Best Cold Water Wetsuit That Make You Enjoy Both Surf & Dive

Best Cold Water Wetsuit That Make You Enjoy Both Surf & Dive 1

Immersing in a cold water, especially when doing a leisure activity, can be a little inconvenient because our bodies cannot adjust to the temperature easily. It takes a lot of time for us to decide whether to jump immediately in a cold water or to wait until you finally have the guts to become braver and flung your body directly into the water. But no worries needed. If you’re thinking I would be suggesting you pour gallons of hot water into a pool or sea to make it warmer, that is not it. It is actually about the practical use of wetsuits.

Best Cold Water Wetsuit That Make You Enjoy Both Surf & Dive 2

Wetsuits, as the term itself implies, allows the water to enter the suit and change the water temperature to make your body warm even when you’re diving into a cold water. The wetsuit helps the users to feel the warmth and be able to do more activities while swimming, diving, surfing, and doing other water-related pursuits.

Finding the right size of the suit for you can be a little hard because there are a lot of varieties like it in the market. There are available charts on the internet that shows which size fits best for you.

However, if you really wanted to find a perfect wetsuit size, you can ask for assistance in stores when buying. Make sure that you find the quality wetsuits. It is more appropriate to buy in physical stores than the order on the internet if you’re worried about its quality. Physical stores can ensure you the best quality as you can see and touch the wetsuits for yourself and try it on.

One of the reasons why wetsuits are better to use than other types of suits is because of its ability to make you feel warm. Imagine you will no longer have to think twice about jumping into a cold water or consume an ample amount of time just to decide whether diving in a cold water is a right thing to do or not.

Wetsuits can handle that problem and make you feel than even if the water temperature is very low, you can still swim in and feel as if you’re diving in a lukewarm water.

If you are a water sports athlete, or a surfer, or an enthusiast in swimming and diving, you might want to consider buying different suits. This is because they have their own different uses, and investing for it can be fulfilling if doing water activities is your passion. Having different kinds of suits can also help you decide which to wear depending on the season we surf and paddle. However, if you don’t have the means to buy them, one suit is fair enough.

You can start with a 4/3mm because it’s very useful during the fall and early in spring. It’s versatile and can adapt to the quick-changing temperature. For booties, you can invest in a 7mm pair and it can already by valuable to your water activities while you can go for a 5mm for gloves. During winter, if you’re planning to surf or paddle, you can consider having a hooded 5/4 wetsuit and a pair of 7mm mittens.

Additional tip: do not wear a dry suit when surfing because it’s too bulky and uncomfortable to use. Unlike wetsuits, comfort is guaranteed. As for paddling, drysuits are okay to use, even in the winter. Although, it’s still much better to use a winter wetsuit for SUP surfing. You can use a windbreaker on top of your wetsuit for flatwater paddling.

Taking Care of Your Wetsuits

We are going to reveal to you a real secret thing that most people do with their wetsuits. Keep it as a secret and try not to tell anyone – you can actually pee in your wetsuit to keep you warm out there.  Although it might seem a little wrong, it’s a good smart tip for you when tough times call. Just don’t pee in your rented wetsuits! I can only assure you that you can either do it to keep you warm faster or not do it. I knew most people prefer to do it though.

Taking care of your wetsuit is also a very important thing to do. It matters just as how you take care of your body, and it needs to be washed just as how you need to take a bath. After using your wetsuit from a very tough session, rinse the inside and outside of the wetsuit in the shower.

After that, hang it somewhere where the sunlight can help soak up the suit. You can also place a fan in front of your suit to help dry it quicker. Make sure to flip it inside out from time to time. This will help make the drying process faster.

Another cleaning method you can use is by filling up a whole bucket with cold water and any kind of wetsuit shampoo. There are best wetsuit shampoos out there such as Dr. Bronner’s Soap, which is the kind of soap that we frequently use for cleaning and washing out used wetsuits. Once you’re done filling up the bucket, soak the wetsuits in it for a couple of hours, and then rinse it off. Hang up the wetsuit and let it dry.  Washers and dryers are a big no-no for cleaning your wetsuits; it will ruin its fabric and texture. It might also lose its effectivity for users.

Wearing Your Wetsuit

Before worry about how you take off your wetsuit, you have to know how to wear it properly. Wearing your wetsuit is just easy. You only have to remember that it’s not inside out or backward. I can assure you’ll know which the proper side is once you are able to buy or have your own suit. The kneepads will determine the front side, of course. Make sure that your knees go in that spot correctly.

Make sure that your nails are cut before wearing your wetsuit. This will prevent it from creating holes and damaging the suit as you wear it. Many users were unable to enjoy wearing their wetsuit after ruining it just because of their nails. That’s why it’s important to follow this before going through with the dressing. Although, there are also remedies and how to deal with holes when you accidentally did it. Usually, you will have to make us of a wetsuit cement. It’s a kind of cement that patches up the holes and mend your suit. But it would still be better if you can avoid causing holes.

