Dancing Longboard and Where to Start from Zero to Stylish Pro

The most striking and highly technical longboarding style is dancing longboard. This acrobatic-like riding style includes continuous flipping, turning, sliding, and spinning tricks. It is more a la mode than the conventional longboarding.

Move longboarding is frequently seen as an aesthetic subcategory of freestyling that includes strolling and cross-stepping on a moving longboard, performing creamy and slick body stunts. Those spinning movements, rolling and carving on flat surfaces; and even the actual dancing is all form of arts expressed in a dance using longboards.

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This riding style has its foundations in the old-school skateboarding and longboard surfing. The stepping up and down of riders in the nose and surface of the board had become the inspiration of the footwork in small boarding.

Like the expert artists, longboard artists plan to synchronize their development in an inventive manner while persistently cutting on the longboard, practically on the level ground surface. Dancing had grown popular among the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, giving way to the idea of longboard dancing.

Dancers often have beautiful and artistic styles that most of us want to have; the gracefulness and fluidity of their movements are the keys why longboard dancers look more elegant, creative, and skillful among all the other board players.

For some new riders, longboard moving is an available control. It’s a natural evolution from ordinary skateboarding and dancing and is undeniably more extreme than the previous two. It is really a decent and smooth path in building equalization and cutting abilities before the radical developments and exciting stunts.

Since longboard dancing is freestyle, it is not as “stunty” as the other. Here, you don’t need to master ollies or shuvits in order to dance on the board. Just keep the right balance and sway and glide!

The tricks that will be done here are not typically aggressive, so there should be no problem with that. But then, though moves are less bold, the smoothness, fluency, fluidity, and continuous flow of the movements must remain.

This is often performed on flat ground, so it is basically less intimidating than any other board tricks wherein you will need to get on the ramp or ride the board down the hill.

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Reasons Why You Should Strive Learning Long Board Dancing

  • Are you looking for a fresh or new org? Then if you are new to the sport, you should adequately join a committed and passionate movement.

Longboard dancing, like any other sports, will help you gain new friends, having the opportunity to form new relationships with people around you.

  • Longboard dancing will push you out of your comfort zone.

Since longboard dancing is not that mainstream, it can then push you to do things that you are not used to doing. (Well, that… is not a bad thing actually). Once you’re surrounded by the energy of everyone, you can’t help then but be enthusiastic yourself too. Additionally, you might learn some cool stuff that you never even knew about yourself.

Mostly, longboard dancing will make you think of opening your YouTube app to browse for longboard dancing steps and manage to learn it all by his self.

  • Learning the Anatomy of the Longboard.

Learning the anatomy of the board sucks, and you should think that I should’ve just familiarized myself with myself even before. But it is essential here to study this because it will give you high knowledge about the anatomy of the longboard, which may come in handy in the near future.

  • I am meeting lots of amazing people all throughout your life.

You will meet individuals who have a similar enthusiasm as you.

Guide towards a Graceful Long Board Dancing


It is like when you are choosing a deck shape, the rule in selecting the size of your boards is “the bigger, the better.” For that reason, you’ll always be moving. Of course, you are going to need a more prominent and more comprehensive board. This will give you a better space and extra footing so that you can perform your tricks perfectly and smoothly. The ideal size is then somewhere between 101 cm by 127 cm long and 22 cm wide.


The rule here is quite simple. All you have to do is choose a shape that will give you enough footing space in order to perform your tricks well. The foot space must be as plenty as possible.


There are four basic types of hollow:





The one that would best suit longboarding will be those with a deep curve, for it is most likely to perform the tasks well. You would likewise need to pick the mildest curved so as to give you much space for cross advances and other move moves.


There are wheels crafted more appropriate for dancing than the others. They go with littler sizes for the most part inside 65-70mm, to assist you with moving quicker. In picking the wheel shape, one ought to pick the round rather than the square in light of the fact that round wheels will convey you progressively smooth and steady speed to perform free ride slides stunts easily. It should not also be too hard or too soft for dancing. In order to do the tricks well, the wheel must have just an appropriate amount of hardness.


The most common choice for trucks is 180mm pairs in width and 40-45 degrees angle. The width provides enough stability, while the tip is a requirement to the wheel’s responsiveness. Obviously, you are allowed to pick any sorts of trucks with various widths and edges.


A specific board for moving won’t approach much for solidness or flex; what it will require is a decent parity and strength. When it comes to flex, it is best to follow instructions from the guidelines given by the manufacturer because usually, they offer options of deck’s flex to customers.

Here are Longboards for Dancing that Will Keep You in Style

1. PST

This expert moving longboard is aesthetically engaging and exceptionally versatile. Highlighting curved shape to suit distinctive mobility needs; the trucks which are made of strong aluminum obliges an assortment of styles from moving to cutting. Combining with super smooth PU wheels, you can be sure that you’re going into it with style.

