An Ultimate Guide to Perfectly Build Your Own Longboard

It cannot be denied that making your own longboard is much easier and more inexpensive compared to buying a new one. Aside from saving your money, you will also have a lot of fun time in building your own customized longboard. If you are asking yourself how to build your own longboard perfectly, you are in the right place. All you need to have is wood chopping skills, perfect uses of woodworking tools, a tremendous amount of creativity, and your inspiration in building your board. But, if you think that you need some help, you can ask the local skate shop, the staff, your parents, and even your closest friends.

Before we jump into the steps on doing your own longboard, let us first know what a longboard really is. So, if you want to know more about it, keep on reading and enjoy this post!

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What is a Longboard?

When we are talking about the longboards, we are describing for a type of sports equipment that looks like, but not looks precisely the same as the surf skateboard. If you are going to compare longboards with the surf skate, you will notice that these have a wider deck compared to the skateboards. Aside from that, longboards will also provide you with a wide range of shapes, styles, designs, and colors.

When it comes to the speed of longboards, it will offer you a faster speed due to the fact that it has a high-quality size of the wheel. Aside from its wheels, it also comes up with high-end hardware and construction materials. Longboards are usually being used by many riders in downhill racing, traveling, as well as cruising. The term used to describe the sports being performed with a longboard is “longboarding.”

But, aside from longboarding, longboard freestyle and dancing are also being popularized by many teenagers and board riders out there. The longboard freestyle and dancing are also a prevalent style, wherein the rider makes use of the movements similar to skateboarding.

History of Longboards

Way back in the 1940s and 1950s, Preston Nichols is the one who constructed the primary longboard, which is being used as an alternative to surfing sports when the oceans produce dull waves. Sidewalk Surfing is the practice that makes use of the improvised and dangerous boards that were made by the primary skaters. These boards are made up of roller skates and woods. Way back in 1959, the constructed longboards are available on the market. It is when Hobie, Jack’s, and Makaha came to the first professional distributors of longboard equipment.

The longboards distributed by the three longboard manufacturers are still crude. It is because they feature wheels that are made up of metal. But after a few years, it was turned into clay wheels that will enhance the safety factors. During the late 1950s and early 60s, longboarding is a popular sport. However, way back in 1965, the popularity of the said sport starts to slow down.

Way back in 1972, longboarding re-gain its popularity. That is the time when Cadillac Wheel Company and Nasworthy launched the longboard wheels that are made up of urethane. With the use of the urethane-made wheels, it will enable you to achieve the higher downhill speed that is impossible to do previously. The ordinary kingpin skate trucks do not have the capabilities to maintain perfect stability during the faster speed.

During the 1990s, the Sector 9 have been constructed the opposite kingpin skate truck. The enhanced suppleness, as well as the stability of this opposite kingpin skate truck, will help the downhill longboarding to enhance and turned into a legal sport. This is according to the International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA).

Dimensions of Longboard

Most of the measurement of a board is from 84 cm to 150 cm or 22 inches to 59 inches in length. On the other hand, its width is ranging from 9 inches to 10 inches or 2.8 centimeters to 25.4 centimeters. As we mentioned a while ago, longboards come up with different shapes. These include drop decks, drop-through decks, flat-nose riders, swallowtails, pintails, and the ordinary-shaped skateboards.

Health Benefits of Performing Longboarding

Each of the sports you usually perform will always provide you with numerous health benefits, and longboarding is not excepted. Longboarding is one of the well-known sports that is being enjoyed by many teenagers in every corner of the world. Aside from being a full of fun sport, it is also considered to be a thrilling and adventurous one.

Longboarding is one of the most flexible and funniest sports out that. The extreme adventures that you can experience from longboarding are one of the reasons why many longboarders and many individuals out there want to learn the concept of this sport. Everyone is allowed to perform longboarding, in spite of their age or even the level of their experience in the said sport.

On the other hand, many of the longboarders perceive the said sport to be a recreational activity and one of the workouts that a person needs to perform to stay fit. Aside from its extreme experiences and the adventurous tricks that you can do with it, longboarding can also provide you with a lot of health benefits.

When it comes to longboarding, the riders are using the board in racing, cruising, traveling, and doing tricks on slop spots, hills, streets, and roads. Aside from that, longboarding is considered by many as their mode of transportation every single day. Longboarding is also composed of different styles. These are carving, sliding, cruising, and many others. Every style that you can perform with your longboard has a great health benefit that can be given to you.

