Know All Pros & Cons Before Buying A Carbon Fiber Longboard

The need for a sturdy item is one of the things that we look for in stores. This is one aspect that at some point in our lives, has been neglected due to several reasons. We are encouraged to indulge in what is trending and tend to forget the essence of proper selection. We are very gullible because we always want to copy what other people are doing or choosing. Hence, some of us end up getting the wrong item that will eventually put us in danger. This attribute should not be undertaken in things like skateboarding because having the worst board for yourself might indict you to your own jeopardy. It is then vital that you search for a high-quality board amidst having disadvantages. One type of board that has been considered a sturdy one is the carbon fiber longboard.

Know All Pros & Cons Before Buying A Carbon Fiber Longboard 1

The carbon fiber longboard has a weight that covers up to 7 lbs. The development of longboards already started even before people like Christian Hosoi and Tony Hawk started doing or performing techniques like half pipes. Longboarding was inspired by the oceans wherein people from Hawaii, where the game had come from in the 1950s, uses the waves of the waters as the basis for the wheels of the board. The wheels are like the waves who rolls on the sea and they made the boards longer for more stability. In this way, when the ocean is wild, and the residents cannot have contact with the water to surf, they use these longboards as an alternative to surf not in water but on land.

As the name suggests, the longboard has a longer size than the skateboard. What makes the longboard different from a skateboard is its length, which ranges from 35 up to 60 inches with the width between 9 to 10 inches. The skateboard, on the other hand, only has 28 to 34 inches length and a width that ranges from 7 to 10 inches. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to use a longer and wider longboard so that it will be easy for you to control and maneuver the board.

The characteristics of the longboard are far different than those other boards.

Longboards come into a variety of appearances, unlike skateboards who are unique for its upward curve that can be seen in the two ends of the board. Although longboards do not involve curves at the end of the boards, they have small strips that are used in cruising so that it will not be difficult for the rider. The wheels of the longboards are also different from the skateboards. If the skateboard has shorter and harder wheels, the longboard has the opposite wheels. This is because having wheels that are long and short will make the speed of the board faster and the ability for shock absorption is strong. Also, this is compatible to any type of land.

Meanwhile, the advantage of having smaller wheels, just like the skateboards, is the capability of the rider to maneuver the speed of the board easily and allows the riders to perform tricks with ease. The longer the board, the greater the stability you can have. Since longboards have longer and wider sizes, you can easily manipulate your body to stay in balance with the board unlike in skateboards with smaller sizes where you have to exert any effort to balance yourself to the board. Because the longboard has a wider size, it is best for riders with larger feet.  They will feel comfortable while riding and because it has more space, the balance will be easier to achieve than what the skateboard can offer.

Skateboards are made to be used in cruising places like parks and plain places where you can easily perform simple pumps. However, when it comes to traveling longer destinations, it would be hard for a skateboard to give you an easy and comfy ride for its lesser stability.

If you are up for long distances, it is preferable to use an electric skateboard because it is designed for cruising a long-range just like the inmotion K1. If you are looking for a ride that would take a lot of time, longboards are suitable for such need because it will make you comfortable in your ride. When it comes to performing tricks, skateboards will allow you to have a better performance. With its appearance, such as having small wheels, shorter board and curves at both ends, you can do tricks without sweat unlike using longer boards.

Also, having a short skateboard will not make it harder for you to bring because of its small size. Carrying it by hand will just be easy. People in the 1950’s before are very fond of surfing. But because of the changing time, they tend to search for new hobbies that will satisfy their boredom and happiness. That is the time where skateboarding entered their lives and had become famous to them. Because of this, they thought of ways to incorporate surfing in skateboarding by making longer boards. It is then where longboarding had been born. Since the basis of this board came from surfing, many people had accepted this because of its relevance to the earlier trend. This is how the difference between longboard and skateboard works.

Having either longboard and skateboard can generate pros and cons to our ride.  It will now just depend on what we choose and how it will affect our lives in surf skating.  If you are a rider who likes to do tricks, then it is preferable if you buy a short skateboard. With a shortboard, the level of difficulty that you can perform in your tricks is more achievable. However, if you are looking for a dramatic cruise in parks or you want to go to far places, longboards are suitable for you.

A bunch of choices for your preferred boards can be seen in markets, whether you are looking for a board that suits beginners or boards that are already for professionals. For beginners, there are a lot of choices which you can choose that will make you feel comfortable. When choosing parts for your boards, it is best that you know what you are looking for and ask for the efficiency of these parts like the trucks and wheels. You can make a comparison to each tool and go to various stores for further analysis. One thing you need to consider for a board is the material that it is made up of.

A particular tool that is popular in longboards is the carbon fiber longboard. This material might be new to you so you must know the advantages and disadvantages it can bring to your ride. First, the pros that this type of longboard can offer is its durability and strength. If your board is made up of natural carbon fiber, then it will be assured that you will get a sturdy and durable one. It has been supported by many other uses that carbon fiber is involved to just like in the construction industry. These fibers are used in making helmets for thread winding and for molding. Also, these are famous in horse riders and rock climbers to support and protect them. With this evidence, carbon fiber really is a good candidate for a stronger board. And because it is made up of this sturdy material, you will not be able to formulate a problem if you use it the whole day.

No scratch or chipping can be found even if you use it all day. Aside from that, this kind of board wouldn’t bother you even the weather gets messed up. This is because carbon fiber boards can take extreme weather without getting destroyed. So, no matter how hot or how rainy the day is, if you feel like skating, then you can do it. Carbon Fiberboard is a flexible board where you can use it at any time of the day as long as you enjoy doing it.

However, if you are going to use this kind of board, you need to know that the more weight that you have, the more strength is needed to ride on this board. So, you must be ready in exerting force so you can enjoy the moment.

The importance of having a good quality item must be understood by many. You should not just rely on what other people say because it might just harm us. You must know the persons you can trust and the stores that you go to. In skateboarding or longboarding, your knowledge about boards should be enough unless you want to be hospitalized for getting the wrong board. You can ask for reliable sources and professionals about these boards so you get the right one for you. Though we cannot deny the fact that for every item, there are advantages and disadvantages. In such cases, we just have to pick the item that makes us comfortable and is less harmful. There are risks that are inevitable, so it is better that we think clearly of our decisions. At the end of the day, you will just come up choosing between boon or bane.



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