Diving Mask for Glasses Diver? Here’s your best Solutions!

Diving Mask for Glasses Diver? Here's your best Solutions! 1

Wearing Glasses for Snorkling

Snorkling may be your way of entertainment, enjoyment, and stress reliever but problems may hinder from snorkling if you wear glasses and find it hard to see if you remove it. People often want to have snorkling with glasses, but it will it might cause you some discomfort if glasses are jamming between your eyes or removing it but you won’t be able to see anything underwater.

Diving Mask for Glasses Diver? Here's your best Solutions! 2

Since technology now is advance and equipment is modernized, it is easy for you to find the best one for your situation. The gear used in snorkling has been improved over the past few years and being a glass wearer, you don’t anymore need to worry about immersing yourself in the world underwater.

Things you have to know if how to snorkel if you’re a glass wearer for a cheaper price:

  • You need to evaluate yourself if you need to use your glasses

You can try removing your glasses and then try to observe if you can see without your glasses on. Then put your snorkling mask and try it underwater and check your magnification. If it is still blurry, there still some ways. If you’re asking if you can have, you’re glasses under the mask you can try it because it is not impossible. But it may lead to some problems like water will flow inside if the earpiece of your glasses breaks the seal around the mask. Using glasses while snorkling may cause you to push or pull your glasses inside the mask closer or further away from your eyes, and will cause to worsen your vision underwater.

  • Using contact lenses instead of glasses

This is what most people’s go-to option if they don’t plan to use their glasses. You can consult an optician to give you prescribe lenses. But a major and minor problems also exist in using contact lenses. Contact lenses spend some time to break in especially those hard contact lenses.

  • Using an Optical mask as an alternative

Here your snorkling mass can be your glasses instead of your glasses. They are two choices you can choose when buying: the expensive mask and the cheap one.

  • You can have a prescription mask if you have money, and this is the same as how you get prescription glasses. You can get this online. But if you want to have your desired precision and accuracy, you can visit a snorkling shop or your local water sports to help you and wearing then underwater will provide you a crystal clear clarity and version of the marine life although using it on land your vision might be slightly off.

An optical mask is the second option, unlike a prescription mask that is quite pricy, this prescription mask is not custom made but it is cheaper. You can find it commonly online like Amazon or in your local scuba store. Bifocal is available as well as a mask for farsighted and nearsightedness people. To find the best fit for you, look for SPH measurement (equivalent so a mask that pretty perfect for you are just right away.

  • Still looking for a cheaper mask

Some of these options will really make you take out an amount of money from your pocket because options are quite pricy. If you want something that really works but in a cheap option, there is a removable magnifier than is right behind you. These lenses are flexible that it can attach inside of your mask.  This is not recommended to use for long term diving but it is better if you won’t do like reading underwater. If you hate putting contact lenses on your eyes, then the optical mask is your easy options.

  • Using the corrective lenses bonded inside your mask

The idea is that lenses are glued or literally “bonded” to the mask after the prescription lenses are carved to the shape of your mask. The old lenses are just right in front of the new corrective lenses, but they are not removed. While in prescription lenses, it has a new pair of lenses that are put in the mask. The only difference between the two, when it comes to vision, is that if correctives lenses are not fit perfectly for the mask, it might affect your vision. You should have it ready before your snorkling trip because it might consume your time and can be a little expensive.

  • Putting Magnifiers on the mask

These are removable circles that are basically small that are attached to your mask lenses. Although it wasn’t an effective option this come with a cheap budget and good for people who are using reading glass even, they still have decent vision

This kind of full-face mask that provides clarity and comfort that is fitted with prescription lenses. Brands that offer this kind of makes provides a variety of colors.

Yes, it is possible to find a full-face snorkel mask that is fitted with prescription lenses. They are very common these days because they provide both comfort and clarity.

Talking about different Prescription snorkeling masks that are best for glass wearers, they are summarized below and you can use these recommendations to choose what mask is the best for you that is both worth your time, money and quality.

1.  Snorkel Diving Mask in IST M80 2 Lens

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This IST M80 prescription snorkel mask is very comfortable due to its low-profile design. Having the different shapes and types of faces aren’t a big problem here because different lens grade is available to provide the need for those who are nearsighted and farsighted.

