How To Stop On A Skateboard

No doubt, snaking through stairs, handrails, pavement, or parks can make you feel relaxed. But, how about how to stop on a skateboard?

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Skateboard enthusiasts would agree that moving on is east, but not with stopping on it. Stopping on a skateboard is critical for learning new tricks like power sliding or maneuvering out any dangerous situation.

Whether you are a seasoned skateboarder or a beginner, different stops will match your needs and preference. However, it would help if you practiced these stops many times before doing them and riding fast.

After you have successfully got these tricks, you can then perform more advanced stops. Just by learning different ways of how to stop on a skateboard, you can save yourself from painful crashes or prevent any trouble when starting to roll too fast.

Without so much ado, below are some of the effective ways on how you can stop on a skateboard.

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Side Scrape

This method is among the most common ways to halt the skateboard. But, note that side scrape can ruin the bottom of your shoe over time.

This method requires you to put your foot down on the side of the skateboard. With continuous friction between the bottom of the shoe together with the ground surface, the skateboard will end up slowing down the speed.

Skateboard Runoff

You can perform this method once you are riding slowly. It is one of the easiest ways to stop your skateboard, where you need to take several steps forward right after you left the board.

After you position the back of your foot forward in the air, make sure to put it down and leave the board. Then, take several steps ahead. Remember not to ride your board with loose trucks in a crowded place because you might hurt somebody.

The downside of running off the skateboard is that your skateboard will go away and leave you. Meaning, when riding fast, the skateboard might hit hard someone or with the wall.

Carve Long Turn

When you are riding fast, it’s recommended to slow down before you stop the skateboard. Since carving around a long turn can slow down the speed, you can pop up or run off the board for you to completely stop.

Foot Brake

This method involves dragging your pushing or back foot with the ground. When you are performing foot brake, make sure not to lay down your foot on the floor immediately. That way, you can prevent your foot from getting stuck to the ground.

You can apply this method only when you are riding the skateboard slow. All you need to do is to point your front foot forward and transfer your weight to it. After that, carefully bring your back foot parallel to the ground and drag along with the foundation to slow down.

Board Pop Up

Are you looking for the most relaxed way to stop your skateboard? Then, it’s time for you to learn the board pop up. You can try this trick only when you are riding slow.

While this method can be tricky for novice skateboarders, your time and effort to practice are all worth it. As you slow down the board, get off, and then kick the tail. Lastly, make sure to catch your board with hand.

Power Slide

Another cool way on how to stop a skateboard is through the power slide. It might be one of the trickiest ones, but most beginners want to learn it. However, knowing this method takes time and effort. Besides, you might also fall many times while practicing.

To perform the power slide, make sure to stand correctly, and then shift your weight. Next is tightly grip your foot before turning the board nose in the side. Finally, allow the board to slide.

Kick Turn 360

The kick turn 360 might be new to many but is one of the most effective ways to stop your skateboard. This technique requires turning skills. If you have not yet mastered this skill, ensure to learn and master it first.

When riding fast and you wish to stop, all you need to do is to raise the board’s nose and then kick turn the board. Make sure to keep the nose up. It is necessary to allow the speed to push before you can rotate 360 degrees. Ensure to turn until the board slow down and ultimately stop.

Backward Push

With a backward push, you need to keep the board rolling. Make sure to put your heel on the ground while pushing. Do not forget that your shoe should not have friction under it. Once you drive your heel into the ground, the next move is to drop your toes down and repeat it.

Medium to fast skateboarders prefers this technique to stop a skateboard. Depending on the result you want, slow down your skateboard until you destroyed it.

Toe Drag

While you are skating, make sure to keep your back leg out. Next is to slightly drag your toe on the ground while you have contact with your skate.

The inside of your big toe will be the part of your foot that will drag on the ground. Note that it will fall behind where your heel is positioned on the skate. In other words, your foot is pointed outward.

Push Foot Reverse

This trick involves rolling your skateboard on the pavement so that your foot can push against it. As a result, the extra weight will stay on your board. Only it several times until you notice that your skateboard keeps on slowing down.

You will need a few practice sessions before you can master the push foot reverse. This technique requires you to concentrate on the speed you’re carrying through. You also need to apply pressure on your heel several times, which will depend on the amount of speed.

Jump Off

If you cannot break on your skateboard, your next option can be jumping off the board. You can try this method when you wish to skip a set of stairs or the first handrails skating.

While you are skateboarding, it will be customary for you to think of jumping off your board. This will lead to the gradual stopping of the skateboard.

Tail Drag

To perform tail drag, you need to put your back foot on the skateboard’s tail. After that, push the bottom to the ground. While dragging your heel, make sure to keep sliding your skateboard. For a little variation of tail drag, try to trail drag together with a bit of the turn where you need to put a small amount of weight on the side of your board.

You may find this method a bit unusual. But most skaters are doing. The only downside of this method is that you may lose the tail of your skateboard in no time.

Heel Scrape

The heel scrape may look like the tail drag. But the only difference is that tail of your skateboard will make contact on your shoe instead of the ground. So, the bottom of your shoes will be prone to wearing out because of the massive surface friction. As a result, it will decrease the lifespan of your shoe.

For you to have more control of your skateboard, you can combine heel scraping and tail scraping. That way, your board and shoes can last a little longer.


When heel scrape and power slide are combined, you will get the bluntslide. This technique is ideal for experienced skaters. Make sure that you know these two tricks before you can perform the bluntslide.

While you are skating, your foot should be at the very end of your board so that you can effortlessly push the tail. While dragging the heel using the outside of your foot, make sure to keep sliding your skateboard at 90 degrees.

You may often step off your skateboard at the end of this technique, but it does not matter. That is because the purpose of bluntslide is to stop the board while moving fast.

Hand Powerslide

The hand powerslide involves scrubbing off some amount of speed, and both hands are used to land. In performing this trick, make sure to lean forward while keeping yourself as low as possible. Try not to get overextended or even keep the board too far away from you.

Always allow your feet on the skateboard without the need to make a drop. Besides, ensure that you will keep your weight on the skateboard. Mind that the duration of this technique on the surface must not take too long. If not, your hands will suffer a great rash.

Final Thoughts

Part of getting familiar with skateboarding is learning how to stop on a skateboard. If you are new to skateboarding, the above tricks will help you a lot. It may take you a lot of time and effort practicing each of the time, but everything will be worth it.

Happy skating!


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