Most Expensive Longboard Ever in Surf History!

Longboards are becoming one of the famous and highly sought for sports equipment these days. As the name suggests, the longboard is longer than the usual skateboard and comes in different shapes.

Longboards are faster because of the precise hardware, construction materials, and wheel size. Longboards are often utilized for downhill racing, traveling and cruising. Longboard freestyle and dancing are also now becoming popular types.

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Get Yourself More Familiar with Longboard’s Common Dimensions

The majority of longboards measure about 84 to 150 centimeters, which are also 33 to 59 inches in length while the width of this sports equipment varies.

There are various shapes of longboard such as flat-nose riders swallowtails, pintails, drops decks, drop-through decks, and there are also those with a similar shape of that of a skateboard.

The mid-length boards are highly versatile and usually measures 94-127 centimeters or around 30 to 57 inches. The greater bulk, as well as their weight, makes this not suitable for skateboarding tricks.

However, these contribute to fluid motion by means of delivering more momentum.

The design of the longboard allows for quicker short carves or bigger turns, same with the motions of snowboarders and surfers. Longboards often have three exes:

  • Tail Axis which runs from tail to tail
  • Short Axis that runs from the width of the longboard and perpendicular to the tail axis
  • The central axis that runs straight down through the board’s center

Why Longboards are Generally Expensive

Most longboards are costly, but the expensive price tag doesn’t really stop longboard lovers and enthusiasts to invest in this sports equipment. There are valid reasons why longboards are expensive than other types of boards available for sale in the market these days. These reasons are as follows:

  • More materials used during construction
  • More technologies are also utilized during the construction of longboards
  • More parts are needed, and these are all important in longboarding
  • Quality of longboards is higher that is why these are more costly than other types of boards

Unveiling the Most Expensive Longboards in Surf History

Surfing has become a popular and most loved sport today, especially among teens and young adults. Even older individuals cannot really get their minds out of this sport, mainly because of the excitement and thrill that surfing brings.

If you want to make the most of your surfing experience, you got to have your own longboard.

However, riding this is never that easy. It takes a lot of flexibility, patience, and practice, especially for beginners. Individuals who are into surfing with longboards can suffer from bruises and injuries and will fall down numerous times until they master this water sport.

Have you heard about the saying, “Practice makes men perfect?” yes, practice is all they need. Just jumping on a longboard without knowledge about the basics can lead you to injuries.

Along these lines, it’s constantly encouraged to get somebody who had just mastered this game with the goal that he or she can give you the guidance you need. You must also practice stability and strength and balance is ultimately important as well.

In this present time, longboards are accessible in numerous shapes and size stacked with an assortment of impressive features.

Their noticeable designs will most likely charm your heart away. The more features they have, the more costly they will be, yet the best thing about them is that they’re guaranteed and safe.

Longboarding isn’t only a game; it is even great to be considered as a good exercise. As you turn and twist your body while doing it, your entire body is utilized which helps make it more flexible.

Individuals nowadays are lethargic to such an extent that they have to ride a vehicle even if their destination is just a short distance; they generally stick to PCs, TV, and cell phones. For this situation, longboards are considered gifts because you can use these for surfing, which means you become active and avoid being stuck in your comfort home and become idle.

So, do you really wanted to know the most expensive longboards ever in surf history? The following are the costliest ones and individuals if they can afford it can choose any of them and get started by putting their feet on it:

Santa Cruz

This is a manmade board exclusively by Santa Cruz, a reputable creator of longboards since 1973. Santa Cruz was actually founded by a surfer. The Rasta motif of his boards reflects that.

Individuals can also understand the effect of the surfer in its surfboard figure and pintail. This board includes a floor that is made of 100% pure maple and was advertised as Cruzer.

This has a solid reputation for being one of the most impressive 43-inch boards. This also features an excellent and durable deck and other impressive features like three bearings, 65 millimeters rolls, and more.

The Rampart

Most Expensive Longboard Ever in Surf History! 1
The Rampant could be the most expensive surfboard at $1.3 million

This most expensive longboard surf was crafted from wood and included a 23-carat gold lion motif. This is one of the costliest longboards that is worth around $1.3 million.

The beautiful Rampart was exclusively created by Roy Stuart, a well-known surfboard designer based in New Zealand with over 20 years of experience in the industry. This 3.2-meter longboard is made from quality timber from the Paulownia which is a tree native to Asia.

According to Roy Stuart, he does not just focus on the aesthetic appeal but also sound engineering. Tunnel fin and polycarbonate fin were combined giving the board more rapid acceleration, and the single concave shape from the nose to tail greatly improves the balance.

Ellie Miller Board

Most Expensive Longboard Ever in Surf History! 2

This is also one of the most expensive longboard surfs in the world created by Ellie Miller. He was the one who amazingly created the gold board. This is comprised of three layers of resin that are tinted with 24-carat finest gold dust.

This is a surfboard that poses a great impact even on first sight and the type that would allow any user to serve smoothly and hassle-free. With its outstanding features, this longboard’s price reaches $183,000 making this one of the most expensive ever in surf history.

How Longboard Can Help You Become a Better Surfer

Now that you have learned about the most expensive longboard surf, the next thing to learn and understand how does this sports equipment, as well as longboarding, can really help you become a better surfer? The following gives you clarity as to how:

  • Consistency

You cannot surf daily, and there are times that waves are not only breaking, but beaches also are overcrowded, and weather condition is terrible. For some, they lived inland and got no access to the sea anytime they like.

Lack of consistency can really pose negative impacts on your skills. But with longboarding, you will be able to practice your moves even if you cannot surf.

  • Board and Body Technique

Surfing and longboarding need almost the same board and body technique. This simply means that it’s how the connection of the surfer’s body into the board in performing particular movements.

Beginner surfers will surely find this beneficial in experiencing and feeling the longboard, and at the same time trying out the carves, the turns, and the transitions on the flat ground smoothly.

  • Coordination and Balance

By using longboard when surfing, it gives you the opportunity to practice coordination and balance. You will learn how to evenly distribute your weight in your every maneuver. Taking, for instance, longboarding.

It also helps you learn the proper way of keeping your feet apart, lean on the back foot in times that you’re executing a turn.

  • Raising & Flowing

Not all in surfing is actually about maneuvers and crazy stunts. Many would agree that one first needs to learn how to walk before they can run. You may want to set your skateboard aside and shift to longboards.

The latter are excellent choices to practice flowing and cruising as these replicate longboard-style and mid-length surfing well.

There are longboards that are made to recreate surfing’s core with a natural movement of flowing, cruising, and thrashing as well as the predictable nose riding integral of longboards.

  • Muscle Memory

You will not just increase your muscle strength and get in the ideal fit for the surf. You also teach the muscles the proper way to behave in particular moves referred to as muscle memory.

On land, you can do the same maneuver until it properly gets done. When surfing, you can also repeat such movements easily for the reason that practice tends to translate to the board.

Given the good reasons and awesome advantages you can get from surfing, you will now realize the significance of having your own longboard.

Having the most expensive longboard surf might require a serious financial allocation on your part, but what you will get from investing in this is far beyond the money particularly the luxurious surfing experience.

Now is also the best time to get inspiration from the most expensive longboard ever in surf history and develop your interest and passion in this water activity.


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