Sometimes, wetsuits have a zipper in their back. It is usually placed vertically so that it’s easier for you to wear it alone even if no one’s there to pull the back zipper up for you. As for the chest zipper, it is usually placed horizontally. You should wear the wetsuit as what side the zippers can be found. It is also recommendable that you wear your socks before wearing your wetsuit because it adds warmth to your body, and it helps you slide in and out your foot easily. Others make use of alternatives such as grocery bags because it’s easier to place your foot inside the suit easily with it.

Prioritize your legs before your upper body. This means that when you’re wearing a wetsuit, slide your legs in gear first and make sure that it’s fit and properly worn. After that, you can begin working on your upper body and your arms. You should be able to place the wetsuit’s ankle part to the top of your booties, and the sleeve to the top of your gloves or mittens.

If your sleeves were rolled up, you could just adjust them alter on or roll it down. And as for the second mitten to be put on, you can just ask for assistance with your friend or somebody that you are with. You can also ask for a stranger’s help, and it’s not that bad as long as they seem friendly and are willing to do so. Sometimes we have to take away our shyness.

Taking Off Your Wetsuit

For you to be able to take off the wetsuit, the first thing you’ll have to do is to remove your mittens or gloves. This way, you’re giving your hands an easier way to work on removing the suit. After that, unzip your back or chest zipper. If your wetsuit has a hood, remove it as well. Slowly unzip it down until you successfully take your elbow out and then your whole arm.

If your wetsuit is zipper-less, do the same thing. Slowly push down the suit starting with the upper part until your elbows and arms get out. Eventually, taking off the rest of the suit will be easier for you as you don’t need to have any guides anymore. It’s coming along, but you have to remember to do it slowly so that you won’t ruin your suit or anything.

Once you have successfully removed your gear, find your towel or a robe so you could stay warm underneath those thick cloths. You also have to be cautious. Make sure you have something beneath your wetsuit so that you won’t surprise the public as you take off your suit. Or you can just get it to somewhere more private such as the bathroom.

Additional Tips

If you’re planning to go swimming, diving or surfing during a cold weather, we suggest that you bring a thermos of hot water. You can pour the hot water into your wetsuit before using it, and it will help warm your body faster. The hot water serves as a layer that goes between your skin and the neoprene that is part of the suit. As you wear your suit, it will become warmer and warmer due to the water being stuck inside your gear. In short, if you use a hot water and pour it into your wetsuit, you are actually helping yourself get warmer easily and faster. You can also add more hot water if you start to feel cold later on. Just remember to be extra careful. Hot water can burn your skin if it’s too hot.

As you decide to go diving or swimming and do any recreational activities that involve water and other related pursuits, wetsuits are the most important thing that you should consider wearing.

You cannot enjoy your activities without it. With just a swimsuit, sometimes it’s very uncomfortable and you can’t really last as long as you like in the water.

Unlike a wetsuit, it will help you do more and be more active because it doesn’t just allow you to feel warm under the cold water, it also makes you feel safer and easy, knowing that your wetsuit can protect you from the temperature, even in the extreme coldness.

There are different kinds of wetsuits. Most people wear full-suit, while others prefer the one that only reaches your knees. Either one of them, you can receive the same quality.

But as mentioned, if you wanted to have a real quality gear, you’d have to find and buy it in physical stores so that you have time to test and try it out before paying for it or disbursing cash from your wallet. Also, don’t worry about the price. Sometimes, it’s better to have an expensive wetsuit but has high quality rather than a cheap wetsuit but has low quality and couldn’t last a month or a year or so.

Below is the list of best wetsuits for surfing that you can use probably even during the summer under the heat of the sun, or during winter and its cold weather.

Best Wetsuit

For beginners, I know it’s really hard to find what kind of wetsuits that you may like. In the long-run, I assure you would be able to find yourself a good gear with no longer need of any assistance. Just take the words I have said before as a tip for you to get started.

When you find a set of numbers like 3/2mm, it means that it’s a full-length suit and that the neoprene thickness for your torso is 3mm while the thickness for your arms and legs is 2mm. 3/2mm is the best specification if you are planning to surf during the summer. Thinner neoprene allows feeling not too hot inside your suit.

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber used for special-purpose clothing. It has superior resistance, such as oils and it is really beneficial to the users to allow them to do the activities, they are afraid to do. Wetsuits have neoprene because it also allows the users to feel warm.

The following summarizes a list of men’s surfing suits:

O’Neill Epic 3/2mm Full Suit

O'Neill Men's Epic 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit, Black/Black/Black, L
  • Ideal Value Driven Wetsuit; Perfect For Surfing, Diving, Paddle Sports, Lake Activities, And Beach Days
  • Backzip System Provides Easy Entry And Exit With A Water Tight Seal
  • Ultra Stretch Neoprene: Incredibly Soft Premium Material Has Superior Feel, Flexibility, And Elevates Performance
  • Seams Are Blind Stitched And Triple Glued (GBS); Keeping Water Out And Increases Durability Of The Product
  • Wind-Resistant FluidFlex Firewall Panels Provide Extra Insulation And Protection Against The Cold

This wetsuit is one of the most popular brands. It’s an ideal outfit during the summer due to the given hot weather while the neoprene is not too thick. You can do water adventures and go diving or surfing while wearing it at ease. Its waterproof neoprene material is glued and was blind-stitched to be able to become more durable as it keeps water from getting into you. It has a double-seal neck closure that helps regulates the amount of water that enters your suit. If your suit runs out of the water, it helps just enough amount of water to get in, but if the suit is water-filled, it helps take away a little amount of it. The gear is designed with Krypto Knee Pads that will help protect your knees while doing an activity in the water. It also has an interlocking back zipper with a pull tab leash. That way, you will no longer have to have assistance or a friend with you to help zip it up and off for you. O’Neill Epic 3/2mm Full Suit is a reliable gear for you.

