Ultimate Carver Board Guides, Find Your Best at Your First

Skateboarding had been around as a form of some recreation and sport activity for a long time now. It is popular among children, teens, and even adults. When riding a skateboard, you are going to stand onto its board and do some balancing. Aside from being one of the extreme sports, this is also known to be professional sports since it holds competitions like street-style and vertical skating events. Skateboards now have many different kinds that you could possibly try if you wanted to, one of these is the carver board.

How to Ride A Carver Board?

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A carver board is one of the types of skateboards. It will be fun to ride this kind of skateboard. Of course, it will require you to have a regular practice for you to learn how to ride this one. In riding a carve surfskate board, you must be loose and, at the same time, comfortable with your board. You need to practice on how to stand and how to roll with your carver board. These kinds of boards were designed specially to be the same as to a surfboard. It was made to have a smooth flow and turn like the latter. So basically, it is best that you have the mindset of you surfing using this carver board.

In riding board sports, you must find your ideal body posture and foot position. In getting the ideal foot position that is suitable for you, start to have your front foot onto the front bolts than in the “pocket” of the board’s tail will be the space where you position your back foot. If you followed it, then you would for sure, achieve getting your board to pump and turn. Make sure that you have a relaxed body posture on your board. You need to loosen up a bit and then put your arms wideout to be ready for initiating the turns. Forward momentum will be achieved once you’ve had to do the proper body posture and foot position. When you achieved that momentum, it will allow your board to speed up with a tilt, an act of ‘pumping’ from the heel edge of the board going to its toe edge. Take note, the rotation or movement of your upper body generates this so-called ‘pump.’ That is why you must have your movement led by your head, arms, and of course, your upper body so that you’ll get your board to move. When you have a regular practice on riding your carver board, you will be able to learn how to effortlessly glide and pump with your board as soon as possible.

There is training that you can try if you want some advanced skills in riding your carver board. Turning is the main purpose of your board. So, here is some knowledge that you must acquire so that you are able to learn them as you practice more. It will be hard of course, to have advanced skills. Still, it will be worth it to achieve a more fun riding experience.

First, learn how to do the bottom turn and also a top turn. Same as with surfing, it will be ideal for you to be able to make a perfect bottom turn. It is a maneuver that is important in this kind of board. So have the mindset of achieving a perfect turn. To start, you need to crouch down into your board, having a lower center of gravity and then a compact posture. Afterward, you should then lean onto your board’s edge then into the turn. When you do that, a load of energy would be stored on your legs that will power your board out of turn. Right after that turn make some gradual pushing up using your legs, then you have to extend your body as you lean in turn. If you feel that your board has powered out of turn with some speed, then it will now probably set you to initiate some top turn or even a cut back perfectly. It is the same as with the surfing, top turn a usual partner of a bottom turn. When you were able to power up with a perfect bottom turn, you can immediately lean onto your board’s opposite edge. Then you must open up your body and arms so that you can perform a wonderful top turn carve.

Second, learn to do some snap. When you are already capable of a top and bottom turn, it will now be the right time to know how to snap. This is another maneuver adapted directly from surfing. It is a maneuver that a surfer performs a sharp turn which will slide the back of your board out of the water, mostly referred to as the “throwing the fins.” The same maneuver applies to your carve board. You only need to slide back its wheels out while you are to perform a fast, sharp top turn. When you are now leaning into the top turn, you should then shift more weight into your front foot so that it will allow the wheels on the back to be lighter. At that very moment, you must have to push the board’s tail out in your front. Then its wheels should be screeching when they slide out. For you to exit this maneuver, you need to equalize your weight on top of your board and then down now as you look to where you should go.

Third, learn to do a cutback. This one is a very stylish maneuver for surfboards. A maneuver that will definitely bring the surfer back into the power of a wave. A same style of this maneuver can be performed through the use of your carver board. The only thing you need to do is to begin with having strong bottom turn then a flow onto the top turn. However, instead of you coming out of your top turn as to the usual thing, now you should hold into your carver board a bit longer, following it around and it will make you be able to ride back to the direction where have started your top turn, in 180 degrees. In this maneuver, you will need to use your head and then your arms so you could be able to hold onto the turn much longer. You’ll only need to keep on looking around so that your body will surely follow.

