Can’t Decide How Many Fin Should You Ride? Well, This Will Help You Decide.

Riding in the ocean using surfboard fin is quite interesting because it can give every rider a unique experience. Your fin will be playing a crucial part in your surfboard setup.

There are different types of surfboard fins that you can explore. The number of fins that you are going to ride will be depended on the following:

  1. Your skills and abilities to ride using surfboard fin.
  2. Your size and weight should equal your fin’s strength.
  3. Your using styles either unique or something new.
  4. Your surfboard’s fin box as well.

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Can't Decide How Many Fin Should You Ride?  Well, This Will Help You Decide. 1


This time, the article will be provided you a broad scope of information and everything you must know in terms of fin and surfboard ride.

Glassed-in vs. Swappable Fins: Distinguished

Before going to talk on the size of your fin or your fin configurations, you must bear in mind first how Glassed-in and Swappable fin are being distinguished.

When you say Glassed-In, it has already built-in or laminated with your surfboard setup. Usually, it’s more enjoyable because it can give you smoother and sounder effects compare to those removable fins.

But then, the glassed-in fins are those difficult to learn and not advisable unless the rider has a totally knowledge from it. It often wasn’t offering every rider due to the versatility as compared to others. The repair can sometimes be challenging.

Meanwhile, when you say Swappable-Fin, (removable fin), it definitely has a box in which the fins are being screwed. Typically, these removable fins are stainless, which you can easily remove after a couple of times. You can adjust it too and inset screws using the fin key.

Remember: It’s advised not to force the fins towards the box. It can damage your surfboard, but rather, you have to make sure that all your screws must be loose with adjusted space so that your fin could really have enough space as it faces its own direction.

Moreover, the center and outside fins have a different shape. Always check your used fin with your right box. After your fins have been in the place, tighten your screws with using your key.

Box Types and its Compatibility:

All longboard fin boxes are the same and compatible with all boards. But couldn’t you have enumerated the box types? Here below will give you three out of many box types:

  • The Dual Tab fin boxes it can be abbreviated as FCS & FCS II

This design has become popular with all the riders. It was formed in the early 1990s. One of the most successful surfboard fin systems and. Most used in the entire world. Each fin has its two tabs. These tabs are always secured with screws.

  • The Single Tab fin boxes (The Futures)

It can assure you a quick response to connect you with your board. It is simply using the truss base, whereas you can use this for the entire length of your box’s fin. In contrast, those lightweight and strong are not capable of connecting with.

Choosing Your own Fins

The very first thing you must put into consideration is your weight before choosing the fins with your surfboard. According to the many young surfers, when you choose the fin size, it should be appropriate with your weight because it dramatically helps the rider to achieve the right of choosing fin.

This time, upon examine your size go to your board’s fin configurations. And you can customize your fin with outfitted with at least 1 to 5 fin boxes.

Dealing with your Fin Size

Usually, the recommended size of the fins must be dependent on the weight of the rider. Always consider the types of the wave which suit for the types of your surfboard. Never used the big size of fin if you just on a small or medium size.

Here below are what must be the correct pattern or exact size surfboard for the exact weight of the rider:

  1. When your size is placed at XL, your weight (lbs) must be 100.
  2. When your size is placed at S, your weight (lbs) must be 105-155.
  3. When your size is placed at M, your weight (lbs) must be 145-195.
  4. When your size is placed at L, your weight (lbs) must be 165+
  5. When your size is placed at XL, your weight (lbs) must be 190-100.

How to configure your Fin?

After everything has been prepared, and especially if you already decided with your fin’s size, it’s time to understand and deal with your configuration.

This time, your fin configurations must be based on your surfboard tail. Probably, 1-5 boxes should be the likely range of your fin configurations.

These three (3) most common surfboards fin used for setups:

  1. The Single Surfboard Fin
  2. The Twin Surfboard Fin
  3. The Thruster & Quad Surfboard Fin

Other boards are composed of 5 fin boxes. Those boxes are easy to match and mix. It always seems easy to be fitted with a longboard that has a single fin of the box. Moreover, the regular side of the fin boxes is usually called 2+1.

So, what is a single fin box?

One of the most common fin boxes for the longboards, usually, a single fin box is the one that traditionally configured in surfboard fin.

Characteristics of a single fin box:

  1. Merely limited. Therefore, this is an ideal surfboard fin for you to make straight shot surfing.
  2. The single fin box will be given you a stability, control, and easily predict in terms of a longboard.
  3. In longboard, it allows you to move your fin straightforward to feel the loose space and, therefore, more control.

So, what is the twin surfboard fins box?

If you aimed for your surfboard to be fun, playful, and extra-maneuverable, this twin of surfboard fins is your remedy. In this type of fin, it is not that commonly featured on a big wave riding. It is used for added speed enhancement. Sometimes it’s like skater which you can feel more drawn for longing out of turns.

So, what is the thruster surfboard fin?

One of the common fin configurations of all times, this was founded in various sizes and shapes. There is called “toed-in,” meaning the two given outer fins are founded closer in the middle up to the center of your board.

One that recommends to faster track and increase to locate the speed of the water. Its center fin is nearly close.

Some characteristics:

  1. It allows you to track and locate the water speed.
  2. It enables you to perform well, for they are adding stability, control, and maneuverability.
  3. It can give a new beginner option to choose the thruster surfboard fin than any other.

So, What Is Quad Fin?

This configuration can create interesting rides in the water. It will offer a rider to easily channeled in the water while enjoying the out of tail acceleration. You can hold a big wave surfing and is advisable to have a great generating drive while and through turning.

So, What Is 5 Fin?

The five fin configurations are not actually used in surfing because this fin only allows you to mix and match. But mixing and matching are possible according to surf conditions and your preference.

You can easily track thruster and thereby increasing the speed without any changing of your board.

Fin Dimensions and Geometry:

  1. The sweep
  2. The toe/splay
  3. The Base / Length
  4. The Foil (flat, inside or 50/50)
  5. The Flex
  6. The Height
  7. The Cant

These dimensions are essential measurements in one’s surfing ride. It allows you to determine the crucial parts of the fin. And able to maintain track of the water and provide speed.


Below are one of the few additional observations to guide you in deciding to what kind of fin you are going to choose:

  • It’s better to have a pair of stiff surfboards, and it can give you more flexible fins for better playfulness the wave.
  • Your surfboard should have ample sweep. The soft or looser surfboards are great to perform better and can easily drive.
  • It should be placed the fin no matter how it spread out or close together.
  • The spread-out placement will be resulted from more control or wider and drawn your turns in a wave. While the placement may have resulted from faster waves, it enabled you to move faster or even responsive turning.
  • Your fin location can affect your feelings on the surfboard. While if you set forward, it surely creates a looser feel. The setback can enhance your control.

So, have you decided on what kind of fin do you choose? No doubt, in order for you to choose what’s the best fin for your better experience in surfing the wave, it is to try all the different sets. Compare as you test to drive in a car, and you have to try all the fins in the various configuration and types as well.


Written by BeachAhoi

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