Exercises To Do On A Balance Board

Today, most people faced a common issue, and that is a poor posture. It is due to modern lifestyles. The advent of technology made them work just by sitting all day. Being in front of the computer desk gives stress to the neck and especially on the back muscles.

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This kind of lifestyle misaligns the balance sense of an individual. Also, a low lifestyle contributes to other problems like fatigue, backache, and affect the cognitive function of the body. That’s why there are exercises which can help to have a healthy lifestyle. An exciting part of doing it is on a balance board.

There is a well-established benefit of the balance board. It helps to improve your neuromuscular integration, sports performance, core strength, speed up the reaction time, and coordination. With these, you must try climbing your board.

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13 Exercises That Can Be Performed On A Balance Board

1. Stand Tree Pose

A great classic poses like yoga that can create a balance. You can perform this through balancing your one leg then placing your other foot’s sole on your inner thigh just above the knee cap.

Before you start, you must place your foot’s arch at the center of your balance board to create a balance. When you get your right balance, you can now do a proportion similar to the root of a tree.

2. Squats

It is just like what you do in your yoga mat. But the thing here is you need to create your balance on the board you are using. Make a balance first, and when you achieved the right balance, slowly squat just like you are sitting and make sure you have placed your knees at 45 degrees.

Just maintain your balance and briefly hold this position. Repeat it ten times. This kind of exercise can also work out your butt.

3. Dumbbells

While balancing on your board, you can do some arm exercises using a dumbbell. Keep your feet on your board on shoulder width, place your foot’s arch in your balance board before you start. To develop more strength, you can alternate your legs. For an exciting exercise, you can do a challenge like trying to balance on your one leg while having your arm exercises.

4. Stability Training and Core Strengthening

One of the benefits that you can get on your daily training is the more excellent stability of your pelvic girdle and trunk muscles. This is important to everyone, especially those who have abilities and even the ages.

Standing or balancing on your board can make your core muscles to engage on one another. Through those challenges to the balance system of your body, your core muscles can work out that can give you a better result and awareness of your overall body.

5. Rolling Taps

Just perform rotational exercises repeatedly with your feet planted on your board. Then roll your board through a circular motion with its edge tapping the floor. You can achieve this exercise within 2 minutes.

6. Side-To-Side Taps

Keep your both feet planted on your board while standing. Then slowly rock your board either side to side or back to front until your board’s edge touches the floor. You can do this exercise for 2-3 minutes repeatedly while maintaining your balance.

7. Calf Stretch

If you want to gain more stability, this exercise is what you are looking for. This exercise gives you benefits while stretching out your calf muscles. In doing this exercise, you must place your one foot on your board. Then the heel of your foot must be planted on your board, and make sure that your other leg touches the floor. Slowly lean forward to feel some stretch on your calf muscle.

8. Balanced Push-Ups

Just place your body in a standard position of doing a push-up exercise. Then place your hands on your board. In a fully-flexed position, your wrist must be mindful that your hands are on the top of your board.

With this, you can start to perform your push up without having pinched fingers. While you are enjoying this, you can also try to do some push-ups with your knees. More way to go to do full push-ups that can be a challenge for you

9. Abdominal Exercises

Kneeling – It’s evident that you can perform this exercise by kneeling on your board. Place your hands on by your side or hips. Do some rotational movements in moving your trunk muscles.

This is just similar to the sitting exercise below. Then stop when you are finally done doing a few rotations. In the opposite direction, you can repeat those rotations. Keep doing this for 2 minutes in an alternate approach.

Sitting – This is performed through sitting on your board. A simple exercise that can help to strengthen your trunk’s core muscles. Sit on your board with your legs crossed, head up and back straight. Then slowly do some rotational movements for your abdominal muscles.

The same with the kneeling exercise, you can do these steps in the opposite direction too. This exercise also benefits your lower back mobility and improve your range of motion.

10. Half Moon

The key focus area of this exercise is your glutes, hamstrings, core, thighs, and hip stability. This can be performed by standing on your balance board, one foot placed in the center of the board, looking at the front.

Then your other foot must be slightly touching your board’s outer position. Focus yourself in front of you that you chose to be a fixed spot. Then lift your one leg to the side and slowly inhale.

With your heel, make a lift to engage your hamstrings and buttocks as you try to lower your torso on the floor. Make sure to keep a straight line with your leg and torso. Stack your hip points on top of each other.

Slowly lift your one arm above and the other one pointing on the floor. With this, you can create a straight line of your components. Try to keep this position within 20 seconds. Repeat the same step on the other side.

11. Shoulder Bridge

The key focus area of this exercise is to improve your hamstrings and glutes. You can perform this by lying your back on your balance board placed in front of your feet. Your hands alongside you while touching the floor.

Keep your feet on your balance board to give rest to your soles. Slowly do shoulder bridge through lifting your hips above. In your top position, gently squeeze your glutes. Repeat this slowly in 15 repetitions.

12. Push up Combo / Mountain Climber

The key target area of this exercise is your triceps, chest, and core. You can perform this by placing yourself in a push-up position on the floor. Grab the balance board’s edges and raise yourself on a push-up class.

Perform ten or more mountain climbers through reaching your knees on your rib cage then back again. Do this alternately. Then slowly do a push up as you keep your torso down. Finish this exercise within three sets.

13. Single Round the Clock

The key target of this exercise is to stabilize the muscles on your ankles (eversion and inversion flexion).

You can perform this by standing on your balance board with your one foot on the center of your board. Your other foot must be elevated. It is done by raising your knee toward your torso. Just be mindful not to brace it within your other leg.

You can do single foot tilts and single foot side to side while rolling your board in a 360-degree motion. Start to tilt your board, going to the left.

When your board taps the floor on your left, change your weight to your front to tap the ground. Now you can transfer your weight to your right side. Complete these revolutions by tilting your board on the floor behind you.

Always keep your body centralized on your entire exercise. It would help if you also balanced yourself with your arms as you get comfortable with this movement. Repeat this motion alternately. Challenge yourself to do five circles.


The best way to improve yourself is to exercise. Keeping a healthy lifestyle can improve your posture. You can work out with your balance board do make some challenges as it spices up your exercises.

These balance boards are designed to help you to improve your strength, fitness, and balance. You can check out for the best balance board that is worth it to buy, find the unique, shape, and durable balance board. Give yourself extra time to work out as it can also keep you moving while you are getting old.

You don’t need to go to a gym. You can do it at your home and even in your office. Try to use a balance board and be fit. Maintain a healthy lifestyle for a better future.


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