Wanna Diving in Thailand? Know All the Sites like a Local

Wanna Diving in Thailand? Know All the Sites like a Local 1

Are you planning to go on diving? Thailand provides the best sites in the world, and you can know and explore all these sites like locals. Thailand is closer to the mainland, so you can expect excellent diving opportunities.

Wanna Diving in Thailand? Know All the Sites like a Local 2

Want to Go Diving in Thailand? Get Yourself More Familiar with this Country

Thailand is well-known as the Land of Smiles. This warmly welcomes all tourists and travelers to its lush and beautiful tropical shores. Thailand got plenty to offer regardless of your budget or what you are looking for in your trip or holiday travels.

Thailand boasts its beautiful beaches and fabulous diving and snorkeling. Aside from these, there are the most delicious foods, historical sites, superb temples, and exciting festivals. Tourism has been linked to impressive modernization, but Thailand managed to retain its distinctive and glamorous charm.

What to Expect in Diving in Thailand?

The country has proven itself as one of the leading tourist destinations in the world receiving more than one million individuals every year. So, it is just fair to say that countless individuals flock here.

One of the reasons why many people gather in Thailand is the stunning beaches. The country also offers miles of awesome tropical beaches, fantastic reel, and marine life for underwater lovers and enthusiasts and exciting and interesting cultural experiences.

These lovely places differ from current swept and rocky landscapes up to sloping coral reefs. Diving in Thailand is, therefore, a brilliant idea and an experience you should not miss as the country offers many beautiful sites that you can explore and discover like a local.

Thailand gives the superb diving destinations and all these come with clear water packed with a plethora of extraordinary marine life, swaying palms, lovely beaches and more.

Unveiling the Best Diving Sites in Thailand

In Thailand, you will be captivated by the white beaches, colorful coral reefs and many cultural attractions. With the Gulf of Thailand in the east and the Andaman Sea on the western portion, the great diving opportunities include wrecks, caverns, walls, tunnels, open-ocean seamounts, deep drop-offs and fringing reefs.

At night, you will also find many entertainments ranging from phenomenal dining to full moon parties and nightclubbing.

Sites for diving in Thailand are so colorful and are teeming with captivating marine life. For the “bigger fish” enthusiasts, leopard sharks, manta rays, whale sharks and more are major draws while the macro life like the ghost pipefish, frogfish, seahorse, and crustaceans are visible in the reefs.

If you seek to get started in diving in Thailand, know all these sites and begin your escapade in your chosen diving site now:

  • Hin Muang and Hin Daeng

Hin Muang and Hin Daeng are among the top favorite diving sites. These are known as purple and red rock. If you are a fan of life below the water, this is the best diving site to witness the manta rays and the gray sharks.

But this is not everything that you can get from the purple and red rock. You can also achieve the most exciting diving in Thailand experience because of the huge vertical walls next into the caves and caverns which adds thrill to the overall diving adventure.

These diving sites are also a known feeding ground for fishes. You can see plenty of bigger creatures in the course of your dive. These areas have truly strong currents, so the sites are more recommended for experienced divers.

The most notable highlights of Hin Muang and Hin Daeng are cave dive, Grey Reef, large pelagic, Leopard Shark sightings, and if you are fortunate enough, you can witness the whale sharks hanging around the spot occasionally.

  • Koh Dok Mai

This is located at the heart of Koh Phi Phi and Phuket, which is about an hour and a half by boat from Phuket. Koh Dok Mai is another great dive. Divers will surely love the superb drift dives and walls as well as the crevices that lurk and the hidden limestone rock and caves.

If you wanted to achieve a more electrifying diving in Thailand, this is one of the best places to go. The perfect time to go diving here is during mid-day since it is during this time that the sun delivers an incredible illuminating effect.

This will give you the perfect glimpse of baby sharks feeding and nursing, but this still depends on the season.

There are actually 3 sides of walls that make up the big limestone rock that boasts diverse creatures that can be sighted in every corner. Due to its fascinating formation, this can also be performed as night dive.

If you go diving in Thailand, particularly in Koh Dok Mai, you get the chance to experience the highlights of these diving sites such as moray eel’s species, soft and large corals, leopard sharks and sea horses that are usually lurking around.

  • Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock & Koh Bon

This is located between the Surin Islands and the Similan Islands and accessible only through liveaboard. The Richelieu Rock is located in the Andaman Sea and definitely one of the best sites for diving in Thailand.

If you are all set to take a glimpse of the tropical fish school or barracuda tornadoes, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock & Koh Bon is the best place to be. You can surely spot cuttlefish, pipefish, seahorses, and shovelnose rays when you’re there.

The big center pinnacle is being surrounded by tiny rocks and is also covered by anemones, soft corals and big sea fans. These are indeed great sights to see.

Though there are numerous diving sites in Thailand, allowing you to witness the whale sharks and nutrient-rich waters containing planktons that also attracts whale sharks most of the time.

The diving sites are immense and these are attracting both small and large creatures. These dive sites have stronger currents, so professional and advanced divers can give these sites a try.

