Best Carver Skateboard 2020: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

One of the best ways to enjoy life is by doing what you love and exploring the things you are curious about. These are the things that will make you happy and will provide the satisfaction you need every day. One of the popular habits that people engage nowadays, especially children and adolescents, is skateboarding.

man riding on skateboard in skateboard track

On the streets, you can see groups of people having fun while riding on their skateboards and doing a plethora of tricks that they show-off to one another. Skateboards are things that influence them to avoid vices like smoking and the use of illegal drugs. But for them to continually enjoy skateboarding, the need for good quality and the well-established skateboard is a necessity. 

When it comes to a high-quality skateboard, Carver skateboard is always on top of the list. They have been termed as the most iconic brand of surf skate and, since 1996, had been very successful in giving out well-made skateboards. People who love to do surfing in the streets through surf skates know that carver skateboard is the best choice because many competing companies have been rising already.

With a jungle of options that they offer and high-quality services, no one can truly escape from its tantalizing surf skates. And as the year passes by, there are improvements that you will indeed watch out for. Additional designs, different structures, and unique artistry can be seen, which makes it stand out from the competitors.

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This year 2020 will be raining with a bucketful fun and excitement as you look for the best of the best surf skate that the carver skateboard has to offer. The following models are among the top carver skateboards:

Triton Argon

This model of carver skateboard is the tiniest among the boards that the brand has on their list. With the length of 26 inches and a width of 8.75 inches, this skateboard is just small that perfectly suits people whose weight is light. Riders with heavier weight might not be able to enjoy this type of skateboard. The width of this carver skateboard is suitable for those who have smaller feet.

If you are a shortboard surfer, then this carver board is just what you need because of its length and is right if you want a surfer board. It is also responsive and can on when you hit the street to enjoy your day. The wheelbase measures 14.375. Though this suggests that you will have less stability for your board, you can still have a faster turn for your tricks.

The tail measures 5.375, while the nose of the board is 2.25. The tail style is a rounded square. The wheels are 61mm and should be paired with lower C5 trucks perfect for street tricks, and bushings are soft. 

Bureo The Ahi

A carver skateboard that is 1 inch longer than the Triton Argon. It is nine inches wide that still is suitable for those with smaller feet. Like the first one, it is ideal for riders who like shortboard surfing, and you can have a great time using it.

If you are sober, then it is not still an excellent board for you. The wheelbase of the Bureo The Ahi measures 14 with lesser stability, but you can have more significant turns in exchange. The tail of this board measures 5.25 with a swallow style, just like a fishtail. The nose is 3.5 and is less sharp than the first one.

This board will amaze you because of what this one is made of. The Bureo The Ahi is manufactured through recycling a fishing net nylon, which gives it the fish, concave shape. The wheels are 65mm, which is good for doing tricks. 

Mini Simms

Bob Simmons inspires this carver skateboard with just a short and as well as the complete board. Having a length of 27.5, this still is considered as a shortboard good in doing tricks.

If you want to perform board exhibitions, then this might be your ultimate partner. The width is 9.375 inches, suitable for smaller feet, while the wheelbase measures 15 that is covered by having faster turns but lesser stability. When it comes to riding, turning would-be tight to make you feel like in a longboard, and pumping can be quickly done.

The board has a squash tail style measuring 5.5 while the nose measures 2.75 without a sharp edge.

Lost Psycho Killer

This type of carver skateboard looks like a fish because of its fish-like tail that is swallowed. If you prefer skateboarding on the sidewalks, this is highly recommended.

The length of this board is 29, which is an average length while the width measures 9.75. The wheelbase of Lost Psycho Killer is about 16.25, which means it still has less stability but with a fast turn. The tail is 6.75 that is swallowed and with the double wing. On the other hand, the nose has a sharp edge and measures 2.875, and the wheels are 68 mm. 

Lost Beanbag

Lost Beanbag is a carver skateboard with a length of 28 inches with a width of 10.125 inches. This suggests that it is considered to be a mini carver board that is suitable for small riders.

Because of its size, the Lost Beanbag can be used in narrow places like parking lots, driveways, and small banks. The tail measures 6.625 and is round. The nose, on the other hand, is only 2.625 without a sharp edge. Its wheelbase measures 16, which means a good board for faster turns. The wheel is 68 mm in size, and the rail control is excellent because of the maximum surface area.

Triton Nitron

This carver skateboard is suitable for riders who want to play in narrow spaces due to its small appearance. With the length of 28 inches and 14.75 in terms of width, riders with little feet can comfortably use this board.

