Why You Should Buying Yow Surfskate Instead the Others

Buying surfskate has become a highly apparent activity nowadays, especially those with growing interest and fondness on surfskating. But before you commit yourself to purchase the best brand of surf skate, you first need to learn more about this product and find the right one that suits your needs.

You will also find out later on that there are solid reasons to buy surfskate, particularly the Yow Surfskate.

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Why You Should Buying Yow Surfskate Instead the Others 1

Get Yourself More Familiar with Surfskate

Though you might come across with surfskate, you need to realize that there are still a lot more things about this that you don’t know. So, to get yourself more familiar with surfskate, read on.

What’s Surfskate?

Surfskates are particular types of skateboards for street surfing. These front trucks enable movements that are similar to surfing. The surfskate truck’s turning dynamics are known to allow maneuverable and short turns such as surfing.

Though you really have nothing to do when it comes to surfing, it does not matter. Movements are easy to learn and intuitive.

Surfskates can be pumped along the road, such as building up speed and driving without really the need to be setting down your feet on the road. Such feeling is very unique and movements aren’t possible with the typical longboards.

Users can easily drive around despite tights corners and obstacles. This moving truck makes this possible. You have to shift your weight a bit.

If you cannot wait for the next surfing adventure and want to improve your surfing skills or searching for ultimately fun cruiser, surfskates are the perfect choices for you.

The Differences between Surfskate and the Long Boards

Surfskate delivers ultimately a new and unique way to ride as compared to the traditional longboards. You will notice that the motions on the surfskates are closely the same as surfing and thus differ from skateboarding and longboard. With these surfskates, numerous movements are highly possible.

By means of shifting your weight entirely from the toe’s tilting movements to heels and speed can be established in the board which is actually referred to as pumping. Such a setting makes riding with skateboards possible and gets a lot faster without even lifting your feet on the road. With standard longboard and skateboard trucks, such things are not possible.

The required body movements for this are similar to the motion sequences in the course of surfing. Surfskate trucks are better when it comes to maneuverability as compared to the longboards. Users are allowed with ultimately tight curves that are not possible if they use longboards.

Surfskate for Different Driving Skills

  • Surfskate Beginner

Do you lack experience with skateboards, longboards and surfskates? You really do not have to worry. Everybody begins small. With some practice, you can surely manage pumping and carving skateboards and will end up fast in this craft.

Upon completing the first sets of sessions, you will be able to make good progress regardless of your age. As a novice, you’ll feel more at ease in a stable board. Wider and longer board with a bigger base is therefore recommended. Beginners are advised to always wear protective gear like kneepads and helmet.

  • Advanced Drivers

You probably have your surfskate, experienced surfing and driving skateboard and longboard already, or even if you are searching for something new, you will definitely accomplish these with surfskate until you become experienced and advanced readers.

Opting for Yow Surfskate Instead the Others

The world of surfskate is continuously growing, and markets are particularly dominated by skateboards that come in different styles, designs and brands. Surfskate is a good board and truly a valuable investment.

But it is also fair to say that regardless of what brand of surfskate you choose, the important thing is that you are comfortable and safe with your choice and you are happy about it to the extent that you want to use this with no hesitation and enjoy.

Depending on the preferred use of the board and the type of rider, one particular brand of surfskate may be better suited than other brands. As long as designs, features, driving pleasure and quality fits, then you are with the best choice.

There might be different brands of boards and surfskate that are now available in the market, but opting for Yow Surfskate over the other brands or boards seems like a good idea.

Origin of Yow Brand

Your Own Wave or YOW started in Irun in 2000. This was founded by the three brothers Iban, Ander, and Igor Araola. Immediately after, they created the HLC, which is now a well-known creator and distributor of a quality skateboard brand.

The siblings got tired of the overlooked role of skates in Europe against the US. This is actually how they started making their first skateboards in the comfort of their homes.

Over the years, the company has been widely recognized for delivering a highly prestigious brand of surfskates all over the world.

From its modern factory and manufacturing facility, it is where the best-known surfskate brand has come out. The company also offers longboards, iron trucks, and a complete range of skateboards to choose from.

Why Buy Yow Surfskate

If you are planning to invest in surfskate, you surely would want to spend your money on the best brand. If that’s the case, Yow Surfskate will give you all the compelling reasons that will convince you to choose this over the other brands or boards.

The following are the reasons why:

  • Yow Surfskate is a Leading and Trusted Brand

Yow Surf is a trusted and leading brand. If you want to settle with the finest surfskate, then choose Yow Surfskate. This also outweighs other boards when it comes to popularity. The surfskate and the brand were exclusively created in Spain, Basque Country. This is known as Europe’s surf culture epicenter.