O’Neill Reactor II 3/2mm Full Suit is another high-rated gear that gives its users a guarantee of its stretch and durability. Reactor II 3/2mm is designed to be comfortable to use and to be a hydrodynamic so that users can feel like they can do more while wearing it. The stitching of this suit is intended to be enduring, while its double-seal neck closure can be adjusted by the user.

O'Neill Men's Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip Short Sleeve Spring Wetsuit, Black/Ocean, XL
  • Ideal Entry Level Value Driven Wetsuit; Perfect For Surfing, Diving, Paddle Sports, Lake Activities, And Beach Days
  • Backzip System Provides Easy Entry And Exit With A Water Resistant Closure
  • Ultra Stretch Neoprene: Incredibly Soft Premium Material Has Superior Feel, Flexibility, And Elevates Performance
  • Seamless Paddle Zones's Flexible Design Utilizes Minimal Seam Placement For Comfort And Maximum Mobility
  • Wind-Resistant Smoothskin Provides Extra Insulation And Protection Against The Cold

O’Neill Reactor II 2mm Shorty – this kind of wetsuit is not like the typical wetsuit that you’ll see. Its sleeves are short, and its length reaches down to your thighs. Nevertheless, it offers the same high quality as that of the full-length suit. Shorties are perfect for those who are more comfortable showing off their arms and legs. Its seamless paddle zones are also designed so that you can maneuver your body at ease.

Body Glove Voodoo Slant Zip 3/2mm – if you wanted to have a slanted chest zip, Body Glove is the best one for you. Its feature is particularly made for those who wanted to have a different style than the rest of the suits you see in the market. It has high performance and a material that can stretch so that even if you do a lot of movements, your suit will not give you any distractions and uneasiness. It also has its waterproof Fluidseal liquid tape and Nano Tritec knee pads to protect your knees.

The following summarizes a list of women’s surfing suits:

O’Neill Epic 3/2mm – This suit is a variant of the Epic 3/2mm designed explicitly for the woman’s physical features. Just like the men’s suit, female surfers and water sports athletes can have the best experience in doing water activities due to the suit’s high-tech neoprene. Its long sleeves are warm and flexible so that the users can feel easier in using it. It has a double-seal neck closure as well, which makes it adjustable for the user depending on how she likes it. Epic 3/2mm for Women is available in different colors that you can choose from. It could be purple, baby blue, blue, gray or back.

O'Neill Women's Reactor-2 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit, Black/Black, 8
  • Ideal Entry Level Value Driven Wetsuit; Perfect For Surfing, Diving, Paddle Sports, Lake Activities, And Beach Days
  • Backzip System Provides Easy Entry And Exit With A Water Resistant Closure
  • Ultra Stretch Neoprene: Incredibly Soft Premium Material Has Superior Feel, Flexibility, And Elevates Performance
  • Seamless Paddle Zones's Flexible Design Utilizes Minimal Seam Placement For Comfort And Maximum Mobility
  • Wind-Resistant Smoothskin Provides Extra Insulation And Protection Against The Cold

O’Neill Reactor II 3/2mm – this version of Reactor II for Women features the same stretchy attribute. Its fabric is resistant to damages with high-quality stitches and overlapping seams. Its double-neck seal is also adjustable so that the water couldn’t get in. This is perfect for women who prefer to have higher-quality suits that can help them feel warmer as they dive into the water or do surfing. Reactor II is also more suitable when the weather is cold. Users no longer have to think twice about jumping into the cold water because it’s a full suite after all, and it can protect your body from the extreme cold temperatures.

Roxy 2mm Syncro Series Back Zip FLT – this kind of wetsuit is very much appropriate to use in the warm water. It is a Shorty that allows the users to do a lot of moving without ruining the suit. Its fabric is flexible and durable and is made with a lightweight neoprene material. Shorties are more appropriate to use during the warm weather or during summers. Some users like to expose their skins while surfing. Shorties can help them while giving the same high-quality standards. Shorties also allow you to have a fuller range of motion, making it possible to do a lot of movements with agility and keep being active while doing your water activity.

Body Glove Stellar 3/2mm Back Zip Full Suit – this suit is suitable for those who wanted to have extra protection while diving or surfing. The protection that Stellar 3/2mm can give is its durability due to its taped spot. It features an internal pullover floodgate that can keep the water out from your suit. Body Glove also has kneepads that can add protection to your knees, and so you can get up and balance in your surfboard easier. To those who prefer smoother front so you may feel comfortable, the zipper is placed at the back.

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