What You Need to Know Before Ordering Custom Surfboards

Having your own custom boards is such a fulfilling thing, but ordering and purchasing one is completely a different story. Remember that making the wrong choice or placing the wrong order would just be a waste of money and time.

In that case, you should take the time to know all the important things before ordering custom surfboards.

What You Need to Know Before Ordering Custom Surfboards 1

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Things to Learn Before Placing your Custom Surfboards Order

What you need to know might include but not limited to, the following:

Know What You are Exactly Looking For

It’s easy to pinpoint the custom surfboard that you want. You can prefer particular designs or any specific designs. But before ordering custom surfboard, it pays to know what you are exactly looking for. Before heading down to a physical sports equipment store or placing your order online, it helps to ask yourself for the following questions:

  • Where do you prefer to surf?
  • What do you ride recently? How was the experience so far?
  • Where are you really at ability-wise?

Try to be specific with your needs and requirements before ordering custom surfboards. Ask for a custom board that favorably goes in every condition or situation as possible. This will ensure that you can surf well in all conditions.

Decide First on the Color

Getting custom surfboards to cost more, and the process is longer. So before ordering custom surfboards, ensure that you have the exact designs that you like to have on your customized surfboard unless you are going to a sharper with spray artist who likes to freewheel surfboard designs. Basically, clear is the ideal color.

Having no color means your surfboard can be done quickly. It takes a lot of human effort to work on your surfboard and more time and materials adding to that. If intricate colors are chosen, the longer time will be required, and the higher will be the cost.

Find the Most Suitable Shaper

Taking, for instance, that if you live close to the ocean and surfing has been part of your lifestyle and culture, then you probably know from local shapers, or you have seen boards at least. The majority of shapers can work on any kind you want.

From novice boards up to longboards, performance boards, and more, you can tell your specifications, and they will deliver. Some shapers actually specialize in different crafts and shapes. It’s highly suggested to visit this store and take a look at the standout boards available.

Before ordering custom surfboards try talking to individuals with experience with custom surfboards.

Finding the right shaper is an important move before ordering custom surfboards. It would be best to utilize a shaper that is completely familiar with the place where you typically surf.

Not just that local shaper can recognize the logo or design on your board, and you can also establish good working relationship with them.

With every surfboard that someone is customizing for you, you can take your part in precisely figuring out what design or features will work best for your custom surfboards.

An honest and skilled shaper will tell you what to do with your first surfboard and even your next surfboards. Of course, your custom surfboards from a good shaper can be ultimately perfect.

Find the Right Dimensions and Board

The majority of surfboard brands come in different models, which make ordering and purchasing custom surfboards a lot easier process.

You are able to check on many different models and find out which one works for you. In case you plan surfing towards weak and small waves wearing a thicker wetsuit, choose a different model for that.

One of the best things about ordering custom surfboards is that your shaper can explore around thickness, length, volume, and all other aspects of the board.

Knowing the specific model that you like and the exact length that you would like to ride, it would be easier to place your order. You also need to decide on the volume of the board that suits your needs and indicates this when you are ready to purchase.

The volume of the surfboard is vital since more volume can make the board float even better. The right volume also enhances the performance of the surfboard. The surfing better and fitter means you will be needing less volume.

It is not really worth it to have the perfect board in the whole world if you will just feel tired before you are out on the lineup. Or when you are unsure of the volume that you need to ride.

There’s nothing worse than attempting to catch waves in a board that you are struggling with.

Most importantly, you need to be honest when it comes to your fitness, the waves, and your ability to surf. You don’t really need to impress anybody about how great you surf most especially in terms of buying surfboard.

If you have some footage of your surf, you can consider sending it to your shaper. You just need to learn ways on how the footage can be sent to your shaper.

If he really cares about, well, he should be in the first place; he will take a look at this and consider this to be part of the design and customization process. No need to send him the best waves that you caught but honest compilations of how you really surf instead.

Decide on the Size

The size of the surfboard will depend on your level as a surfer, length, and weight. You need to think about these factors before ordering a surfboard. The biggest mistake that surfers commit is because of getting the wrong size of the board.

Other Essential Considerations

What You Need to Know Before Ordering Custom Surfboards 2

There are still other important things that you need to know before placing your order for custom surfboards. These are:

Your Own Level

Ensure that you have a clear and good idea of the surfing experience that you have. Be clear on certain things like your ability to paddle, your preferences such as surfing different beaches, style of surfing such as surfing unbroken waves or standing in shallow water, and more.

These factors are important in narrowing your search or making decisions regarding your custom surfboards order.

How Often You Surf

Before ordering custom surfboards, think about how often you surf. If you are a beginner, surfing will require a lot of practice. Knowing how often you surf is an imperative factor that will impact your progression.

If you surf every day, it would be best to have your board customized with a challenging designs or features.

You can also evaluate and try other boards before you make a final decision. Exploring your available options can pave the way for choosing the ideal surfboard that you can eventually have them customized.

This is a good way of finding the surfboard that is best for you and find out which does not work.

Placing Your Order and Being Happy with It

Many brands that make custom surfboards require you to fill out an online form when placing your order. Once everything is decided, you can fill out this form and get in touch with the service provider to customize your surfboard.

It pays to work with experts in customizing surfboards since customization includes plenty of works, and the result will not be ready one day after ordering surfboards.

Customizing surfboards are usually completed within 3 weeks. If further treatments are needed, it might take another one week for the work to be completed. After work is completely done, you can now get your surfboard and be ready to hit and enjoy the water.

What you need to know before ordering custom surfboards is just the start. You also need to make the right purchase and be happy with it. The board customized for you will be used for most of your surfing time.

It’s, therefore, important to have a clear idea of the designs and the modifications that you would like to have on your surfboard so that you can soon have a board that you will be excited about.

There are many benefits of being well informed and educated, especially before ordering any product. Ordering custom surfboards are not an exception.

Knowing beforehand plays a vital role in helping you make the most informed decision before ordering.

With the knowledge that you have, you can expect great custom surfboards for a board that is exactly made and designed for you for the type of waves that you would want to surf, your surfing style, and completely for you.

Ordering and buying custom surfboards is just like buying your favorite shoes and other sports equipment. If you want a successful purchase, you need to ensure a good shop.

Custom surfboards experts can do customization well for you and ensures that you will be happy with it.

It would make you feel great if you end up with the best custom surfboards, and of course, the right choice will guarantee a one of a kind and more personalized surfing experience for you.


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