Find Your Best Buying Between Different Types of Longboards

If you are finding an adventurous sport to try, then longboarding is highly recommended for you. This is a sport that is quite popular, mostly among the youth.

You can enjoy different styles in riding with different longboards because they are designed for a specific riding style, that is why riders buy different types of longboards. They differ from each other in terms of their sizes and shapes.

Find Your Best Buying Between Different Types of Longboards 1

In buying a longboard, you need to consider its deck since it is the one that is responsible for the longboards’ overall performance. The longboard deck is also the one that will help you in categorizing every type of longboard. It is crucial for you to clearly understand that so you can make the right choice anytime you buy one.

You should be familiar with this to avoid being confused if you decided to purchase one. If you are to buy a longboard, you will have to consider what riding style you will be doing since the boards are designed differently to suit different riding styles.

So, to help you decide what type of longboard you should buy then, here is the list of different types of longboards you could choose from:

The first one on the list is the downhill longboard. This is the most popular among all of the different types of longboards. This type of longboard deck and board are significantly designed to suit the downhill riding style.

Downhill is the type of longboard that is one of the best in the market because of several factors, considered as the chief among all of them since it is designed using the best raw materials which are available for this kind of industry.

This type of product certainly lasts long and easily survives, even in the most difficult environment since it is very durable.

You will definitely won’t be disappointed. In fact, you will surely be confident about riding this type of longboard. But be extra careful about riding it downhill with speed because it can give you a challenge when you use this product. It will cause the wobbling of the ride.

Well, this challenge won’t be much of a problem if you will stick to the longboard with the best quality.

Since longboards can move in any direction you want, then you should also need to consider using the best gear since the direction of the board also depends on the type of gear you will wear.

Front and rear gears are fitted for downhill longboards since it will be of help to make your longboard move downhill easier with a straight-line direction. This will definitely let you enjoy your longboarding experience in a very enchanting and unique way.

The foot platform of this type of longboard is dropped down, which allows the board to ride very low on the ground, thus a stable ride. The trucks of the board are top-mounted to its deck and have no flex.

This type of longboard is a great choice for all levels of riders – a beginner, intermediate, and including a pro rider. This type somewhat has the same purpose as drop through, and they only differ when you ride them since this board allows the move of leverage and tight turns because of its top-mounted tracks. This type of longboarding is for serious longboarding stunts.

If you were able to witness a stunt using this type of longboard, your knees would surely shake. This is also known for speed games. It is known that it is used for the chicane, setting land speed records, and also pre-drifting hairpins.

These boards are the stiffest of them all and the most technically built in the market. Downhill is mostly done on top-mount in order to have more control and stronger carve. The wheels of this type are a bit grippier, whereas you get to slide anything with so much speed, and the grip is the key.

The Downhill board is the type that has numerous unique shapes and curves. Riders often wear speed suits and full-face helmets for safety purposes.

Let’s have now the second on the list, the drop through longboards. So far, having this type of longboard is common among them all. The deck of this type of longboard has holes in its tail and the nose, so it could drop the trucks through the deck, allowing low and stable board ride.

These types are easy to ride, and it is also perfect for many riding styles. Drop throughs are also ideal for both a beginner and an intermediate rider.

The drop-through longboards are suitable for sliding, with free-ride, cruising, carving, pushing, and same as the downhill longboard, this type is also right for downhill riding. The drop-through boards are either stiff or have flexy decks, whereas the stiff decks are more stable and better for speed.

The flexy drop through longboards are longboards which are typically made out of fiberglass and bamboos. This longboard flex when you will ride them, a little similar to a snowboard.

Drop through longboards are also considered the best choice if you want a relaxing boarding in a longboard. This longboard is also stylish. However, safety should always come first, so always wear a superior-grade helmet together with extra safety accessories like arm pads, knee pads, and wrist pads are highly recommended.

You should also know that this board is great for long-distance riding.

Now, let’s go on the third one, the carving longboard. You can begin riding this type of longboard after learning it. It’s not that difficult as you could think of. In fact, you can master it so easily. These types of longboards come with remarkable techniques, so you have to really engage in constant practice before becoming an expert in using it.

Learning this is necessary because you could be meeting an obstacle on the way. Of course, you must make sure to choose the one with the best quality. This type of longboard has an exceptional shape which also helps to make sure turning from an angle to the next is done systematically. This type is also a little bit similar to skis and snowboards.

The progression of this longboard fits with the cruising category, but this is more fine-tuned. Most seasoned pros still love to ride carving longboards because it is a blast.

Another one on the list is the cruising longboard. This type of longboard is ideal for crowded places, a true masterpiece it is. Cruising longboard could also help you to be able to enjoy such a nice ride going to the nearest shopping centers or malls.

These boards also got a wider truck and decks, and it helps you really to make life easier and ensure its exceptional stability. If your longboard is ideal for cruising, then you will probably enjoy a perfect balance while riding.

Cruising longboards are ideal for you if you want to learn longboarding or even if you wish to your kids also to learn longboarding.

Another type of longboards on the list is the dropdown longboards. This type of longboard allows the rider to enjoy a very comfortable long ride since the pushing becomes easier because of its features, where it has a lower deck and nose, which adds more stability to it.

Bamboo longboards are next on the list. This type of longboard comes highly flexible and very light. Younger generations are into these types because of these features.

You can bring this type of longboard anywhere you wish to go and if you wish to bring it with you. These longboards do not only come very light, but they are also completely organic, and it looks so cool. You can enjoy multiple tricks and incredible performance if you get superior quality bamboo longboards.

If there’s a problem with these longboards, it would be that it is so hard to replace its wheels, but since these longboards are cheap and highly economical, this problem is neglected.

There are also these dancer longboards. These are the style of boards which are long with enough space if you wish to walk or dance on your board. This type’s features are, with some amount of flex, and basically made for freestyle riding.

These boards are not portable boards, yet it is becoming popular. This type of longboard will definitely require you excellent balancing skills and your willingness to fall when you attempt some new longboard tricks. Since dance boards are big, it gives you tons of space to cross your feet, walk the board, and a space to spin.

These types often have a kick tail and nose for the longboard’s manuals and stunts. This style is the best choice if you wish to ride a flatland longboard tricks and an only occasional small hill trick.

These are some of all the types of longboards you can choose. You can purchase any type of longboard you liked the best. You should always consider your preferred riding style in selecting the best type of longboard for you.

Longboarding, just like skateboarding, allows you to express yourself in every unique way possible. Choose the best longboard that will suit your taste and will give you more fun.

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