Carver Board Guides

After acquiring some knowledge on how to ride a carver board, you must also consider choosing the best board to have the best experience ever. So here is the list that will probably help you to choose what would suit your taste and style. So choose the one you like in this ultimate carver skateboard surfskate list.

First stop are the carver boards good for a day to day usage.

Channel Island (CI) Pod Mod. This is a carver board that you can use daily. It comes wide and short that ranges to 9.75” x 29.9” and its shape are inspired with an everyday fish surfboard. Pod Mod have a swallowtail.

Courtney Conlogue (CC) Sea Tiger. This type is similar to the first one, being short and wide. It is the best choice to improve your surfing skills with the same size, still different in terms of the wheelbase because this one’s wheelbase is much longer (16” vs. 15.5”). This contains a squash tail that makes this one a snappy surf trainer into the borderline for a performance.

Carver Haedron n°3. A good option for you if you are looking for a board that will help you to have progress. This board’s deck is 30,” and then its wheelbase is 16 3/8” that will surely help you to practice some pumping and also a driveway slashing easily.

Yago Skinny Goat 30.75. This is another progressive board the same as to the Carver Haedron n°3. This one comes with a much wider stance and also more wheelbase. If you are a bigger rider and you want to improve, this will be the best choice for you.

If you are a pro rider, there are also carver skateboards that will suit your skills for sure that will make you do a very nice performance.

Carver Firefly. This board is snappy, with a deck of 30 ¼” long and its squash tail and kick is spacious. It is also good for your foot control since it has a wide nose. This board mainly facilitates extreme slides, turns, and cutbacks. The board features a CX setup being combined 65mm wheels that definitely helps to achieve a very responsive performance of this board.

Carver CI Flyer. This board comes a bit thinner. It has a very responsive shape having a wider tail bump, which was based on the iconic Channel Island Flyer shape for a surfboard performance. It has a lean shape that is partnered with the C7 trucks that offer you some quick and snappy turns for your shortboard cross-training.

Carver Knox Quill. This is another worthy option in terms of its performance. This board comes with a deck of 31.25,” and its wheelbase is 17.5” long. This one will allow a full power transfer with some deep carves and even sharp cutbacks. It includes a wide spoon nose and tail which gives some added control for your extreme maneuver of surfing.

Aside from the boards, which are for the performance riding, there are also boards available that are basically made for long distances riding.

Channel Island Black Beauty. This comes with a lean and symmetrical narrow pintail, containing wheelbase which length is 17.75”, allowing to have a long-drawn-out lines and even faster pumps during on the ride on open roads.

Carver Oracle. This type of board has a very distinctive skull artwork. This board provides you good maneuverability and nice responsiveness in flat surfaces. Still, it also gives good speed and stability when you go for a ride downhill since it has a 17” wheelbase.

USA Thruster. It comes in 32–25” in size, includes a C7 truck that is suitable for speed and stability both with the fast power-riding into the flats or even going on a downhill. Its wheelbase is about 18” long that definitely gives the board greater speed and more stability. This also makes this carver skateboard suitable for the taller rider.

Haedron n°6. It comes with an even longer in size and includes a wheelbase which is 18.5” long. These features make this board very suitable for some downhill and drawn out carves. It is specially made with a CX setup. However, this one has less tail space compared to the USA Thruster.

Tyler Riddler. This one is considered the largest skateboard available in Carver lineup. It comes with a progressive style, and it is 35.5” long. It includes a wheelbase of 20 ¾” together with a bump wing template. This board from Carver is considerably the top notch for some smooth longboard trimming.


Carver board is one of the different types of skateboards. This type comes with different styles and designs, having different features to meet every rider’s needs and expectations. These boards are made with specific uses. Others were made for some daily usage and others were made for pro riders. Still, all the designs of Carver Skateboard Surfskate surely provide the best quality that it must offer for the satisfaction of its users. Carver Skateboards have a different design for several different categories such as boards for daily use, for pros, for children, for long-distance riding, and other more.

It is a must for you to choose what board would suit your skill, age, and size. It is very important because it will be a great factor that will contribute big to a successful riding experience with your carver board. Of course, aside from the fact that it will help you to have the best performance, getting the right board for yourself will be the best thing for your comfort and safety with this riding journey.



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