What’s Dry Snorkel and How to Select the Best One

What’s Dry Snorkel and How to Select the Best One 1

Days are gone when a snorkel can be just compared to a hollow reed to breathe through with your head in the water. The features like flexible snorkels, purge valves, semi-dry snorkels, and rotating mouth-pieces, whether you are just looking for a snorkel for when you dive or just for snorkeling, there are a number of options and choices in the market available today.

However, you must consider to find and determine the most important qualities to look for in a snorkel. Think of what is applicable and the comfort when used in the mouth, its length in case of a swell or wave, and the ease of clearing water out of it.

There are many types of snorkels that are available and you can purchase in the market. There are basically four popular types of snorkels, both for divers and snorkelers. These are:

  • THOSE WITH STRAIGHT TUBES. They are the most inexpensive of all types.
  • TUBES WITH PURGE VALVES. Choose snorkels with tubes that have purge valves on the bottom.
  • THOSE THAT CONTAIN FLEXIBLE SECTIONS CLOSE TO THE MOUTHPIECE. If the tube is not in use, it will drop away and that is an excellent feature for scuba divers.
  • THOSE THAT ARE SIMPLE TO REPLACE. The best types are the kind that have a tube and mouthpiece that is simple to replace.

When choosing the best snorkels in scuba diving, there things to consider like there are differences between snorkels and the most ideal for snorkeling and those that are best fit for scuba diving.

What’s Dry Snorkel and How to Select the Best One 2

The first myth is that snorkels are unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you were to run out of the air before reaching the dive boat, you will struggle swimming back to the boat.

Snorkels also help to conserve air in your tank while you are on the surface resulting in longer dive times. When choosing a scuba snorkel, just make sure it has only the features that you need for a successful diving venture.

It should be comfortable and it should drop to the side of your face when not in use. In fact, you should not even be aware of it until you need it. You cannot go wrong with a scuba snorkel that is simple and lightweight with few “extras” included.

You will want to make sure that your snorkel gear is an appropriate fit before your dive, and your snorkel mask is certainly no exception to the rule.

The tube should fit under the strap of your mask and should extend above the surface of the water. It is designed so that you will breathe in air through your mouth comfortably and without any restrictions.

Dry Snorkel is one of the most popular snorkels available in the market today that you can purchase. This only means that water will not enter your snorkel if you are submerged underwater or if waves crash over you. Through dry snorkel, water cannot enter the snorkel. You never have to worry about expelling it in order to breathe.

With all the advantages of dry snorkels, there are a few important things to remember when choosing and availing dry snorkels:

  • DO NOT PICK DRY SNORKELS THAT ARE HEAVY. Heavy dry snorkels will cause you to drag in the water; therefore, the likelihood of water entering your mask increases. That would negate the entire purpose of the dry snorkel.
  • THE SNORKEL SHOULD ATTACH FIRMLY TO THE MASK STRAP. It should be able to slide in all directions with ease so that your snorkel can be positioned comfortably in your mouth without tugging the strap.
  • BE CAREFUL OF SNORKELS THAT HAVE A LOT OF ADDED FEATURES SUCH AS DRY TOPS, PURGE VALVES, AND FLEXIBLE TUBE MOUTHPIECES. While these do offer some advantages, they tend to add bulk to your snorkel, causing more hassles than they are worth.
  • THERE ARE SO MANY TYPES OF SNORKELS OUT IN THE MARKET, WHICH IS AMAZING. It is considered one of the most basic diving equipment you will need, and these items have a reasonable price. When you consider that a snorkel is a simple plastic tube with regards to its essence, this is really special. To enhance your snorkeling and diving experience manufacturers had pushed the enhancement of this breathing device with new limits using modern designs and technology.
  • DETERMINE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE SEMI-DRY AND DRY SNORKELS. The semi-dry snorkels are made to keep the water out from the top of a tube by way of using a splash guard. A dry snorkel has been portrayed using a specialized valve mechanism on the tube’s top part. Float valve was its name— with this, the top part of your snorkel goes below the waterline and it keeps the inside of the tube dry when you submerge your head because it surely seals the air and water out. But when the top of the tube is above the waterline, the valve is not capable of sealing the water out fully while preventing the water from entering as you submerge, which is the reason why these kinds of snorkel also feature splash guards, naturally.