To ensure that the mask will stay in place while underwater, it has a silicone strap that will work to ensure that it is fitted while you enjoy swimming. Thus, it fits perfectly on different faces because of its straps that come with buckles which makes it adjustable enough. The skirt won’t cause any allergic reaction on your face because it was made on material that is a hypoallergenic and soft liquid injected silicone. It gives you a sleek appearance because of its low profile and has crack-free features because of the construction that is sturdy and durable. It does not easily crack under minimal impact. It ensures that no water will flow inside through their watertight seal on the mask and it easily allows you to have a crystal-clear underwater view with the use of wide field vision.

Here are some of the Pros of using IST M80 lens diving mask

  • Offer you a Wide peripheral view underwater
  • Has a sleek, stylish design
  • Has a prescription optical lens that makes it precisely good for your vision
  • Its construction is sturdy and durable
  • Can handle a different kind of face because it is comfortable and snug fit

Meanwhile, this mask has consequences on using, which is:

  • Sizes turn to run small for people with broad faces

2.  Promate Full Face Mask for snorkling – Best for people who are nearsighted because of its Nearsighted Lens

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This is an innovative mask that is built and designed precisely or nearsighted snorkelers. This also gives a very snug fit on your face because of the material used like silica gel and high-quality plastic. This mask is different from the traditional mask because, in traditional, a tube was used to breathe through your mouth meanwhile in this Promate mask, it is equipped with chambers for breathing that you can use either your mouth or nose and still makes you breathe comfortably.

To ensure that you will enjoy a clear water view, they use anti-fog technology features so that your lenses are not fog. Another, to ensure that no water will enter the mask, it comes with a dry snorkeler but if it happened that an accidentally comes in, water will just automatically get drain if you just lift your head above the water through a valve on the chin that is one way.

The vision of the mask is very wide, and its lenses are made with a tempered glass that has an anti-scratch feature, highly durable material and has an available increment of -1.5 to -6.0 through 0.5. It also has an adjustable strap to ensure the snug fit which makes this mask the best choice for beginners, adults, experienced and advanced snorkelers.

On the other hand, for people who are shortsighted, a prescription lens given by qualified people will be fitted at the factory so that it will be ready to ship to you after it was being shipped, and you are ready to go.

In summary here are the Pros of this Pomate Snorkling mask:

  • Offer a Wide field of vision especially for nearsighted and shortsighted
  • Its lenses have an Anti-scratch lens features from tempered glass
  • The construction is in high quality and durable
  • Fits Comfortably
  • Has a unique Anti-fog technology

But it also has its Cons like it is ideal for snorkeling on the surface.

3. Mask of Deep Blue Gear Snorkel class=”s1″> – provides a vision Corrective Lenses

Deep Blue Gear - Vista Vue Full Face Snorkeling Mask, Blue/Clear Silicone, Large/X-Large
  • SNORKEL LIKE A PRO – You’ve got your fins and fun underwater accessories, but you’re not yet set to go – you still need a mask! This full face mask is designed by experts to offer the best snorkeling experience whether in the pool or the sea.
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY – The full face mask has additional purge valves, increasing safety, reducing the risk of rebreathing CO2, and allowing easy, natural breathing through your nose and mouth while still enjoying a panoramic view of the ocean.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT – The crystal silicone mask skirt offers superior comfort, with easily adjustable elastic straps that secure the mask to your face with a perfect fit.
  • FOG FREE – No one wants gear to get in the way of their snorkeling experience. The fog-free ventilation design continually directs fresh, dry air across the mask’s inner surface, preventing condensation and allowing for a clear view of your surroundings.
  • DRY SNORKEL – The dry snorkel technology prevents water from getting into your mask while shallow surface snorkeling. By preventing water from entering the snorkel, you can enjoy a fun snorkeling experience free from unwanted water intake.

This mask is fitted with an incredible vision corrective lenses and made with a high-quality mask. Its silicone mask is very comfortable because it was designed to perfectly fit and comfortable to the face. It has a temper glass lenses that make it glasses a scratch-resistant one and its features are having a field of vision that is wide so that your underwater view have never been this clear. The mask versatility makes it fit adult’s face and ideal to use in both snorkeling and diving.

