Super Freestyle Longboard Tips, Get Lit at Your First Try

The was in 1959 when the skateboard was introduced. It has its ups and downs, which had led to some improvements and enhancement. That is why longboards now exist. Longboarding has been a trend for a long time now since the time it was publicly introduced. Longboards are under the types of skateboards. Children, teenagers, and even adults love to ride a longboard. It will be easy for you to be able to ride one if you go with regular practice.

Of course, before you start practicing, you need to choose the right board that you should use for your practice. There are many skills, basic and advanced skills that you can learn about longboarding. There are various techniques that you will probably wish to do, so you might as well know it and practice it well so you would be enjoying your longboard riding journey.

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Freestyle Longboarding

This is a riding style among longboards, which is considered to be the ‘study’ or the most acrobatic one among all of which. It requires constant spinning and flipping board tricks. This style is the closest style with the traditional skateboarding. Compared to shortboard, freestyle longboarding is more stylish and less aggressive. This style of riding is highly technical. This style is done mainly on flat surfaces. Still, sometimes curbs and stairways are being used as an obstacle for it. Street and skateparks are also included in freestyle. However, you will need different types of longboards for various freestyle tricks.

Tips for Freestyle Longboarding

When you are to try freestyle longboarding, you must undoubtedly follow two essential tips so that you would not regret doing this kind of style. It will be on your advantage if you will follow these two crucial tips for you.

Tip number one: Freestylers are skilled and fit. In freestyle longboarding, you are required to have reliable body control, balancing skills, and agility with regards to extreme acrobatic posture. In a freestyle, flipping and kicking your board around is being involved as you jumping on and off of your board with the use of different stances. That very reason gives this style the image as the most calorie burning and athletic longboarding style there is. Still, freestyle is not as dangerous as with the city traffic commuting and high-speed downhill. Some moves in this style can potentially cause a high impact on your knees, ankles, feet, joints, and ligaments, resulting in sprains and twists that have already been common for hardcore freestylers. That is why freestyle longboarding is considerable could rough on your body. Most freestylers are teenagers or younger adults because of that reason, but there are still adults who engage in freestyle longboarding. They are those who have a decent fitness level.

Tip number two: start with more uncomplicated freestyle techniques. There are about hundreds of freestyle variations and tricks that you could try, from the basics, which are the pivot up to the advanced tricks like a kickflip. It is very much important that a beginner must start from the basics before trying the hard ones. Learn and practice the pushing, cruising, standing, and foot braking. Master it all before you try to do even the easiest of all the tricks out there. When you do this, you can be assured that you can do all the tricks you want one by one.

Freestyle Longboarding Tricks

There are so many tricks to try in freestyle longboarding. You can do all of them, but be sure to practice a lot and remember to put your safety first always. There are skills you can learn in three different categories – beginners, advanced, and also intermediate.

Let’s begin with the tricks for beginners. The first one is the pivot. It is a trick where you do a 180° around your board’s front truck. Next is the BS Pivot. This one is the backside turn of 180° on the front wheels of the board. Next, Shove-it trick. A trick when the board is spun at 180° that is parallel to the ground while the position of the rider remains the same. Next, the nose manual. In this trick, you are to ride your board in the front part truck so that the rear truck will be lifted. Next is the Tiger Claw. In this trick, you will have to jump off of your board, spin it with your hand to 360° on your front; then you jump back on your board. Lastly is the Caveman. It is a trick where you will jump from a height while holding your board over the drop, then you place yourself on the board while in the air and then land.

Now it is time for the intermediate tricks.

  • First is the old school kickflip. In this trick, you have to spin around the rolling axis and then perform 90° turn from a stance where your front foot wraps the edge with its inner side, and your rear foot is at the edge of the board.
  • Next is the truck stand. This is when you get on your board’s truck while it is on the move. The next one is BS Shove-It. It is doing the shove-it trick, but the motion will be in the different direction. Another one is Pop Shove-it. In doing this trick, a 180° spin would be the thing you do, and it should be parallel to the floor. You’ll do that with the use of your rear foot.
  • Next is the Slide Shove-it. This is a variation of the Shove-it trick. This one requires you to spin your board through a stand-up slide.
  • Next, the Swedish Shove-it. Another classified as one variation of the shove-it trick, but in this trick, you must catch the board as you spin it right from the under with the use of your rear foot. Another one is Boneless. A combination of foot plant and Indi grab is included in this trick that you have to perform with your front foot.
  • Another trick is bones 180. It is the same as the boneless trick only that you will after do a 180° turn.
  • Next, No Comply 360. It is a trick combining no comply 180 then will be followed by Fakie FS pivot. The next one is G-turn. This trick needs you to balance on the front truck of your board then do a g-shape turn.
  • The next one is the Tiger Claw 540. It is a body varial trick doing 540° spin of your board in front, then jump off of it and use your one hand to close the wheel, hop back on board.
  • Another trick is the Hippie Jump. With this trick, you need to jump over an obstacle while you should roll under it. After that, you must, ideally, land onto your board on the other side of that obstacle.
  • Next is the Strawberry Milkshake. To cause the spin you need, you have to do a pushing of the board, and then you do it as the front foot is being planted on the floor. You should then jump up of your board while it wraps up around your back foot.
  • Next is the Ollie. This one is a fundamental trick you and your board should leap into the air without using your hands.
  • Next is the Early Grab. It is a trick where you’ll be grabbing the board right next to your front foot through the use of your front hand as you are to jump Ollie.
  • And last, the Coffin. It is the trick that requires you to lay down on the board as it moves and stand up to be back with your normal stance afterward.

