What’s Drop Down Longboard & How to Select the Best One?

Downhill community is an idea to coming up with a drop down longboard. It is a big innovation for downhill riding. The styles were appropriate for a community and are a hundred percent fitted. This kind of longboard has a special shape, which is why you may feel you are closer to the ground from the section of the flat surface where you stand on.

Because the deck is meant to curve, you can feel your feet sit lower to the ground. So therefore, concluding that gravity is lower when it comes to a drop down longboard.

What’s Drop Down Longboard & How to Select the Best One? 1

There are many terms that can refer to a drop down longboard, such as drop deck, drop platform. These words just redound to one meaning. It has always been cool riding your own drop down deck! So, selecting, choosing, and purchasing your best longboard is always a risky choice. You must be considering certain factors in which suits best your location.

Distinguishing the best longboards to others also is a huge help in coming up with the best one. After knowing all the types as the first step, the urge to buy is what comes next. And so you need to find the best help in selecting your best one.

Asking and or searching is always a very common way to start gathering a thought about you buying your own longboard. So, come and take a look if, whether in this kind of help, you can get your preferred one.

Here’s how you select one!

You have to consider most of the quality of what you are going to purchase. Look for its decency as a quality. Though there are affordable prices, even if that is good, look uprightly on the quality.


It is popular because of its low cost, plus this also has good quality. For a beginner, this can be enough. It is also a good one with low-riding drop down. It is very easy to manipulate; that is why this atom drop deck is highly recommended to beginners.

Size of this is 41” by 9.5” as you can imagine, it is large with a firm deck and it is built from 9-ply maple, solid one.

Because of its large wheel cutouts, plus it doesn’t contribute to wheel bite, this does make the atom a good quality carving board. The atom wheels are well-suited for commuting and as well as to downhill carving.

Soft durometer has had an influence plus combined with the slight flex of the atom’s deck. Those all contribute to achieving a good ride to uneven pavements as well to sidewalks.

Nevertheless, this atom drop deck as always stated is a super good quality for your drop down longboard definitely to beginners. The deck shapes, its decent features, makes it a more efficient and a more responsive, and more comfortable board to ride on and carve on. It may not be the easiest to carry or move along the board as that not what it was designed for.


Is a 41” by 9.75” longboard with a 32.5” ample wheelbase that is made for distances and speed? Although the riding it offers is a lot lower compared to others, stability wise, they are the best! For a long-distance and duration, the pushing is really easier.

There is a slanted part of the drop down longboard, and this gives a higher speed than before. Another that makes the banner stone attractive is that its deck is made of bamboo. There is a flex here that actually does not affect how much speed spent working.

It also provides a secure feeling when riding fast because of its additional feature that has a slight side-to-side concave.

A bit warning that should be remembered about this board is that it can sometimes be in contact with the ground if you hit a big bump because of its low bottom.


It is labeled as serious freeriding. and at the same time, this considers as the expensive one. It is known for about a year and is recommended as high regard freeride boards. It is 40” by 10”. It gives enough comfort when riding fast taller riders with large feet, it is the most advisable one.

Your foot here will be at its most comfortable place so much so that you will still feel the comfort even at high speed. The deep concave is actually playing a good role and that is to separate the switch from the longboard. The Switch also has a significant drop on which riding very fast, still it is stable and is very low.

The deck of the board is highly made from durable maple. The wheel cutouts of the shape also allow deep turns, including to downhill part. The trucks also are also strong and responsive, can be flipped for commuting.

Although you are willing to pay much for this board, if you want to step next higher your skill on freeriding, the Switch will provide you the support, confidence, and the comfort you are needing.

To a low ride, the fluid trucks, and the comfortable deck will push you to commute fast and smooth with minimal effort at miles’ distances. Indeed, it was a great drop down to truly wish for.


It is 36” by 9.3” longboard as you can imagine, it is a smaller drop down. It was also made of course by purpose, which is good for a more all-around kind of riding compared to the previous drop down boards. It has a Screaming Hand design that is a micro-drop deck and is also cool-looking.

Because of the board that is smaller, it is way easier to carry. A kind of deck is being provided by Santa Cruz, said deck must be thick as well as durable. Its platform has a smaller drop but does not have the tendency to touch the ground, unlike any previous longboard.

The deep wheel has the best role to play, and that is to tolerate some carves while on a very high speed.

This board is well-suited for a mix of distance pushing, freeriding, and intense carving. The concave in this Santa Cruz board also gives you a comfy ride and a support while sliding but still providing you a freedom on the movements for casual cruising.

This Santa Cruz also comes with a responsive bullet RKP and a quality road rider wheels. This can be very nice as an all-around board including the feature for comfortable commuting.

Here’s a Pro’s and Cons of a longboard to better equip you how to select the best one.

The first one: The PROs.

  • There are times wherein you just cannot predict what you have at stake. Your feet must always be secure on the deck, and it is one of the advantages of this.
  • The drop downs are really stable, and you cannot go wrong while using this. Front and rear drops can also give assistance in securing your speed downhill.
  • Board shapes also have large cut-outs on the wheel which allows running very big wheels.
  • The sliding factor also made easy on a drop down because of the lower gravity that results in minimal attraction.
  • The stability of drop down longboards is also an ideal for the beginner, for new riders who are trying to figure out how they should be balancing and how they should act to basic riding skills.
  • Longboards that touches the ground, makes it easier to push for longer distances because your foot doesn’t need to kick to the ground to move your board.

Now: The CONs

  • The weight of some longboards also makes it harder to make a slide if you are a small rider. You may find it difficult to have control over your slide due to the weight of the board also.
  • You can’t stand on the top of the trucks directly.
  • Your weight, of course, is distributed in the trucks. Because of this, the boards will be considered as less responsive.

These disadvantages somehow are not a much issue since a small drop basically allows boards to boast a shorter, lighter weight and wheelbase.

So even though presented to you the pros and cons, still it is better for you to select the best one for your riding. When choosing, you should decide on the best one to pick. Despite, riding is always an adventurous sport, making sure your board is up to what is needed and is right high-risk riding and or downhill riding would always be appealing.

Of course, having extra or preliminary preparation is a must. Less considering the mindset and the skills, getting yourself or equipping yourself a good longboard is vital. If you think you need some expert advice, seek help.

Do not always lean on your own self or understanding because not utmost times, especially for beginners, can automatically say they are a pro. Generally speaking, always know what board suits your location, your weight and the other that follows.

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