  • Yow Surfskate is Produced by a Reputable and Fully-Equipped Company

Yow Surfskate decks and trucks are produced by HLC Distribution. The company is one of the leading distributors of premium quality skateboards. Their skateboard product line includes the Yow Surfskate.

For about 15 years, the company has been producing top of the line skateboard products designed to meet the varied needs of skateboarders.

HLC Distribution started its operations in 2000 in a garage. Some individuals may not know it but this company was the creator of the very first premium quality brand of skateboard.

Nowadays, the company is dominating the European market and included in the top 3 best players in the international skateboarding industry.

  • Yow Surfskate is Manufactured in State-of-the-Art Facilities

Yow Surfskate products were manufactured and produced in a fully equipped and state of the art company facilities. Their factory is widely recognized for its most advanced tools and equipment especially geared towards performing special tasks and functions.

They also have robots utilized for varnishing, shaping and finishing.

The decks are pressed once with the use of cold press methods with wide-ranging quality to regulate the same high quality in all units. Surfskates are manufactured using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Another great thing about the company is that they recycle a hundred percent of their wastes obtained during production.

  • Yow Surfskate Can Deliver Unmatched Surfskate Experience

Yow Surfskate’s features, truck system, and shapes of the board are factors that can guarantee that with this brand, you will have an unmatched surf riding experience.

This product is designed for emulation and surf training. It is also highly imperative to note that the Yow Surfskate system was made having surfing in mind. This was confirmed through the looks and names of the Yow product line-up.

  • Yow Surfskate Can Help You Improve Your Skills

If you are aiming for surfing skills improvement, you can never go wrong opting for Yow Surfskate. Some even prefer the pipeline model since this includes locking screws for the front-truck system. This can be converted to a normal cruiser board easily in no time.

In terms of improving your skills in surfing, Yow Surfskate is proven to be a good option. If, at first, you are skeptical, now that you have learned about this, you will surely realize why buying Yow Surfskate is an interesting and beneficial option.

Individuals who have used Yow Surfskate before can attest that this brand has played a significant role in helping them improve their skills.

If you try to dig deeper, you will probably find out that these are just a few of the many solid reasons to buy Yow Surfskate instead of the other similar options available for sale.

Unveiling the Advantages of Yow Surfskate Over the Other Boards

If you are a smart shopper, you can never deny the fact that a long list of benefits is one of the reasons you will be convinced to invest in a particular product. Talking about Yow Surfskate, this leading brand delivers the following advantages that can take part in ensuring that you will experience successful and beneficial purchase:

The YOW System

The axle system is one of the biggest advantages of Yow Surfskate. This permits altering the wheelbase. The trucks’ different distances bring various sensations.

A shorter wheelbase will enable you to make progressively extreme turns while longer wheelbase will enable you to make milder and more extensive turns. Moreover, YOW surf skate will enable you to have two skates in one and pick the option that you find more comfortable.


This brand’s special locking system depicts impressive innovations. With a straightforward and reliable locking key, one can easily obstruct the YOW framework or system, a factor that would enable you to transform it into a customary skateboard. It is for this reason that this is considered a convenient 2 in 1 product.


Yow is an assurance of value. This is one of the most significant skates worldwide that came perfectly from their Irún facility. All components of Yow surfskate are of superior quality. The boards are crafted from the finest American hardwood maple wood.

Their sandpapers are printed with lively and shiny graphics and colors making the use of Yow skateboard more fun and enjoyable.

Yow Pack Kit

Another advantage of Yow Surfskate is that the axle system can be easily and conveniently mounted in any cruiser or longboard and skateboard. This is something that enables you to convert any skateboard to a surfskate.

Partnership with Pukas

Yow Pukas is the outcome of the partnership of two significant brands-the Yow Pukas and Yow Surfskates. Some of its models imitate the Pukas surfboard brand. One more of the most remarkable joint efforts of the Basque brand have significantly been with Aritz Aranburu, a professional surfer. Their collaboration paved the way for the creation of more great models.

Now that you have learned the advantages you can get, now is the best time for you to buy Yow surfskate.

However, you need to realize that buying is also another story to tell. So aside from learning the reasons to buy Yow surfskate, you also need to have a clear idea of where to buy top quality Yow surfskate.

Where to Purchase Yow Surfskate

Though you can get this skate from physical stores, purchasing the best Yow surfskate online can be a better and more convenient option. It cannot be denied that online shopping can provide you with access to a variety of options so you will be able to explore and weigh your choices before coming with a final buying decision. Buying Yow surfskate is not an exception to this.

Moreover, buying online can save you money, time, and effort that shopping around or going from one store to another. You just have to make sure that you commit to a reputable online shop. If you visit the shop’s official website, search for their product catalog.

You can review the client testimonial page so that you can have a clearer idea of what to expect from a product.

Being extra careful when buying Yow surfskate will ensure that you will end up with the one that suits your needs best.


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