How to Check and Notice the Fake Penny Board before Buying

There is nothing more rewarding than having your favorite thing fit inside your backpack and be used anywhere you like. The compactness of a penny board makes it easy for you to travel from one place to another in the most fun and enjoyable way possible.

With the growing popularity of this outdoor activity, it is imperative that you know how to post real from fake penny board before buying in order to maximize its benefits.

With the increasing number of people who are becoming interested in riding this type of board, this is also an increase in the number of companies that are manufacturing fake penny boards in order to take advantage of the growing market.

In this regard, individuals who wish to buy this type of board should be aware of the difference between a real and fake penny board to avoid the risk involved in buying fake goods.

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How to Check and Notice the Fake Penny Board before Buying 1

Check Penny Board by Spotting the Dangers of Fake Penny Board Before Buying

  • Low Quality

Since most companies that manufacture counterfeit mainly main to achieve more sales and profits without caring about the quality of the final product, the boards they usually produce are of low quality.

Using sub-standard materials in creating this type of board can pose great risk to your safety. Real boards may have been more expensive than fake ones, but you can make sure that it is made from high quality materials and can last for years if properly taken care of.

  • Poor Craftmanship

Real penny boards can be differentiated from fake ones through their craftsmanship. Although it can sometimes be difficult to practice, craftsmanship ensures consumers that your board is a product of the company’s commitment to providing enduring value.

Excellent craftsmanship can be seen on your board’s built, design, and materials.

  • Safety Risks

Since penny boards are usually used outdoors, ensuring the quality of construction is of high importance. Penny boards whose wheels are made of plastic will make it hard for you to control the board as it will not be able to grip the ground properly, increasing your chances of sliding out of control.

The good quality board should have wheels that are made of urethane, not plastic or rubber.

Another thing that you should check when buying penny boards to ensure your safety is the bearings. The bearings of fake penny boards usually do not spin freely.

You have to make sure that your board’s bearings spin nice, precise, and fast. Aside from wheels, the quality of the board’s axles and deck are what separate real from fake ones.

Penny board’s axles should be made of sturdy metals that are just heavy enough that you still be able to perform your tricks well without sacrificing your safety.

One way to check your board’s axle or truck is to lean on the heel and toe edge while standing on your board and see if it flexes just a little on each way.

Due to the risks involved in riding the penny board, you should also make sure that you check your board’s deck to help you identify if what you are buying is not a fake penny board but a genuine one.

One of the mistakes that consumers often commit when choosing this type of board is that they tend to focus more on the design and color of the board more than the type of materials used. A good quality penny board will flex under your weight while allowing you to be bound up and down in a gentle manner.

How Can You Really Tell If It’s a Real or Fake Penny Board

Most shoppers will base their buying decision based on product authenticity. Authentic means genuine and original products. When buying penny board, shoppers are giving close attention to product authenticity and as much as possible, strive hard to ensure that they will not end up with a fake penny board.

Manufacturers are even willing to spend millions of dollars in producing and marketing brands to make sure that shoppers get only the real thing and not counterfeit products such as fake penny boards. But it cannot be denied that the counterfeit markets tend to thrive due to the much-improved production imitation techniques.

There are ways on how to check and notice the fake penny board and spot the real one. Fake penny board is said to be straight in the middle while the fake one is somewhat curved. Other factors that can help you distinguished a real penny board from a fake penny board include but not limited to the following:

  • Fastenings

You need to be mindful of the fastenings and components of your penny board. A fake penny board will usually peel, crack or get damaged in an instant when used excessively. A genuine board is built to last and comes with components and fastenings that can withstand rigorous use.

  • Logo

One of the easiest ways of spotting a fake penny board is through looking at its logo designs. The logo of a genuine penny board must look polished and perfect. No details should be missing from the logo icon or company name. Fake penny boards might not even include a logo and instead will just trick shoppers based on color, shape or design.

  • Prices

If the price of a penny board is good to be true, there is a high chance that it is a fake. You should take some time to do your own research particularly online to figure out if the company or manufacturer offering the penny board provide honest pricing and competitive rate on their products.

Also, be mindful of the price tags. Real products usually have tags with the company or brand logo perfectly printed on it.

  • Quality

The quality of fake penny board is often suspected, with cheaper alternatives being used in place of authentic products. Fake products certainly make use of fake materials during manufacturing or production.

On the other hand, a genuine product completely guarantees unmatched quality. Consider this before buying a penny board.