The tail style is also squash but with the size around 5.75 while the nose measures only 3.5 having a sharp end. Having the wheelbase at 14.75, the Triton Nitron is useful for making fast turns, although the consequence has lesser stability. The wheel is 61 mm and can be used both by kids and adults with a deep lean.

Triton Xenon

Triton Xenon is a carver skateboard with a length of 29, which matches small riders. The width of this board measures 9.625 that is used by riders with smaller feet. It has a more extended wheelbase than the Triton Nitron that measures 15.5, a tall truck, and slim decks. The tail size is 6.25 having the style of squash and a sharp nose measuring 3.25. With the wheel that is 61 mm, this board is suitable for a single-board quiver.


The Snapper is a mini Carver board with a length of 28 inches and a width of 9.625. Having this kind of board will let you do a faster turn, and pumping will be quickly done. Since it is a mini-board, only small riders can enjoy this one. The wheelbase is 15.375 in size, and the wheel is 70 mm. This kind of board is said to be an excellent material for a warm-up. The nose also has a sharp end, and it measures 3.5 while the tail measures 5.625, having a rounded square style.

Lost RNF Retro

It is a carver board skateboard with a swallow style tail that measures 6.5 and a nose with a sharp edge measuring only 2.75. The Lost RNF board is regarded as the most classic model of Mayhem with a unique outline on the side. The wheel is about 68 mm in size, while the wheelbase is at 16. The length of the board measures up to 29.5 inches, which is a bit longer to be considered as a mini carver board. The width, on the other hand, is 9.875 inches. 

CI Pod Mod

A CI Pod Mod is a board that belongs to the Carver skateboard brand, which was inspired by the Channel Islands Pod Mod surfboard. It has a length of 29.25 and a width of 9.75. Having this shorter yet broader board, you can also do fast turns, but stability might be a little problem. The tail measures 6.125, and the style is a swallow or like a fishtail. The nose has a measurement of 3.5 with a sharp end, just like the other boards. Because of a wider size, riders with large feet can use this one. The wheelbase is 15.5, while the wheels measure 69 mm. It is also a groveler board that helps you be progressive.

CC Sea Tiger

This kind of carver board has a short yet wide body. The length measures 29.5 inches while the width comes at 9.75 inches. With this board, it is highly recommended to be your trainer in a quick surf. The tail style is squash without having a fish-like tail, and that measures 6.125. The nose that is less edgy or sharp at the end measures 3.25. CC Sea Tiger has a wheelbase of 16 while its wheels are 69 mm in size. 


Swallow is a carver board that lets you have an easy pump with fast and loose characteristics. It is perfect for riders who want cruising on their boards because of its stability. Aside from that, swallow’s length and width come into the right combination that is 29.5 inches and 9.625 inches, respectively. With these, riders can have fast turns. The wheelbase measures 15.5 while the wheels are 65 mm in size. The tail of the Swallow board has 6.125 measurements and, of course, a swallow style. At the same time, the nose of the board is 3.75, which has a sharp edge.

Lost V3 Rocket

The Lost V3 Rocket has a rounded wing tail that measures 6.5 and the nose having a pointed end measure only 2.7. The length of this board is 30 inches, which still is a shortboard but considered to be a regular thruster surfboard. The width comes at 9.75 inches, which gives it the shape of a rocket. Because it is a modern design, this kind of board is expected to provide you with flexible usage. Meaning, it has a wide variety of uses depending on what you prefer. The wheelbase of Lost V3 Rocket is 16.375, while the wheels measure 68 mm.

Hadron n3

Having a length of 30 inches, Hadron n⁰3 is a regular board for mixed uses. Its width measures 16.375 inches. The tail of this board is rounded pin and measures 6.125 while the nose has a bit of sharp end that measures 3.25. This board has a smooth, slippery, and slim body, perfect if you want to surf in narrow driveways and give easy pumping. The wheels are 69 mm in size, while the wheelbase measures 16.375.

Lost Maysym

Another type of carver skateboard that belongs to a regular board is the Lost Maysym, which is suitable for riders who want mixed uses. The length of this board is about 30.5 inches, while the width is 10 inches. It has a broader body wherein each side shows a variety of outlines. The tail has a style of a rounded asymmetrical wing, which measures 6.5, and the nose that has a pointed end measure only 2.75. This board can be used for both stances wherein the wheel measures 68 mm. On the other hand, the wheelbase is 10 in size.


The firefly board is a carver board with a length of 30.25, which means it is a regular board that riders can use. The width measures 9.75 inches, good for riders who like to do tricks. The firefly was said to be a copy of Resin but more shortly. Also, this board has a nose that is a bit wider that is essential for riders to have better control of the foot. Its nose measures 3.375 while the tail is 6.25 and a squash style. The rider would want this because it can be easily pumped and snappy.  The wheelbase measures 16.5, and the wheels are at 65 mm in size.