Additionally, the mask construction is sturdy and durable, making it hard to crack or damage due to the impact of ocean waves. It also has a watertight seal that will make you enjoy your view because it doesn’t allow water inside the mask.

This mask is very versatile since it is able to fit perfectly on an adult or an older child’s face. It also has a buckle with an adjustable strap that will ensure that it will stay in place while moving underwater. Additionally, the mask is ideal for both diving and snorkeling. The manufacturers make a way so that it is easy to choose prescription inserts for glass wearers. This is a pre-made optical lens, just like the prescription glasses.

The good point for giving these glasses a chance:

  • They fit comfortably on your face
  • Has a tempered glass lenses that are scratch-resistant
  • Can be used by children over 10 years old and good glasses adults
  • Constructed with good durability
  • Has a variety of colors available to choose from
  • prescription glasses will work even good even under the water

The cons of this are people large faces will find the skirt small.

4. Nearsighted Mask of Sharklens – A good Optical mask for Snorkling

No products found.

It has a different breathing model from the traditional one because its breathing chamber can be used to breathe through your mouth or nose even underwater. Having a different type of face is no problem with its watertight silicone seal features that work with faces that are large or small without any water flows inside and it is also designed to give comfort.

Having a dual airflow technology gives the mask a unique anti-fog design that will make you enjoy an underwater experience a fog-free one. Moreover, the adjustable strap ensures your mask in place and at the same time, will give you a snug fit experience. It also prevents the water from getting with the help of a smart valve with a one-way chin valve. If ever the water gets inside accidentally, it drains the water by going above the water and lifting your head. Another unique thing is that it has a camera mount that you can use for taking videos underwater moments which has GoPro compatible cameras.

In addition, People with Myopia known as a condition where one eye suffers from being nearsighted. Opposite to the other eye, which cannot see things that are far in distance, can use this specially designed masks having an optical lens of -1.00 and -6.00 thus breathing becomes

The positive things about this Sharklens mask are:

  • Has an It is anti-fog unique features
  • Your face will keep dry even underwater
  • Has a wide angle view that will cater your eye needs
  • Can last for a long time due to good durability construction
  • Flexible and comfortable on big and small faces
  • The Optical lenses can be your glasses

The down thing about this is it is worthy but pricy.

5.  Snorkeling mask of Scuba Blue Dive class=”s1″> – has a Farsighted Prescription Snorkel Mask with people having farsighted conditions.

No products found.

This mask has a variety of corrective lenses, people having farsighted conditions. It comes with a design that is durable and comfortable for both using in snorkeling and scuba diving.

Tempered glass with a high-quality anti-shutter design that doesn’t get damaged or crack because of ocean waves can last for long. The lenses allow the diver to see the surroundings underwater with a clear field view.

Same as the other mask, it has buckle and strap that is adjustable to ensure your mask to a snug fit and stays in place while enjoying comfort on the water. Also, it has a seal that is watertight that prevents water to some inside your mask and avoids interruption on your adventure plus it doesn’t pull your hair when moving and using it.

The silicone material in the facial skirt is also made with a high-quality hypoallergenic substance that will ensure comfort on your skin and a watertight seal on the mask skirt that would cause interruption on your vision. This snorkling mask will make you feel like wearing a bifocal glass if you have tried wearing one. To precisely and accurately correct your farsightedness lenses are pre-made so that it will better give what you need.

The positive things on this mask are:

  • Your underwater vision becomes clear
  • Comfortably fits on your face
  • Leakage is less to happen
  • Good fitting on different faces because of an adjustable strap
  • Applicable mask for Scuba diving
  • Has a nice travel bag

The down thing about this is people with large faces might find this small.

6. Mask of YEESAM SWIM that has a Nearsighted Prescription

This is a snorkeling and diving mask specially designed for nearsighted and for people with myopic conditions because it is versatile that it can perform in both of these activities greatly.

-15 to – 9.0 are the corrective lenses available for shortsightedness. This is a pre-made lens, so it is required to send the details of your prescription to give you a precise measurement of your lenses. Moreover, a high-quality tempered glass is what the lenses are made from that results in a clear view and fewer crack suffering or shattering. They also provide a wide field of view.