Dry snorkels usually have a purge valve system on the bottom, in case water does enter the tube when you take the mouthpiece out, or when the mechanism fails to seal water out (which shouldn’t happen with high-quality dry snorkels). This snorkel is set up far different from the classic snorkels, dry snorkels in the present days are also featuring a more flexible tube which sometimes outlined to make it less tiring to keep biting on the mouthpiece made out of soft silicone, also when you let go of it, it would not snap back.

There is also an available full-face snorkel mask for extended surface swimming. The mask features a dry top snorkel which extends upwards from the mask’s top part. The swimmer can be able to breathe normally and relax your jaw inside your mask instead of breathing through the use of a mouthpiece.

So, what snorkel you must purchase? It would really have a difference to your own fun and comfort when you go choosing the right snorkel for you. For you to be able to breathe through your mouth when you put your face into the water, you will have to use a snorkel.

How hard could it be to select one? You’d be surprised. There are many varied types, with so many distinctive features, have used different materials, with various categories.

The size of your mouth and the capacity of your lungs also play a role in your decision for a snorkel. Diving underwater will change what snorkel you must use if you wanted to.

Through a guide, it will help you figure it out with what snorkel to buy. There are many different snorkels that have been used over the past years and continue to purchase and to test the latest models on almost every trip. Rather than being cared to be admitted, there are many snorkels that are laying around from testing. Rather than buying a cheap snorkel, you must have the expensive but best in quality snorkels.

It will definitely be worth it if you spend a little higher on it. You must definitely select snorkel at a reasonable price that you would be able to breathe well or those that are not heavy or not that large.

Before purchasing, you must be familiar with the pros and cons of various features of a snorkel. You will often find snorkels grouped into three basic categories, classic or “J” snorkels, semi-dry snorkels, and dry snorkels. Each name is pertaining to some specific features that are included in a snorkel, although you can get one that contains mixed features of what you want. Below the different options will be explained, and also, the pros and cons of each type.

  • Classic “J” Snorkel

This type of snorkel has a mouthpiece, and it has some type of mask strap attached to it, this snorkel is usually an open tube. This is a kind of tube that usually does not bend. Rotating the mouthpiece to a different angle is the only adjustment you could make with some of the types of the snorkel. This is a classic type of snorkel that can be made out of all silicone, plastic or the two being mixed. This classic snorkel has a mouthpiece that is often molded into the tube and it can’t definitely be replaced.

  • Flexible Tube

Most of the snorkels have a flexible section in a lower part near its mouthpiece. When you are to release the snorkel, its movement goes away from your face. Two points of rotation are also provided by this tube, in order to adjust the angle of its mouthpiece and the top part separately. It is amazing to have features like this on the snorkel, for as long as they are made of very flexible silicone and with high quality. It can possibly be very stiff and can actually cause mouth fatigue if the snorkel is made out of lower-grade plastics. These, also more likely to leak a lot around the joints. The top of your snorkel can move around a lot when you go swimming underwater using a flexible tube, and then it would be very irritating.

If we will analyze, what is really the advantage of buying a dry snorkel? Here are some of the things that dry snorkel is very good about that you can enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling more when you avail this:

  • No Water

Obviously, this is the biggest advantage of these types of snorkels. In other types of snorkels, getting a mouthful of water is really inevitable, but if this works well, it can prevent that matter.

  • Saves Energy

The snorkeler must be allowed to conserve some energy with these snorkels and let them swim more impressively. It is not necessary to do blowing of the air forcefully or to raise your head so that you could clear out your snorkel. It is very ideal to think that it is possible to be an uninterrupted swim with this.

Before using your dry snorkels, it is also important to know what to do first before you use it. Even if you own a new snorkel, always make sure to wash it using a warm soapy water and then rinse it properly in freshwater afterward because it is recommended for everyone. Germ killing mouthwash can also be poured into the mouthpiece or the barrel of your snorkel for good measure, even if it is in a sealed bag when it is packaged to you.

If the dry or semi-dry style snorkel you own has a purge valve, you will then have to pour into its mouthpiece the mouthwash you will use while the purge valve is being blocked. You will definitely have to run a towel in it if you failed to do that because there is surely a leak of the liquid out of its purge valve. You will need to block the mouthpiece, then pour the mouthwash to the barrel if you own a plain non-purge “J” style. Dipping the snorkel into the liquid and filling a plastic drinking glass up might be a better choice. Use warm freshwater in rinsing this snorkel thoroughly by following a right step by step procedure.

It is also applicable to check your snorkels before using them. Through this, you will able to enjoy and safe in your diving experience. Here are some matters you should consider before using your gear.

