How To Stop On A Longboard

Gathering some speed on your longboard is one of the coolest things you can ever try. But, do you know how to stop on a longboard?

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For sure, you have seen people flying on longboards in the street. But, other than pumping speed and building speed, you also need to learn how to stop on your board.

Longboarding is a sport similar to popular skateboarding. This sport typically uses longer boards and bigger wheels. Interestingly, it is also used for dancing, sliding, and racing.

A longboard is a sports equipment that comes with hard wheels while its deck is made from plywood. It is commercially available in different sizes and shapes. It is a category of a skateboard.

If you are new to this sport, then your priority is to choose the right equipment for you to start. Next concert? Well, that should be how you are going to stop on a longboard while preventing yourself from hurting or crashing while riding your board at any speed/

In this post, you will discover different methods on how to stop on your longboard. These include:

Foot Brake

One of the easiest ways to stop is by doing the foot brake. This method works at any speed with appropriate practice.

You need to know the perfect timing to do the foot braking while you are at low speed. Mind that it is not advisable to use this technique when you are carving into a run. Besides, it would help if you also used proper footwear.

Your weight should be placed on your front foot. Depending on whether you are a regular or a goofy rider, you can choose which foot you want to keep in front.

Never try foot break if you are going to lean on the back foot. For example, when going down hills and leaning back, your weight will disperse to the direction you move at. As a result, your back foot is shakier compared to your front foot.

Before dragging your back foot on the ground next to your board, take it higher first. To prevent yourself from stepping off the board, do not lean onto the back foot, and make sure to make a few amounts of pressure along the ground.

Take note that this technique can harm your foot and leak your shoe. It’s an excellent idea to get yourself shoes with larges soles for dragging along the ground.

Make sure to keep pulling your shoes to the ground until you notice that you are stopping. Then, apply pressure along the bottom. Next is to use some force from front to back.

If you wish to stop quickly, then you can apply more pressure. However, you need to adjust the balance with speed so that you can use the weight. Keep in mind that friction changes based on the type of terrain. This means that you need to be cautious of the required value necessary for forming friction.

Power Slide

For you to perform power sliding, your need to turn or carve to one side of the road. This trick requires you to turn your head perpendicularly to the ground and could cause a skid or slide to generate a stop. Be aware that the direction you are carving towards will depend on how you will position yourself on the board.

When doing the power slide, make sure to carve on the side from which your toe side should be pointing. Be careful and observant when it comes to traffic, from behind and ahead of you. By doing so, you can avoid accidents from cars approaching you.

Furthermore, it is essential to shift your weight towards the front of the board and the heel. Turning of weight should only take place after carving out and setting the power slide. All you need to do is to lean on your back and just let your weight figure out the fall of your board.

Carefully turn your hips and shoulders in the direction where you are sliding. While you are sliding, keep leaning on your back. That way, you can stop the longboard even at high speed.

Frontside Standup Slide

You can quickly learn the frontside standup slide on a flat road, and it works well at speed. Other than confidence, it would help if you also carried some momentum. Wearing knee pads will help you quickly run out into a knee slide in case something wrong happen.

To start, your weight should be on the center and slightly bend your knee. Next is to carve across the road based on the direction you want to initiate the slide. To make sure the board slide, take a slight speed. Then, bend your knee more.

When turning your head in the direction you wish to slide, make sure that both your feet are flat on your longboard. After that, lower down and make a hard curve before popping your body weight upwards so that you can start the slide. As you keep the front arm down, aim to lose and swing your back arm across.

After you noticed that the wheels start to slide, you need to maintain the control by keeping the weight on your heels while you are continuing to pivot the slide. Stopping the body rotation and turning back to go straight once again will help you to slow the pivot to achieve a full Frontside 180 slide.

Toeside Pendulum Slide

This technique refers to sliding a gloved hand on the ground while performing a powerslide. Becoming lower to the bottom is the highlight of this technique.

To perform the toeside pendulum slide, you need to start by carving out to the side. Next is to do the carving out to the side and crouching down. Make sure to put the weight on your front foot.

To perform the powerslide, put your gloved hand on the side you are sliding away. You can use the back foot for kicking out, sliding, and reducing the speed. Bringing the foot back will help in continuing the roll on the board and retracting the gloved hand.

Never put your gloved hand too close to your body or too far away from your body. By doing so, you can thoroughly perform the toeside pendulum powerslide or prevent yourself from falling off the board once you bucked forward.

This technique requires plenty of practice. But don’t worry. Once you master this maneuver, you can do one of the coolest ways to stop on a longboard without any hassle. You also add your flair and style.

Make sure that always to be reliant on your hand. You will need your hand to ensure you can adequately maneuver your legs and maintain balance.

Coleman Slide

If you are a beginner, the Coleman slide is among the most straightforward techniques to start with. You can use this method to control speed and have a complete stop. Because it involves dropping of hand down into the slide gloves to ensure extra stability, this technique is very balanced.

You can learn this method on a flat road or in flat parking. Before attempting it, make sure to put on your knee pads, elbow pads, and helmet.

To perform this technique, carefully crouch on the board and then carve into the toeside. Next is to ensure that your heels are at the heel side of the board edge, especially if you are riding a narrow deck. In case you prefer riding an expansive deck, it is best to hang off a significant amount. Then, make sure to angle the back knee towards the front leg. After that, it’s time to position your body weight over the front portion.

As you throw into a slide, see to it that you will slap the front hand and then down to the heel side. Next is to rotate your shoulders towards in the direction where you will perform the slide. You will require more speed to slow the rotation.

360 Slide

By performing two slides at once, you can drastically slow the speed of your longboard. The 360 drop involves two successive powerslides.

For you to perform this kind of technique, carefully care out to one side of the road. After that, your next move will be leaning back and placing the bodyweight on the front foot before turning your shoulders and hips.

Meanwhile, you need to kick out your back so that you can do a power slide and transfer the weight back by merely leaning forward. By switching the matter back to your front before rotating your hips, you can perform the maneuver once again. There’s no need for you to use your hands along the ground. Instead, you have to use them for balancing in the air.

With the above valuable ideas, are you ready to stop on a longboard? Whether you are a novice or experienced skater, learning how to stop on a longboard is essential. So, invest time and effort to know them!


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