Meanwhile, the skirt of the mask is high quality silicone made and from a hypoallergenic material. This ensures that you won’t suffer in any irritations specially for those having a skin that is sensitive. The mask skirt ensures that no water could enter the mask because of its watertight seal feature.  Has a snug fit adjustable strap that will keep the mask in your face intact and gives you no worries while moving in a different direction

The good thing about this mask that makes sit worthy are:

  • Its frame is sturdy
  • Fits your face comfortably
  • Give you a view from its wide angle
  • Fitted and perform properly in both diving and snorkeling
  • Its price is affordable

The only downfall of this mask is it was not a full-face mask

7.  Dive mask for Cressi Focus Snorkeling Corrective

Cressi First Dive Mask with Inclined Lenses for Scuba Diving - Optical Lenses Available | Focus Made Quality Since 1946
  • Offers the Best Fit & Performance for the Greatest Variety of Facial Shapes
  • Lightweight & Easy to Clear
  • Swiveling Quick Adjust Buckles
  • Accepts Optical Lenses
  • An Excellent Value Mask

The name was after the Italian maker of diving gear is named Trust Cresi, it offers a comfort while underwater through its compact and lightweight design and cones with glass slanted feature. It can also be used with both diving and snorkeling because of its versatile mask that is best for both children and adults. A soft hypoallergenic material is where the skirt is made of to be comfortable and safe for irritation on your face skin thus it has a double feathered line edge that seals the watertight so the mask is safe with water that might come in.

The mask skirt is made from a soft hypoallergenic material that is very comfortable on your face and does not cause any skin irritation. The mask skirt is also lined with a double-feathered edge watertight seal that ensures that water does not get inside your mask.

It has a buckle system that is adjustable to meet your different face sizes demand. It ensures a snug fit while working on keeping the mask to stay in place, so you can move with confidence in any direction. It has an anti-shutter lens and a tempered glass that offers a scratch and abrasion resistance when faced with underwater waves. They also have a wide vision and is expected to last long because of its best quality. With this, you won’t need to use your optical glasses because it can do its job better to give you excellent underwater experience.

The pros of having this mask are:

  • Has a corrective optical lens on the mask
  • Provides a view of wide angle
  • Comfortably fit and gives no irritation on the skin
  • Can work on different water activities
  • Lightweight on the skin and easy to carry

The downfall on this product is that there’s no instruction about the ways on changing lenses

8. Snorkeling mask of GetWetStore RX Scuba Dive class=”s4″> – has a Prescription Lenses

No products found.

The GetWetStore RX Scuba Dive Snorkeling Mask ensures to give you snorkeling experience with its high-quality mask without using your optical glasses. The corrective optical lens is sold at starting at -1.0 and increments of 0.5 that makes it best for both people having a nearsighted and farsighted situation. Correction lenses are available in the yellow or red coating which in low visibility its best fit for someone who loves higher contrast and more light.

Lenses also come with tempered glass that has high quality and anti-scratch and anti-shutter that gives you a clear view of the surroundings. Mask skirt is very comfortable because it is made with liquid silicon and also has comfortable seal that has a double edge feature that will stop the water from entering the mask. It unique provides a panoramic view underwater from its side windows and just like other masks, it has an adjustable strap and buckles to secure the place of the mask on the face.

Good points for this mask are:

  • It has a great corrective lens for both near and farsighted people
  • Has different effects underwater produced by its colors
  • Fits good on the face
  • Its construction is stable and durable that makes it to last long
  • Gives a good vision from its wide range and panoramic view from side windows
  • Applicable to use for both snorkeling and diving

Its downside is that it might take time finding the perfect size that will fit your face.

In conclusion, in snorkeling mask for glass wearers, you must not take granted this corrective lens or this correction mask. They will make an impact on your unforgettable sea adventures and will give you the best vision that you could have, thus giving you safety when underwater. You must follow the lens prescription to achieve your needed lenses and evaluate yourself on what kind of mask that you needed. This mask gives you the best features while knowing your need will save you time and money and regret nothing.

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