform. As you go and turn your shoulders, go ahead and use your feet so that you can roll the tail of your skateboard in the direction that you are moving your body. Although basic, this may sometime prove to be a little difficult for some at first but do not worry because once you get the hang of this with practicing all the time, you will learn it and do it effectively.

8. Ollie North

You may think that this is the same trick as the one stated above, but it has its differences in terms of using your front foot to kick forward the nose of your skateboard. Since this trick has its similarities to the Ollie trick, skaters were fast in developing the trick. The first thing to do is to safely set your feet up and pop it in the air as you take your foot off the skateboard. After doing so, quickly put your feet back on your skateboard so that you can skate after landing. Make sure to be cautious as you do this to avoid any injuries on your part.

9. Inward Heel Flip

To effectively do the inward heel flip, first bear in mind that this trick is actually a combination of the previously stated backside pop shove-it and heelflip. In some cases, it is even regarded as the same as the hardflip trick because of their similarities as it is also kind of lick the mirrored version of it. What you want to do when performing this trick is to put your front foot up close to the edge of your skateboard. As you do so, make it that it is placed diagonally as you slide. Keep in mind that your back foot is very important in this trick because you need to set it more toward the edge of the board’s tail. Go ahead and try putting a little more angle on your foot as you place your back foot.

10. Blunt Fakie

As you want to become a pro in skating, you need to be careful in doing the blunt fakie, especially if you are really entirely new to this sport. Many obtain injuries when they do this wrongly or if they aren’t careful enough. If you haven’t heard of the Rock Fakie, then this is basically kind of similar to that so try looking up how it is shown and done. So, first things first, you need to be able to go straight up towards a coping onto the tail of your skateboard and then carefully pop it back fakir style. Although a little dangerous for some, you can surely do this too if you do it carefully enough.

11. No Comply

This is kind of an old-school trick as it was born into creation bu none other than Neil Blender himself, so it is a trick from the 80s already. Commonly done a flat ground, the skater needs to be able to pop the board in the air by using your back knee while being able to put your front foot on the ground as you do it even just for a moment. You can do this in a skating park or even the parking lot. It does not require much effort at all. Once you are able to get the hang of the no comply trick, your skating life will be opened to other more possibilities and variations of the trick itself.

12. Grinds

You may have seen most skaters do this form of trick where you need to slide on the hangers of the trucks. It is kind of complex as it is done on an object that can fit between places where the wheels of the trucks meet. This trick probably originated from the backyard pools where skating was first introduced, as the first skaters in the world learned to obtain skill as well as safety by using their high-speed tent around these pools and then they learned to rise and fly.

13. Board Slide

Also known as the Railside trick, this can excite you as you do it yourself. What you need to do is to slide on the center of your board between the wheels. If you may notice skater experts as they do this trick, they often do it at rails or anywhere narrow and has smooth grounds that are raised like rails. Many skaters would like to learn this trick as it not only looks cool but also make you look like a pro yourself. Giving you the real thrill that there is to skateboarding, this may be a little risky to do for absolute beginners, but with a little caution, you would be able to do it too.



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