2020 Best Upcoming Heated Wetsuit to Enjoy even Winter Ocean

man surfing at sea

In the seasons where waves are out racing and hitting towards the shore, it surely would be enticing to go out in the waters and try new tricks or sports such as surfing—a water sport activity that is on the rise due to the thrill and adrenaline it gives to the surfers.

Before going out in those cold waters, surfers would usually be on the hunt for a wetsuit that could provide their bodies warmth.

man surfing at sea

However, this gear would not be enough if the individual would want to go out in the extra cold water or the freezing waves during the winter season. Therefore, the solution is to dress up extra and to gear oneself with footwear to save his or her feet from the freezing temperature.

This could be accomplished by wearing surfing booties. Yes, indeed, there are boots specialized for surfing.

Boots are coverings for the foot that is usually composed of leather or rubber and may reach its height, usually above one’s ankle. It is an enclosing or protective casing for those feet that want to have security to withstand mud or even freezing water.

This is an innovation that is summoned by the modern times, and although the veterans in the field of surfing would find the existence of surfing boots funny, it is still better for one to consider using it if he or she would not want to be a laughing stock for going out in the waters with the temperature so low that may lead for a surfer to go running back into the shore in the instance that his or her feet would feel the torturing freeze of the waves.

After all, the calling of the waves should be answered no matter what season the country is in.

With surfing booties, an individual would not want bail anymore in the challenge of surfing, and the thrill and adrenaline would continue plunging into their system as they hit the waves, all protected against the cold starting from head to toe.

No longer would surfers feel the shivers as the cold touches their feet, and they could continue to glide in the waves despite the almost freezing temperature during the winter season.

But, the problem is the competition in the market for surfing booties is tough since the booties are presented in different brands and varieties, each one having a characteristic of their own.

Some have this material while others do not, or some have this capability while the other botties do not. It is indeed important to know what type of surfing booties you actually like so that it would not be a hassle for you to spend hours staring at those booties at the shoe shops, trying to figure out what you really like and what really fits you.

In this connection, this guide is given to provide information of the best surfing booties in the market in the author’s perspective for those who are interested in surfing booties and for him or her to have a kick start of what to seek for in the new pair of surfing booties that he or she will purchase.

The author pinpoints the Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Surf Booties, which is manufactured by Rip Curl as the top choice for surfing booties.

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Wetsuit
  • Sealed and taped seams keep cold water out
  • Poly fleece lining helps to keep feet warmer and drier
  • Super-soft sole offers a softer feel and better grip
  • Features velcro straps to add stability and a snug fit
  • Rip Curl products cannot be shipped outside of the USA

It is high-quality footwear that seems to stand out among the others. Its unique design gives it a flashy exterior and can easily attract the buyer. This is because of its unique hidden split toe design.

Also, it enables the one who wears it to have extreme mobility that paves the way for the user to move from one place to another quickly. This ability of footwear is essential to surfers since, in surfing, you need to adjust your body from time to time.

Another characteristic of this surfing bootie is that it fits nicely, which eliminates the surfer’s fear that it might come off their feet while riding the waves.

It provides that warm and snug feeling to the user; thus, this footwear is ideal for those daring surfers who love to ride the rocky waves and to have those rocky surfing experience.

However, despite the pros of the Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Surf Booties, there are few disadvantages that were seen. One of which includes its noticeably thin soles. Also, this footwear has no arch support.

This craft is made up of 3mm flash lined neoprene—a rubber that is known for its superior resistance. It is accompanied by a compression strap, which is stitch-less that enables added mobility for any surfer though it is not recommended for harsher surfing sessions in cold water.

The thin sole, which was mentioned before as a disadvantage, also has its purpose.

With the rubber grip in it, the surfer is more likely to have an increased feel between him or her and his or her board. Additionally, the hidden split feature enables the surfer to easily maneuver the board while lessening the chance of the leash to get caught between the toes of the surfer.

Second, in the list is by O’ Neil, who is named the O’ Neill Superfreak 2mm Tropical Split Toe Bootie.

These footwear tops in terms of craftsmanship. The author recognized this for having superior craftsmanship that seems to be incomparable and unparallelled to other surfing bootie models out there in the market. It has a low-cut, four-way neoprene which is extensively stretched.

That super stretched neoprene makes the footwear comfortably fit that for the users, and it assures the surfers that they will have a great connection with their board as the feel of the feet touching the board is greatly high.

The materials in the footwear ensure great durability up to maximum use. Surfers can surely enjoy this bootie for a long period of time without its performance fading.

It also gives that natural feeling due to its lightweight characteristics. Like the first model of surfing booties, this one also has a thin sole. But, this is much thinner as the wearer can feel everything he or she may step on.

But overall, this bootie is highly recommended to be used by any surfer during surfing or any other watersports activity.

Number three on the list of the best surfing booties out in the market is the O’Neill Reactor 2mm Reef Booties.

