Can You Do Tricks on a Penny Board?


Once you bought a penny board, you’ll enjoy riding it. A penny board has a sole purpose – commuting. You can carry your penny board anywhere by putting it in your bag or backpack. But later you’ll wonder – can you do tricks on a penny board?

Well, I’ll answer that question later in this article.

But first, let’s know a little more about penny boards.

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Penny Boards –The New Trend for People

Can You Do Tricks on a Penny Board? 1

I bet most of your friends or neighbors are talking about penny boards. Some of them might even buy a shortboard and riding it right now. The popularity of penny boards grows as more companies are releasing their creation of the original Penny.

When I say original, I’m referring to the first company that created the Penny Board. The Australian based company, Penny Skateboards, launched the first penny boards in 2010. The company offered skateboards in different sizes – Penny, Nickel, and the Cruiser Variant.

After releasing these skateboard sizes, many companies also launched their version of the penny board.

Despite its popularity, a penny is an everyday skateboard with plastic material. But don’t let the plastic material change your mind in riding a penny board. The penny board is more durable than the wooden longboard. Because of its plastic material, penny boards last longer the longboards.

Penny Board Qualities

A Penny board has different parts that you can purchase a whole or separately. Unlike the typical skateboard, a penny board is light in weight and has a small size. But don’t worry because penny boards are strong.

Penny boards have different colors and designs that make these more popular to teens and adults. The penny board’s deck comes in different colors, so you’ll have many choices you want.

What is the Use of a Penny Board?

Penny board is designed as a cruiser board, so expects that this skateboard is excellent for commuting. The penny board’s wheels are softer and more massive than other skateboards. Hence, don’t worry because you can conquer rough terrains, cracks, and pebbles.

If you like that, you’ll be amazed at this one.

Most riders want speed in riding skateboards. Well, that wouldn’t be a problem with a penny board. The penny board’s bearings, soft wheels, and light size allow the rider to gain speed. Take note: you would do minimal pushing and experience a fantastic ride with a penny board.

That’s not all.

A penny board also has a kick-tail that allows you to lift the board’s front easily. Yes, I know that you’ll agree that penny boards are great for cruising.

So does it mean that you can’t perform tricks with a penny board?

Penny Board and Its Limited Purpose

Most people buy penny boards for their sole purpose – commuting. The good thing about penny boards is you can put it inside your backpack. That’s enough reason for you to buy a penny board if you’re commuting from home to school or the office.

Here’s good news if you’re a beginner: penny boards work for you! A penny is small and lightweight so that you can take the board around. Penny boards have bigger wheels than longboards, making it easier for you to handle cracks and curbs.

That brings us back to the penny board’s purpose – cruising.

Yes, let’s face it. You can’t do many tricks with a penny board because of its limited purpose. But don’t lose hope yet.

All you need to do is put extra effort into riding the shortboard, and you can perform easy to complicated tricks. Before we go to that, let’s first talk about:

How to Ride a Penny Board?

You can’t perform the fantastic tricks you like if you’re not getting used to riding a penny board. If you have experience already in riding a penny board, skip this one.

Shoe Matters

Do you wear sandals or sometimes no shoes in riding your penny board? Well, this is fine but not the ideal way of riding a skateboard. You should wear skate shoes such as Nike or Vans. The bottom of these skate shoes is flat that allows them to have extra rubber touching.

Is it right for you?

Yes, of course! The other rubber touching on the board gives you better control of the penny board.

That’s not all.

Take note that these skate shoes have unique rubber material that gives a better grip on the skateboard. You can put grip tape on the short board’s hold on your shoes.

Pushing and Feet Positioning

Before you can do tricks on the penny board, the pushing and foot positioning is required. Remember that pushing a penny board is similar to making a skateboard.

Here’s how you can do it:

First, you step off by balancing on one foot and place your other foot on the ground. Make sure that your body is facing forward while pushing the board. Put pressure then push off your foot that’s touching the ground.

Next, turn your shoulders so that you’ll be riding parallel with the board. When you’re riding a regular skateboard, your shoulders should be in line with the direction of your riding. Take note of this if you’re doing tricks with the penny board.

Keep In Mind:

Penny boards are smaller than regular skateboards. You need to adjust your foot on the board. Be careful once your foot is on the penny board, and don’t hang your heels and toes too much.

We call this as monkey toeing that’s a bad habit because you can slip off the board. Keep your balance while riding the penny board so that it’s easy for you to do tricks. Practice all the time so that you can master the desired tricks you want to do.

Alright, you already know how to ride a penny board properly. But don’t do your tricks yet. You still need to follow the safety tips in riding a penny board.

Safety Tips in Riding a Penny Board

  • Don’t kick the board’s wheels when you’re riding because you might fall. Push out to your side a little but not too close to the penny board.
  • Watch out for cars and people on the street. Avoid accidents the best way you can.
  • Learn how to foot brake or jumping off the board when the board is at high speed. Your safety matters at all times.

Simple Tricks You Can Do on A Penny Board

Penny boards are limited if you like to perform tricks, but if you have an idea of riding the board, it’s easy for you to perform tricks. You can perform these tricks once you get a lot of practice.

Are you ready? Here are the tricks you can do on a penny board:


Riders need to apply pressure on the board’s nose or tail, and you need to balance on two wheels. In this trick, a rider puts his/her back foot on the bottom (put the foot in between but not on the nose end.) Then, apply pressure on the board and lean a little backward.

The upper body of the rider should be in the center. You can’t keep this trick for a long time if you don’t practice often.

Hippie Jump

The good thing about the hippie jump trick is it’s doable on a 22” board. But a smaller board is more challenging than a cruiser.

Doing this trick is simple.

It would help if you jumped over an obstacle such as a rail. But the most challenging part of the trick is a commitment to doing this again. You might fail several times in doing this trick, but practice often, and you’ll get used to it.

Take note: Bend your knees once you land, then maximize your feet distance. If your feet are close together, your board will take off.

Staple Gun

The staple gun is a fun trick that riders can perform on small banks, ledges, or curbs. The rider needs to roll towards a high platform (but not too elevated) and making an ollie-like move.

Hop the penny board on the curb then leaving the front foot on the penny board. The back foot needs to be on the ground. Last, pull back the penny board using the front foot then place the rear foot on the shortboard again.

Shove It

If you’re a Popsicle skateboarder, I’m sure you’re familiar with this trick. Riders who want to do this trick needs to know their penny board very well. Shove it is a challenging trick if you’re using a penny board.

The rider rides face forward while bending his or her knees slightly. Then, the pressure is required on the kick-tail, and the rider kicks the board using the back foot. The front foot is positioned outward.

Yes, it’s difficult at first in performing these tricks on a penny board because of its limited space, but you can do it through practice. Have patience and follow the safety tips above once you’re riding your penny board.

Get ready, ride your penny board now, and have fun doing tricks!


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