The wheels of PST give good precision and ease when riding for long periods. It merits expressing that the habits around the wheels assist artists with hitting the top speed quickly.


The deck is additionally lower on the ground to take into account more calm pushing. Also, the deck is created from bamboo and Canadian maple to guarantee sturdiness. In order for you to not lose your footing, there is plenty of space in PST.

The tail and nose are streamlined so you can go quickly. It may look bulky, but it is lightweight and agile that will guarantee the movement of the boards. It is suitable for heavy riders because I can accommodate 274 lbs.

Pros Cons
Suitable for novice and professional longboard dancers Offered in one color
It feels pretty stable Artworks may fade again.
Is lightweight
With a quality deck

2. Deluxe

Made of eight layers of quality maple, with enchanting design and anti-slip emery paper as grip tape for safe riding experience, is its deck. This implies you would now be able to state “farewell” onto purchasing a holding tape for this deck – it has a too sharp top. Also, in light of the fact that this is 100% new material, the deck is receptive to each move you toss its direction. While a few sheets with decks that are excessively firm, this model will assist you with keeping up speed with little exertion.

The curved shape is likewise something to gloat about. Since this is an incredible stage to move on, you’ll feel good under your feet. The curved chamber gives an enthusiastic vibe while the kick tail proves to be useful for cutting edge riders searching for flip stunts. At only 42-inch long and 10-inch wide, this board can convey the most significant load of as much as 330 pounds. Likewise, you can make severe maneuvers without breaking the musicality.

Pros Cons
Durable design Needs lots of practice to familiarize the maneuver
Comes in different colors Colors may fade with time
Comes fully assembled
Gives out better balanced

3. Bamboo Longboard

It is made up of bamboo created for dancing, commuting, and freestyling. It has a progressively utilitarian plan and offers a roomy spot for footwork. It also gives a smooth riding experience and is, most of the time, better than the writers of today. The main thing you’ll see is the smooth sunken shape. All the more explicitly, the enormous nose and tail energizes inventive deceives and secures your feet pleasantly. There is a mellow hold tape that gives certainty on a hard cutting while. The smooth turns diminish the danger of wheel bite.

Pros Cons
Durable design The board looks bulky
Suits beginners and advanced riders
Has an ergonomic design
Gives out better balanced

4. Mini Skateboard

Designed with an everyday skater in mind, the mini skateboard cruiser features a surf-style functional nose and kicktail. This ensures high mobility when performing kick/flip stunts. The skateboard estimates 27.5″ (L), 7.5″ (W), and has a wheelbase of 18.5 inches. It’s smaller enough to trap behind your rucksack when not utilized. Giving it an attractive finish, the deck is made up of Canadian maple.

Other than that, it has sand coarseness finish on top, which proves to be useful when cutting. The trucks are made of cast aluminum and give an agreeable hold when riding. It merits referencing that there’re no plastic parts on this board.

On the deck base, you’ll discover risers which help to perform wheel-chomp free turns. Also, on account of its outspread inward, you’ll have extreme solace under your feet. Remember, the back-kick tails and unbalanced front gives the best time. You can perform flip stunts, mannies, Ollies, and general tick-handling. This is the best moving longboard for fledglings.

Pros Cons
Gives unmatched riding comfort Bearings are a bit slow
With a durable deck
Is applicable over rocks and cracks
Compact in Size

Starting Long Board Dancing

Things You Will Need:


You can dance at any longboards, but it is best to dance with something that will give you a spacious foot space to execute your tricks and dance movements. Make sure to look for a board with a longer and broader surface to showcase your moves.


Safety first, above all, of course. Don’t forget to wear your helmet and watch out for your head when you ever got out of balance and fall. Remember that it is risky to have your head damaged, so better wear your helmets before riding your board.

In order to learn dancing on a longboard, you should begin by getting comfortable with skating around. This is best done in an empty street for the safety other and yours too. You first need to get used to skating before you start spinning, flipping, sliding, and skating.

Tips on Dancing Long Board:

  1. Grasp your balance
  2. Practice your legs on a glass/carpet
  3. Lift your hands and suspend it in the air to maintain balance
  4. Your shoulders and feet must be angled to the direction where you are heading.
  5. Practice cross-steeping instead of just going straight for it will make things easier for you.
  6. Bend your knees
  7. Feel the breeze!

Most Common Steps in Long Board Dancing

Cross Step

This is the necessary move in the longboard moving. The objective is to cut and make progressive and effective S-turns while you stroll all over on your board. You should do this back and forth.

Peter Pan

This is like a critical cross advance; however, as opposed to soaking one foot up the board and afterward returning to the normal position, you should cross and put a foot corresponding to the next, rotating the two feet.



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