It is another product by O’ Neill that had captured attention due to its features. This model would be good to use for rocky terrains. With this, surely, you can rock the challenge of the waves without compromising your performance as this model is also lightweight and comfortable.

It has a noticeably minimalistic design with 2mm neoprene mesh, which allows that breathable feeling for the feet of the user. Also, its design, the 2mm Fluid Foam, provides comfort without sacrificing the maneuverability during surfing.

Unlike the first two surfing booties, this one has thick soles that enable extra protection for the feet in case the surfer’s ride in the water would get rough.

Aesthetics is also given consideration in this specific model. This is through its strapless stretch design that adds up greatly to the overall beauty of this variety of surfing booties.

It is a must-have for those surfers who are looking for warmth from the exterior elements and those looking for simple yet aesthetically pleasing protection from the cold.

The name, O’Neill Wetsuits Men’s 3mm Heat Split Toe, takes up the fourth place for the best surfing booties out in the market. It is another model by O’Neill that made it to the top ten spots.

This is a high-quality footwear that is offered for surfers and watersport lovers.

Surfers would surely be spending a long time with this surfing bootie as durability is assured by the model. Its high-class quality would be the one to tell that this bootie would stay in good condition without time wearing it off.

If surfers are tired of having soggy feet while surfing, this pair of booties is surely perfect with its minimal water intake feature.

One would not have to worry for the water to continue going inside their footwear, leaving their feet stock in the flood inside their surfing booties.

This model also comes with a disadvantage like any other. However, these cons are just minimal. Such includes the uncomfortable feeling that this model gives when walking on rocky beaches.

Also, the velco strap comes undone often, and it is a little bit hassle to put it back on from time to time. Due to its 3mm feature, these pair is not that suitable for much colder waters but, there is more to it that is why it reached the fourth spot in this list.

It has O’Neill’s trademark of having the soft neoprene design. It attests to how consistent the product brand is when it comes to having a neoprene design that stands out among others. O’Neill Wetsuits Men’s 3mm Heat Split Toe have no straps.

Therefore, it is strapless, but despite this, it is blind-stitched and glued seams that provide extra for the feet of the surfer and having s very minimal water intake.

If an all-rounder surfing bootie is the one that an individual is seeking for, this model would fit the standards.

Next, there is the Hyperflex Amp 5mm Split Toe.

Hyperflex AMP 5mm Split Toe Boot
  • AMP-Foam: Neoprene engineered for improved warmth and durability with focus on comfort and complete flexibility for maximum range of motion, control
  • Diamond Skin Sole: provides excellent traction and protection without losing feeling and control; Miniature diamond-shaped channels
  • ExoShell+ Membrane: A vulcanized heel lock membrane structure that connects to the upper arch strap for maximum adjustability, fit and support
  • GBS Seams: We double-glue and blind-stitch all seams using a single-needle which does not puncture a hole all the way through the neoprene
  • P4 Thermal Lining: Soft microfiber fleece for extra cushion and comfort with heat boosting insulation properties

It is a product manufactured by Hyperflex. It is highly comfortable for the user. Also, it can provide the warmth that the surfers a looking for when they are out surfing during the winter season.

This pair upholds Hyperflex’s trademark when it comes to having high performance and good quality that has always been consistent in the footwear manufactured by this certain brand.

Focusing on this model, it has the feature of having a water intake of little to none. It is noticeably well- made with its AMP foam neoprene. With this, the booties have the ability to comfortable and extremely warm.

One needs to be careful when putting these booties on or taking it off as its sims may rip off.

This particular model is continuously modified and upgraded over the past ten years, which means that it has a better exterior finish, a better fit, a warmer feel, and others leveled up features to help in dealing with burdensome elements.

The seams of this Hyperflex AMP 5mm Split Toe are double glued and blind- stitched with the use of Fusion Weld liquid bond. It is combined with a highly stretched tapered panel that is sewn into the opening of the footwear.

This duo feature makes it almost impossible for the water to come surging into the inside. It also has good fitting and offers extra support with its split toes that have a vulcanized heel lock membrane, which is connected to the arch strap. This is similar to the round toe version.

This version of Hyperflex is readily available in 3mm and 5mm designs so. The buyers would have an option regarding the thickness that they prefer.

Hyperflex also has the round toe version, which is the Hyperflex AMP 5mm Round Toe Boot. This one is very durable and has a high-performance quality.

This pair is ideal for all skills level since it performs excellently with its reliable features. It is very great for colder water temperature, 50 degrees or higher, perfect even for the waves of winter.

It gives off that comfortable feeling. The brand included their Diamond Skin sole in this model. Thus, consistency in traction is provided without compromising the connection to the board.

This feature will surely be attractive for surfers. Security in water is assured as this bootie is equipped with seams that are double-stitched with the use of a single needle.