Always check out the snorkel’s mouthpiece bite tabs as some users have that tendency to gnaw on these things while using the snorkel. Replaceable mouthpieces are included in so many snorkel designs with higher ends, but those snorkel models with the lower ends do not. In a situation like that, having a worn mouthpiece will require you to purchase new snorkel. If you have would have a flexible tube style snorkel, you must inspect the corrugation to make sure there are no signs of wear.

Regularly check the snorkel keeper if there is any sign of wear and in order for you to make sure that the purge valve is not warped, you must also check it.

Also, before using your snorkels, you must able to know how to pack it properly. For this, the snorkels will be in good condition and will not be easily damaged when you bring them for your travel. Here are some of the proper things you can do to pack your snorkels properly. It is really a good suggestion and it is a bright thought to pack your snorkel inside your luggage which you can carry. It is for the times when your checked-in luggage gets delayed because of some reason.

If this could happen, you can just choose to rent out a snorkel, but remember always, this is the piece that mainly goes inside of your mouth and you are and will be the one that cleaned it and also maintained it. It will be so hard to know about who would have used that rental snorkel knowing it went inside someone else’s mouth, let alone it was properly cleaned after when you got it. If you have a 2-piece release snorkel keeper on your snorkel style, be sure that you do have both pieces before you do the packing.

If you have the neoprene style, ensure that there are no tears or rips in it. Users mostly pack their snorkel which is attached to the mask. Yes, it is acceptable for some reason, but if it is the one-piece plastic style, it would surely lead to some stress to the snorkel’s keeper.

It is also proper and a good idea to check your snorkel prior to water entry. Consider connecting your snorkel to the mask in order to make sure that it will be placed on the left side of your mask as if you are wearing it already. You can cup your hand over the top of the barrel, and you can try inhaling in it if you have the snorkel which is a “J” style that has a purge valve.

There should not any air coming into it. You must inhale over it with the top of your snorkel while it is pointing at the ground if you have the dry style snorkel. If you were to find any leakage on the inhale, you should then check the bottom purge valve as it was stated a while ago but also be sure to check in order to ensure that the dry top mechanism freely moves around.

It is a must to take good care of your gear, especially your snorkels. There are two simple directions you must follow of you would want to go out on the water some several times within a single day.

Be sure to rinse your snorkel as quickly as possible before the salts form crystals so it would not be a big of a problem right after you go and get off of the water. Always keep your snorkel out of direct sunlight and repeat step one if you are going to have multiple adventures within the day.

For you to have and enjoy your snorkels in a long period of time, you must be able to store it properly. You would want to be assured that your snorkel is clean inside and outside so ensure that you have a clean storage space for your items. Use warm soapy water, then let the snorkel be soaked for a little while to help loosen any dirt or saltwater that would possibly build up.

Be sure to clean as much as you can to get it off the dirt on your items when you were to use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Clean the inside of the bottle or the tube of your snorkel as deep as you can and make sure to rinse it properly using a fresh tap water if ever you have access to such a small flexible bottle brush. It is necessary for you to store the snorkel in a cool, dry place that does not reach by sunlight directly.

Storing your snorkel with any ferrous metal objects or rubber goods inside one storage area is not advisable as it results to premature discoloration. It is also a good idea to store your snorkel in an airtight container.

The benefits for the body are the same with the added bonus when you do it on the ocean or in a pool when it comes to snorkeling. Snorkeling is also a nice adventure that has a great way for you to have exploration in the ocean while staying at the comfort of the water’s surface.

This one is also a low impact form of exercise just like the regular lap-swimming, and this type of physical activity can give fun to you and your family for about half an hour or more., It gives you the chance to dive down for a minute or even two for you to see something closer up even a little farther down below for those who are more daring.

This activity is fun that is why it is ideal for everyone, for children or for adults, and it also has great health benefits for the body and mind of everyone. This is a popular recreational activity, particularly to those places having tropical resort locations.

So if you are planning to experience this kind of fun, it is a must to consider buying the proper gear for you to use.

Fins, masks, and snorkels are the three most important bit of equipment. However, you might also be needing a wetsuit if you plan on snorkeling in areas where the temperature of the water is a bit low. Choose the most affordable yet the most effective gear.

Being able to purchase the dry snorkels will help you to enjoy your diving experience more. You must consider your safety but also be able to enjoy and make your diving experience unforgettable. Dry snorkels will be your best choice.

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