Koh Bon and Koh Tachai are diving sites that are actually part of Similan Island National Park. These sites are widely recognized as one of the leading sites for diving in Thailand, wherein you can see mantas. Aside from this, you can find eagle rays and reef sharks when you dive.

Koh Tachai is widely known for its phenomenal channels and swims through that you can easily drift in. The place is known as one of the best when it comes to scuba diving in Thailand.

Koh Bon and Koh Tachai both boast larger pelagic such as tuna, trevally, barracuda and more. One of the best highlights is the possibility of coming across or seeing manta rays, eagle rays and whale sharks.

  • Similan Islands Dive Site

Similan Islands offers the finest diving sites all over Thailand. Within the islands, there are 20 different diving spots waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Each site boasts its wide range of exotic creatures.

Hin Pusar or Elephant Head is also a great diving area with maze-like intricate rocks comprised of gorges that reaches more than 40 meters, channels and swim-throughs.

The beauty of these sites is out of this world. The Fantasea Reef and the Christmas Point area also sites worth checking for. The best highlights are untouched water, a variety of fish and corals, leopard sharks and many more.

  • Chumphon Pinnacle

If you are in search of a great diving in Thailand, Koh Tao can be your best bet, and your adventure here will never be complete without visiting Chumphon Pinnacle. The top bit of Chumphon Pinnacle is packed with anemone making this a home to shrimps, crabs, white moral eels and fishes.

The deeper you go, the more holes you will see as you down the wall. As you go, you will witness the bannerfish, trevallies, juvenile barracudas and so much more.

There are times that whale sharks also come to visit but this depends on the season. The highlights of this diving site are marine life, colorful reef and larger schools of fishes.

  • Sattakut Wreck

For history students and history lovers, the Sattakut Wreck is a great place to explore. This is also ideal for those who are passionately into diving. The Sattakut Wreck is one of the leading wrecks in Thailand that sunk on June 18, 2011, close to Koh Tao. Moreover, Landing Craft Infantry which is also called LCI was among the unpopular assault ships in World War II.

Artificial reef tends to harbor these two vessels that turned into homes for different types of marine life. These have also become home to moray eels, blennies, groupers, and barracudas. For individuals who have not done or experienced wreck dive, this is a great starting point and certainly something extraordinary. Aside from wreck, other important highlights are Pufferfish, Grey Reef Shark and Flatworms.

  • Sail Rock Dive Site

This is located in North Koh Samui in between Koh Tao and Koh Pha Ngan. Sail Rock, also referred to as Hin Bai is an excellent wall dive in Thailand. Numerous schools are, in fact providing trips here. This is highly recommended since diving is really fantastic.

Many individuals flock to this dive site since its vertical chimney guarantees a completely fun ascend. The site is big enough for students and even advanced divers to explore. Sail Rock plunges to about 40 meters. The highlights of this diving site include Giant Morays, Yellow Fusiliers, Batfish and Whale Sharks if you are lucky.

When is the Best Time to Go Diving in Thailand?

The country is situated in a tropical region so individuals can go diving in Thailand at any time all throughout the year. But the best time would be between the months of November to April and for shark visits, it would be from February up to May. With bathtub like temperatures ranging from 28 to 31 degrees, the diving conditions couldn’t be better.

If you want more specific escapade, if you’re visiting Andaman sea dive sites, it’s better to visit from October up to the month of April. You can have the incredible Giant Manta Rays that arrive at the Islands usually in April or March.

But in May, heavy rainfall is expected. It is for this reason that marine reserves are usually closed until mid-October. During this time period, diving in Thailand, especially along the Gulf of Thailand, is recommended.

Different Types of Diving in Thailand that You Can Enjoy

Many would agree that diving in Thailand is a treat mainly because of its finest tropical waters. This is a home to more than 2,000 different fish species and got the best reef dives. Many individuals wanted to learn scuba diving in Thailand also because of the reasonable rates and the clear and calm water.

The different types of diving in Thailand that you can enjoy are:

  • Reef Diving

Reef diving in this country is beautiful. Reefs are well-preserved and abundant, making this a real hot spot for diving lovers and enthusiasts from different parts of the world. There are also spots in Thailand that you can enjoy for macro diving and other related diving activities.

  • Wreck Diving

If you are more into wreck diving, you can consider going to Pattaya. This place is recognized as the wreck diving capital of Thailand and a home for 5 interesting wrecks. Situated not too far away from Pattaya is the island known as Koh Chang, the home of the biggest shipwreck diving spot in Thailand.

With all the amazing local diving sites, diving in Thailand is indeed an exhilarating and thrilling activity you should try. The country welcomes everyone, the beginners and professional divers.

Regardless of skill level, diving sites in Thailand will never fail to give them one of a kind diving experience. For those who are still planning for their next diving trip, make sure to choose and include a trip to Thailand in their itinerary. There are lots of wonderful things to see, activities to do and enjoy in Thailand’s incredible diving sites.

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