Lastly, the tricks for advanced or pro riders.

  • One is a big spin. This trick is done with a 180° turn together with 360° shove-it going to the direction, which is the same as you perform a jump.
  • The next one is the Pivot 540+. This trick is making a 540° turning around the front truck.
  • The next one is the No Comply. As a rider, you have to do a frontside at 180° around your front foot as it is being placed on the floor. Weight is also put on the front foot too.
  • Another, the Nose Manual: One Foot. In this trick, you have to ride forward on two wheels of your board’s front truck while you are to balance on the deck using only one foot.
  • Next is another Nose Manual, the Swedish style. This one is nose manual variations where you’ll hold onto the side of your board’s underpart using the back leg as you are to balance with your front leg.
  • Another trick is kickflip. In this trick, you have to do a 360° flip along the axis that extends from the nose of your board up to its deck’s tail.
  • Next is the Aeroflip. From a Nollie position, you have to pop your board to do a 540 as you need to do two quick steps on the floor and land onto your board after.
  • Last, the Double Rainbow. You have to do a shove-it together with a body varial in between.

Longboarding’s Health Benefits

Since longboarding is a sport, of course, you engage in physical activities, which is a perfect practice for having a healthy body. This activity is already considered an exercise for those who do longboarding. This sport can definitely give so many health benefits.

Cardio. Longboarding is suitable for your cardiovascular conditioning. This is an activity to which significantly contributes to strengthen your heart and to increase the capacity of your lungs. Longboarding is a sport that is perfect to be a cardiovascular workout for you. Take note, when you continuously do longboarding, it can help you build a very impressive leveled up stamina.

Strength and Flexibility. It is for sure that when you engage in a longboarding activity, you will gain significant flexibility. It is a good thing since others, or actually, most of the people overlook their flexibility aspect during their exercises and only focuses on the conditioning of their cardiovascular and also with training for muscle strengthening. Take note. Flexibility is also essential to build as similar to the latter because when you have the ability to stretch dynamically and then flex your muscles, you would have more efficient and powerful movement than before. Since longboarding is an extreme sport, it is already considered to be an intense exercise that helps you develop your dynamic flexibility and power.

Overall Fitness. In longboarding, you do tricks, stunts, and jumps. Those things add up for the fitness aspect of this extreme sport. As you know, doing stunts always requires you to have a lot of speed, and you must still work hard for you to achieve and maintain your speed with this activity. In stands, squats, and jumps, you are in need of reliable muscle conditioning by a full range of movement that significantly contributes to your workout. Stunts, in fact, add up for some more fitness elements with your longboarding activity. With all the things you do in longboarding, you will one hundred percent achieve and develop balance, explosiveness, timing, and coordination, which are mainly needed for engaging in all kinds of sports and as well as good for your overall fitness.


Longboarding is an extreme sport that most of the children, teenagers, and even adults love to do. It comes with different styles and features in order to meet the needs and preferences of its users. Longboarding has so many available to tricks which can be tried by all. The practice is what you only need to experience all of these tricks and have an enjoy longboarding journey. Longboarding features different styles. One of these is the freestyle longboarding. This style typically takes place on flat grounds. Most of the freestylers are teenagers or young adults since it is a bit dangerous, but there are still few adults that always do the freestyle longboarding.

It only requires you to be perfectly fit to do this sport. You can definitely do this if you are very good at practicing. In freestyle longboarding, you should always make sure that you meet everything that is required for you, and you also should start with the basics if you are still on the beginner’s level. Following that, two crucial steps will help you for sure. Longboarding might be dangerous in some aspects, but this sport being an extreme one, also gives you extreme health benefits. Longboarding does not only provide you overall fitness, but it also gives you great happiness.



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