Having a length of 30 inches and a width that is 9.875 inches is a Proteus characteristic. It is a carver skateboard with a wide nose with no sharp end that is perfect for carving control. It has a tail that measures 6 with a squash style or not having a fish-like seat. The wheelbase of this board is about 17, while the wheels are 69 mm. 

CI Flyer

The CI Flyer is a carver skateboard having a length of 30.75, which belongs to a regular board and a width of 9.75. The inspiration for this board is said to be on the CI iconic Flyer. It has a thin shape though snappy, and the tail that measures 6.125 is squash in style, and the tail bump is wider. If you prefer this kind of board, the CI Flyer is good at making turns that are quick snappy. This has a wheelbase that measures 16.75, and the wheels are 69 mm.


This board is complete with a width of 9.75 inches and a length that measures 31 inches. It has a tail that is rounded square and which has a 6.25 size. The nose, on the other hand, measures 3.5 with a sharp end. The wheels measure 69 mm while the wheelbase is at 17. This kind of board will not make your ride difficult, especially in making a pump and snap downhill. If you prefer this board, you will enjoy every ride that you will have with it.

 Yago Skinny Goat

A Yago Skinny Goat is a carver skateboard with a rounded square tail style that measures 6.125 while its nose has a sharp end that is 3.75 in size. It has become a bit longer and thinner as the years pass by. This board undergoes improvement providing a wide stance and suitable for riders who want a double kick. The length of the Yago Skinny Goat goes up to 30.75 inches, and the width covers 9.75 inches. The wheels of this board measure 69 mm, and the wheelbase are 16.75 in size.


A regular board that can be used for mixed uses like in pumping is a booster’s strength. Having a length of 30.75, this board will make the riders feel the fun and excitement. The width of the board measures 9.625. This board is suitable for riders who want to explore skateboarding because it is a good material for surf training in an advanced mode. It has a nose kick and a deep concave board. The style of its tail is squash measuring 6.625 while its nose with a pointed edge measure 4.25. The wheelbase has a size of 16 while the wheels measure 70 mm.


This type of carver board is specialized in balancing with regards to maneuvering in flat spaces. The tail has a rounded pin that measures 6.25 while the nose measures 3.5 having a sharp edge. This board has a length of 31 inches and a width of 9.75 inches. The oracle has wheels that measure 70 mm and a size of 3.5 for the wheelbase. With this board, riders can have the atmosphere of a classic thumbnail template.

CI Black Beauty

If you want a board with a long wheelbase, then the CI Black Beauty board is just what you must use. Its wheelbase measures 17.75 while the wheels are 69mm in size. The width, on the other hand, measures 9.75 inches, just like other boards belonging to a regular carver skateboard. With the tail that measures 6.5, it is only a narrow tail having the style of a Pintail. The nose has a sharp end measuring 3.5. This board has a length of 31.75 inches.

Lost Plank

The Lost Plank is a carver skateboard with a length of 31 inches and a width of 10 inches, which is quite broad. It has a diamond-shaped tail style that measures around 6.75 and a nose, which measures 3.125. The Lost Plank is a board that can be used for quick pumping and wandering in the streets. Its wheelbase is about 17.375, while the wheels measure 68 mm. 

Knox Quill

This kind of carver skateboard is perfect for riders who make sharp cutbacks because of full power and deep carves. Its length is 31.25 inches, with a width of 9.875 inches. The wheelbase measures 17.5, while the wheels are 69 mm. The tail of this board is more comprehensive, and its nose that measures 6.5 and 3.25, respectively. 

Tyler Riddler

A Tyler Riddler board has a length of 35.5 inches and a width of 9.875 inches. With this length, the board is susceptible to more stability and speed. Although it will require a lot of energy for pumping this board, it is great for traveling long distances. The wheelbase is 20.75, suggesting a problematic way of pumping, and the wheels measure 70 mm. The tail has a style of a rounded square with the size at 6.5 while the nose measures 3.25.

In the new designs of the Carver skateboard, you can pick from various categories that they offer. It varies depending on your preference, and the innovation can be significantly seen in each of the boards. They are thoroughly thought of so that you can enjoy every ride alongside your favorite tricks. 

These Carver Skateboards will, indeed, make your habit of skateboarding into a higher level. With different attributes, you can choose your board that is suited for your size, tricks, and the place you will. It will make your day exciting but still considers your safety because of its high-quality tools. As you go towards your habit of skateboarding, the newly improved boards will take you to your desired playing experience.


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