Check Out These Tips Before Design Your Own Longboard

Check Out These Tips Before Design Your Own Longboard

The longboard is different from the version of a skateboard having its own built-in design for the longboard lovers. One thing wonderful is that a longboard is customizable based on your own wanted designs. In the longboard, you can enjoy more your riding in the street as compared with many other boards because it has its own recognized fleets.

Check Out These Tips Before Design Your Own Longboard 1

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In this article, you will be enlightened as to how the longboard is being designed. Below are the tips coming from the different longboard players:


If you want your longboard to look simple, an easy one but cheap, you may consider the following materials on how it is done:

  1. Prepare a thick wood glue
  2. Make sure to have at least 2 or 3&1/4 plywood sizes. (The size is based from your amount of flex wanted)
  3. Have a piece of fiberglass cloth
  4. Your fiberglass must be resin and hardener
  5. Gather longboard trucks
  6. Provide a clear grip tape

So, you are questioning how it would be done. Below are the steps as to how it’ll be done:

Step 1: Pasting or Gluing the Board

In this step, you have to divide first your wood into two or three sheets. After you divide based on your desire, apply them all and glue. It’s advisable to have your paint scraper so that you’ll be able to apply spread gently. All the woods must be pressed then. Always make sure to not leave any air bubbles between each side and edges.

Step 2. Make Sure to Bend All the Woods Properly

The woods must be settled up first before it will be bent. The position of the wood will automatically hang in the middle. Be sure to have weights. Weights can be your helping hand to curve as it going to dry. Prepare a staple or screw. All wood must be tightly sealed together.

Step 3. Choose Your Design

After screwing your longboard, decide what designs you are going to put with. Copying other’s design is allowed, but make sure you have at least something unique from them. If you wonder how to design, consult a designer or painter. Or prepare your tracing paper, and after you traced at least, you have a guide to be drawn with your wood. There are many available symmetrical designs you can have to choose from.

STEP 4. Cut the Wood and Prepare to Sand

If you already put a design or placed into your wood, it’s time for you to cut them out. Of course, if you have your tracing paper design, traced it onto your wood. Jigsaw should be your cutter so that it can be cut as if what your designs project. After that, sand them all. Upon sanding, the wood will be nicely designed. You’ll never be worried because it will quickly become smooth, and there are no rough edges.

Step 5. Painting all woods.

You can leave this step actually. But if you plan to have it painted with your wood, your fiberglass should be cleared and visible as you paint it. Use the strong tape to deal with your sketch more attractive. If you have your coats, a combination of dark and light colors, you can apply that for you to form an extra shape.

Step 6. Pick your Fiberglass Wisely

Your fiberglass must be thicker. Mix it first and identify all the target proportions. If the fiberglass is already hardener, apply it in your longboard. To spread its resin, make sure to layout your target fiberglass and used a paintbrush. The fiberglass will be hardening within 20 minutes after the application. And after it was applied, it will be cured for about 4-5 hours.

Step 7. Make Trim and Drilling

To cut the excess of the fiberglass, use the sharp razor. Begin to deal with your trucks. And it’s your time to drill it. Always aligned straight to avoid incorrect dislocation location.

STEP 8. Make Sure to Grip Your Tape

All the cutting pieces of wood have their surfaces. Make sure these surfaces have been totally gripped with your tape. Cover them all. And also paint the longboard clearly. If your grip tape has an excess, do not forget to trim or cut them.

Step 9. Now you have your painted and designed longboard, apply all the finishing touches for the final look.

If your board has been already pretty done, think for its cleanses. Put it to the more sanding area, specially the left margin or side. Because it can help the fiberglass and your grip tape be smoother. Your edges around will definitely be enhanced for a good view. And now you have your board for your riding. Ready to chase your dreams in the real world of boards.


With all these tips and steps to help you design your own longboard, you can now have your own perfect design to ride. There were various materials that are also available to apply for the great unique look of the longboard. In such a manner, your longboard design is always dependent on your choice. Since it would seem like a competitive design among all board riders, always make sure to have a unique design. You can search for any design and materials needed for further enhancement.

However, your design must be visible and can touch one’s willingness to copy. It will give you more impacts and popularity if you go with another but different designs among all others. Through that way, you may be inspired to sell your longboard in a market.

The longboard is very useful to a rider for further learning of new styles upon riding in the streets. It will somehow give a good exercise to your body. It, therefore, gives social interest and engagement as they have seen it as one of the sports talents in the community. They may have thought that instead of being with other friends doing a nonsense thing, it may be a great help to uplift those situations.

Additionally, this form of sport can really enlighten the community’s participation. Since your community has full of dreams to achieve, and by way of longboard riding, you may consider it as one of the chasing ways to put those dreams in reality. Through longboard riding, more young men can be learned and can be enjoyed.

Furthermore, if there were certain local competition on longboard riding, your own design will be handy then. You may have put your business or showcase your talents in designing the board. The rider must be fulfilled and engaged with your longboard’s credibility with great and long-lasting quality.


Through this article, it is not just to know specific tips or to apply various steps, but to inspire the reader how the longboard could really get the right attention. Yes, you know how to design, use the materials, and so on and so forth. And yes, you know how it would be played.

But you have questions in your mind that unsecured your willingness to continue. Somehow you ask yourself questions like: Does learning how to make longboards really matter at this time? Is the design of your longboard worth it? Or, you may think, what if the people behind you never engage with these things?

In the case of reality, almost 25% of the population is really not engaged with this longboard ride as it not that much popular. And even, most of the attempted rider does not know how to ride with. Therefore, make sure to have a solution or even recommendation in order for you to surpass those doubtful scenarios.

Since a lot of young men are too much busy with their own businesses in lives, you have to survey first as to how you going to convince them, as to what particular reason for them to go on and as to when you will get started planning to inspire and motivate them to join with playing the longboard rides.

If you already settled with those matters, you can start building your own designs for your own longboards. If you already have your prospect as to how many audiences you will be accumulating, then begin making a decision for them to embrace your business designs. You cannot deny that all your audience or target participants are not really much willing to at least raise how important sportsmanship in one’s community. This is okay. Just like your facing your dream, there are downfalls you will be encountering, and even tragedies might be on your way. But never think that it will never be changed to at least into something new. Always remember that it doesn’t matter how slow the process will be, as long as you are not going to stop chasing those dreams. Believe that your dream design is possible and achievable.



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