Although its round toe design may be a bit unbalanced, this bootie is well- designed with the combination of the P4 Thermal Lining, Exoshell+ Membrane, and the TaperLock Closure.

In the seventh spot is the O’Neill Superfreak Tropical 2mm Split Toe.

Obviously, this is another product by O’Neill that has captured interest due to its features. It is noticeably thin to be used for cold water surfing but, it is ideal for surfing during warm seasons, or it is perfect for those countries that have warm climates.

These booties are made up of fluid foam nylon to have less chance for the wear and tear scenario.

Also, it has a low-cut design that buyers would surely love. It has a durable rubber sole summoning a great amount of traction. Surfers can look forward to a great connection to his or her board.

The water intake may get the wearer to be annoyed at times, but the footwear has drain holes for that. Those rapid drain ports are one of the flashy features.

Overall, this model has a great price point that is reasonable enough for the service that it is willing to offer for the surfers out there.

The O’Neill Superfreak Tropical 2mm Round toe has grabbed the 8th spot is another good quality shoes that are produced by O’Neill.

It is lightweight and flexible to provide one of the best surfing experience. Its durability is also outstanding, and the board feel is also assured.

This specified footwear is great to be used on rocks and reefs as its outsole is crafted with foxing rubber, which is strong enough to withstand the harsh battering.

It is low- cut design enables an easy way for the surfing booties to get on or off and still provide the perfect fit.

Also, forefoot straps, ankle cinch cords, and it releases water intake in a flash using the drainage holes in it. Recreational surfers would definitely enjoy this surfing booties though it is a little bit pricey.

O’ Neill Wetsuits Men’s Reactor Reef 2mm also made it to the best surfing booties in the market.

It is like the casual surfing booties that are perfect for those everyday surfers. This is a round toe version so, it is not much recommended for surfers who engage first in long hikes to get to their surfing destinations.

This is not as stable as the split toes. These reactor reefs are created with 2mm synthetic mesh neoprene, which is comparably thinner to the other designs.

This thin feature enables the pair to be lightweight. But in spite of being lightweight, it is surprisingly strong. This design has no drainage holes as its feature.

However, the liner is designed to be quite a fit for the user, so water intake may be minimized. This version is like the standard surfing booties, which can still be enjoyed with its nice design.

Lastly, we have the Hyperflex AMP 2mm Low Reef.

Hyperflex AMP 2mm Low Reef Boot, 6 - Surfing, Windsurfing & Wakeboarding
  • PROTECTION: Hydro rib sole is perfect for protecting kids feet while on the beach or in the water.
  • WARMTH: Designed to keep your feet warmer while remaining lightweight and comfortable.
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Diamond Skin Sole provides excellent traction and protection offering surfers a high performing boot.

These surfing booties also excel in performance without sacrificing the comfortability for the user.

This pair could handle wear and tear since Hyperflex put on their durable AMP-foam neoprene in this specific model. The wearing process of this footwear may be a bit hard but, the grip and traction provided by this pair are great since the brand used their Diamond- Skin soles on this design.

This feature is great since it does not compromise a surfer’s feel for his or her board or the range of emotions he or she can execute. The AMP- foam neoprene gives the warmth needed by the user.

At the same time, it offers comfortability with the added flexibility that makes this footwear even better for surfing. This is ideal for the warmer climates as it can provide higher performance surfing in it.

The materials used in this model are a great protection to be used against harsh outside elements and terrain that may reduce the performance of a surfer.

These ten models are those versions of surfing booties that have greatly stood out among others due to the features that exist in them.

Meanwhile, the words round toe and split-toe have been mentioned many times in the article. These two have their differences that contribute to the overall experience of the surfer as they glide the waves while surfing.

Round toe, as it is named, refers to the footbed part of the shoe-shaped as round. It is comparable to those snickers that people wear daily.

However, the round toe booties may be quite a handful when it comes to maintaining the balance. With it, there is a big chance for surfers to have an internal slide that may be the reason for an individual to fall off his or her surfboard constantly.

This would be a hassle and requires much more energy not only in terms of balancing but also because a surfer needs to ride his board from time to time after he or she falls off. The split toe, on the other hand, is the footbed part of the shoe that split like a flip flop.

Surfers usually prefer this type as the balance is much more assured compared to the round toe. It gives a much more natural feeling for the surfer to have a much enjoyable experience while riding the waves since it gives an additional balance for the users.

However, its downside is that this design forces users’ toes to be apart.

At first, it may get a little bit comfortable, especially if an individual is a newbie at the said watersports, but eventually, the feet will get used to it, and after some time, the uncomfortable feeling of wearing the split toe design could already be disregarded since users will already have a hang of it.

The choice of whether to pick a round toe or split-toe design already depends on the individual who is laid with those options.

Surfers may have a debate on whether to pick this or that and whether this one is better than the other, but what matters is one’s personal choice. After all, it is he or she who will venture the cold waves.

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