  • Contact Details

If the physical address of the penny board’s manufacturer, the phone number, email, and other important contact details aren’t listed in the product or in the packaging, this can be a serious cause of concern. This could mean that you have no way of contacting somebody for complaints or any other concerns.

But if real contact information is included, you can have peace of mind. However, make sure that you still verify the information and confirm prior to making a purchase.

  • Accessories

A fake penny board comes with missing accessories, while a real one includes complete parts and accessories. Make sure that supplementary accessories and parts are included in the product package.

If there are parts missing, chances are the product is a fake. The best thing to do is to get back to the manufacturer immediately.

It isn’t really easy to tell the differences between a fake penny board and a real one. But there are still possible ways to do this. You can check on the official website or page of the penny board you are planning to buy. Try to see and evaluate pictures and read sources providing real and fake penny board comparisons.

If shopping online, one means to protect yourself from a fake penny board is to check on the authenticity of the website. If the website is fake, so as the product it offers. Remember these things before you buy a penny board.

How to Protect Yourself from Fake Penny Boards

There are possible ways to ensure that you are fully protected from fake penny boards, particularly when shopping online. These ways are as follows:

  • Do Not Trust the Ads You See Over the Internet

Traffic to fake sires with fake products is sometimes generated through social media ads. Keep in mind that the ads you see on Facebook or other social media platforms do not guarantee that the product is legitimate and real. So, to protect yourself from fake products like penny board, do not trust all ads you come across online.

  • Do Your Own Research

It pays to do your homework. Do your own research to check out and be able to distinguish fake products from real ones. When it comes to buying a penny board, you better check on reviews first or refer to legitimate online pages where you can get legit information and details regarding the authenticity of the product you are planning to buy.

In the case of penny boards, you can visit the manufacturer’s official site and check on the client testimonial page or product rating.

  • Refer on Verified Purchaser Reviews, Service Reviews or Even Seller Reviews

Looking at these verified reviews can protect you from ending up with a fake penny board. Look how long the penny board seller has been operating his business, whether in a physical store or online. Are your online sources trusted and established.

There are many instances that reviews can give you clearer insights or ideas about the product since reviews are shared by those who have the first-hand experience in using the product.

  • Confirm Who You’re Actually Dealing With

Take time to reach out and communicate directly with the manufacturer to confirm if deals on penny board or website are legit. Remember that you can only get a real penny board from a reputable and reliable seller.

Nowadays, it’s ultimately easy for fake product manufacturers to establish an online presence in different ecommerce platforms and start selling.

Sellers and products look so real and product descriptions look very legit but they are actually not. In many instances, shoppers can only tell that there was something wrong when they received the product.

This scenario can also happen when buying a penny board. Getting quality and authentic penny board matters so make sure to keep these ways on how to check and notice fake penny board before buying.

The Benefits of High Quality and Authentic Penny Board

Now that you have completely done your part to ensure that you didn’t end up with a fake penny board, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of high quality and authentic penny board. These benefits are as follows:

  • Versatility and Flexibility

Your lower leg needs to remain versatile, and your body must stay stretch while skateboarding. The more tense and resolute a user is, the more difficult for him to skate.

  • Accuracy

To accomplish a trick, plenty of acts need to be arranged totally, so when you so off-base, you need to try it once more. In any case, you will make changes unfailingly. You put your feet many times into the deck, change your pace and your timing and you attempt and land variously. Unless you have the timing and moves down to a precise science, continue trying.

  • Cooperation

Riding a penny board comprises a lot of participation between the different body parts, for example, your feet, eye, arms and legs. The more you ride, the better you’ll become.

Precision and collaboration are utilized for as long as you can remember, regardless of whether you ride a penny board or not. At the point when you improve these features, you will surely improve your aptitudes or skills to do a wide range of different exercises from driving, climbing and performing various tasks.

  • Physical Durability

Most riders do not just ride their board for a few minutes. They use this many hours per day. If you have quality and authentic penny board, one of the biggest benefits you can enjoy is riding for hours that can greatly improve your physical durability. Just make sure you are not using a fake penny board to accomplish and enjoy this benefit.

  • Overall Fitness

As with a wide range of physical activity, riding your penny board can lower the risks of medical problems, diabetes, obesity and hypertension. This could likewise minimize the risk of heart disease by bringing down triglyceride levels and increasing healthful cholesterol.

So, to experience all these benefits, check and notice fake penny board before buying. Always choose the authentic one.


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