Can Penny Board Wheels Fit on a Skateboard

Perhaps you want to cruise without dealing with the discomfort of little hard wheels. Otherwise, your curiosity is telling you to do a bit of a wheel experiment.

No matter what your reason is, can penny board wheels fit on a skateboard? Yes, it can work! But, how is this even possible, given that both wheels have unique characteristics and purpose? Well, sit back and let this article do the convincing power!

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Skateboard Wheels vs. Penny Board Wheels

Before anything else, you should know the difference between skateboard and penny board wheels, so you have a clear idea of both.

Skateboard is made up of urethane material. A wheel that’s 49-54mm diameter is usually preferred to use by street skateboarders. The wheels are generally softer and bigger with specifically designated options to promote high roll speed, better grip, and effortless speed control.

Penny board has a softer with smaller to more significant sets of wheels that offer an excellent ride. Good performing, less amount of urethane is also used, which makes the wheels less expensive.

Though, rest assured the performance of the board is not compromised if that’s what you’re thinking about. It could provide you with a smoother ride, even on rough terrains.

Moreover, the softer urethane provides a better grip, plus the bigger diameter offers extra speed. It is known to be more beneficial for the commuting-style.

Both make use of urethane material to ensure you’re going to have a fun, smooth ride throughout. Also, the size of the wheels has a bit of similarity. This is why replacing or fitting penny board wheels on your skateboard is also made highly possible. It all depends on a good set of tools and know-how to start the task.

It’s important to note that using a penny board’s wheels on a regular skateboard is also suggested by some users (contrary to some beliefs). As long as the wheels are guaranteed to work well, then you’re good to go.

Why Put Penny Board Wheels on a Regular Skateboard?

Now, let talk about the benefits that skaters will earn with penny board wheels than skateboard wheels.

First of all, the penny board is popularly known for its smooth wheels; thereby, allowing riders to ingest bumps, cracks, and pebbles a lot better. Additionally, you can enjoy the day riding your skateboard with less energy consumed since you won’t kick as often as you do on a regular skateboard. And since penny board wheels are huge and prominent, you can pick up speed much faster compared to traditional skateboard wheels.

How to Install Penny Board Wheels on a Skateboard?

Replacing or changing the wheels is a pretty simple and straightforward task. First, make sure to prepare four wheels and a skate tool or wrench before getting started. We’ll do it in four easy steps:

Step 1: Remove the old wheels on your skateboard

With a wrench, loosen and then take off the axle nut located in the wheel’s center. Keep it aside, and altogether remove the wheel. It’s best to organize and store these small pieces of hardware in a small tray so you won’t lose them.

Step 2: Put the spacer in the center.

Insert the spacer into the wheel’s back.

Step 3: Put a washer wheel or washer nut through all threads.

Slide one washer on the axle and the second washer on the outside of your wheel.

Step 4: Tighten the axle nut.

Get the axle nut and tighten it firmly, but do not overdo it. The wheel should still be able to spin freely. There must be a safe distance between the board and wheels too.

Enjoy cruising!

Once your new penny board wheels are installed on a skateboard, you can enjoy riding it whenever you prefer.

How long can the penny board wheels last?

Well, it depends on how frequently you use the board. Especially if you intend to ride it in the rain a lot, expect the wheels to have a lifespan of a year or so (for quality wheels). Though, they may wear out much faster if you slide around this sports gear. They might start to get cracks. Your wheels will also wear quickly if it is continuously filled with rocks.

So as you see, it’s hard to estimate when precisely the penny board wheels will give you trouble. They can be your companion for two years if you only ride on the skateboard on a rare occasion or even daily as long as you implement proper cleaning and maintenance of the wheels. How should you do it, though?

How to Clean Penny Board Wheels

You’ve fitted the penny board wheels on your newly purchased skateboard. Now what? Enjoy riding on it either for transportation or fun purposes. Buying new components, such as wheels, is not a cheap investment, and it shouldn’t be. Hence, make sure to clean and maintain them the right way. Don’t worry because of all parts of a skateboard. The wheels are considered to be the easiest to clean. Here’s how to do it!

  • Unscrew the axle nuts from both sides of the wheel. Do this with a socket wrench.
  • Gently remove the wheels from your skateboard.
  • Keep the bolts, washers, and nuts together so it would be easy on your part to find these small hardware pieces when it’s time to reassemble them.
  • Pry the wheel bearings from your wheels. They need to be cleaned separately.
  • Remove grime and mud from the wheels with an old toothbrush or a rag. If there are gravel or rocks stuck inside, loosen them up with your bare fingers.
  • Then, please put them in a bucket filled with hot soapy water. Combine water with some teaspoons of dishwashing soap. Soak all the wheels and wait for ten minutes before getting done.
  • Remove the wheels from soaking. Give them another gentle scrub with a soft-bristle toothbrush or rag. Ensure the inner part of the wheel is wholly cleaned together with the outer surface as dirt could get trapped in a small cranny or nook.
  • Dry off using paper towels or a rag.
  • Put the sparkly new wheels on your board! Again, use a socket wrench. Do not tighten the nuts too much as it won’t do good to your wheels and bearings. Only an adequate amount of force is needed.

Who says cleaning and maintaining your wheels is so complicated? You see, the overall process is not rocket science. So, try not to stress yourself too much about getting it correctly done. You may find that some wheels clean better than yours, and that particular colors are much tougher to clean up. That’s pretty normal.

After all, there are various solutions you can use to solve your problem. Just be careful when using a solution for cleaning your wheels because bleach can pose harm to the wheel material. The struggle is even real if the wheels you’ve purchased is somewhat not right when it comes to quality rating.

Also, cleaning your board wheels is not only about getting rid of grime and dirt. Also, it is the time when you can take a good look at your gear’s condition. Inspect for potential wear and tear. Some issues, like tiny and small cracks, aren’t visible from the naked eye. It would help if you used your other senses, such as your hands, to feel for the pits and cracks.

As for the products you can use to clean skateboard wheels, you don’t necessarily have to go expensive. A simple mixture of water and soap will don the job. It does an excellent job of cleaning dirt, grease, and oil. Though, you may also use hand cleaners to remove fat.

Wash them in your hands and gently rinse off with water. It is best to choose cleaners with less to no chemical ingredients because they can leave traces on your wheels.


The beauty of skateboarding is that you can do anything you want, including replacing the skateboard wheels with those from the penny board.

This is specifically ideal if you’re more prone to falling on rocks or landing in cracks and want to transform how you ride a skateboard in general. Also, you can go as fast as you wish.

However, could you take note that it has limitations too? Ensure carefully that the wheels will go together so that you won’t feel awkward riding it.

Penny board is not an ideal option for performing anything fancy like busting tricks, though trying the wheels on regular skateboards might not be a bad idea at all. You can swap the wheels back if you always find yourself falling.

Don’t opt for mediocre wheels; otherwise, you’ll have to make tons of compromises that can take away your riding experience. Cruising or commuting should be all about fun and safety. Of course, don’t forget to wear a helmet or other protective gear. Better to do earlier than be sorry later.

Have fun riding your newly fitted skateboard wheels!


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