If you are planning to learn how to perform longboarding and know its effects on your health, the following are some of the health benefits that you can get from longboarding.

Reduce Cholesterols

An extra amount of cholesterol in your body is the number one concern of many of us since it can cause different health issues. Too much amount of cholesterol is the number one reason for stroke, heart failure, and many others. Longboarding is considered to be an effective activity that will help a person to reduce the level of cholesterol inside his or her body.

Attractive Body Shape

Every athlete is required to have an excellent and fit structure of the body. We cannot deny the fact that all of us are dreaming of having an attractive frame and shape of the body. If you are one of us, then it is the right time for you to learn how to ride on a longboard. If you don’t want to go to a gym to perform some heavy workouts, there is nothing for you to worry about since longboarding can be its alternative sport. If you are going to perform longboarding regularly within two months, you can ensure that you will achieve the body shape you are dreaming without worrying about the pain brought to you by lifting heavy equipment on the gym.

Enhances Critical Thinking and Sense

Longboarding will allow its rider to keep his or her focus on the road and be aware of the things happening around them, and this is important. A rider of a longboard has the capabilities of thinking as fast they can if they feel that they are in danger during their ride on the hills or road. Longboarding will allow you to think in any situation critically. This is a sport that will exercise a person’s nervous system to surpass the problems and enhance their confidence. This also has a significant effect on the performer’s cognitive abilities.

Refresh Mind and Relief Stress

If a person has a sound mind, it will help him to make everything look good and be good. For you to refresh your mind and feel free from stress, all you need to do is to try longboarding. It will provide you with the actual mind refreshment that you will need in your day-to-day life.

Besides, longboarding is also a sport that will help you to be free from the stress you feel. It will help you to get rid of the unnecessary things running inside your mind, leaving you a life that is free from stress.

Enhance Sound Sleep

A good sound sleep is very vital when it comes to having a good health and better well-being. If you want to improve your sound sleep, you might consider doing longboarding some other time. After you stretch your muscles during longboarding, you can ensure that you will feel relax after doing the sport. If you are experiencing low sound sleep, it might be the right time for you to try this kind of sport and see the difference after two months.

Improve Balance

Improving your balance is one of the leading health benefits that you can get from performing longboarding. This is also a sport that will help you to have a great body and mind coordination. If you have a good balance, it only means that you are physically fit and mentally healthy. If you are suffering from having a good balance using your foot, there is still a high chance that it can be corrected by doing longboarding.

Improve Your Flexibility

Longboarding will allow you to get rid of your excess calories for about 8 grams in every minute. It only means that you will have a more flexible body. If you have a flexible body, you will also have a higher chance not to get injured while performing some tricks on your longboard. In these days, body flexibility is being disregarded by most of the individuals. Little did they know that having the capabilities in flexing their stretch, core, and muscles can be done in longboarding. By performing longboarding, you can ensure that your body will enhance its flexibility.

Strengthen the Muscles

Longboarding is one of the sports that are being performed by many to improve the strength of their muscles. When you do longboarding, your legs are one of the parts of your body that will do the entire tricks in longboarding. This part of your body has a significant role in turning, braking, kicking, and even pushing. It only means that this sport helps you a lot in strengthening your muscles. Aside from improving your muscle strength, it also helps you to get firmer abs and a stronger core.

Similar to the other exercises out there, such as jogging, running, and walking, longboarding can also be performed every single day. You can perform longboarding when going to your school or work. By having the motivation to do this every day, there is nothing for you to worry about visiting your gym instructor.

Weight Loss

Longboarding is one of the popular exercises associated with weight loss. A single hour of performing longboarding will help you to burn 300 calories or more. Weight loss is one of the most difficult goals of most individuals. This shows that for you to lose weight, you need to eat healthy foods and maintain a good lifestyle. With the help of longboarding, losing some amount of weight is much easier, and there is no other requirement needed. All you need to have is your dedication and commitment.

Supports Cardio and Heart Health

Cardio exercises are a type of workout that will help a person to grow his or her heartbeat. Longboarding supports cardio and heart health. When you do cruise with your longboard, it generally shows that your body is being moved at high speed. Thus, it will help you to increase your heartbeat which will results t a stronger and healthier cardiovascular system.

Every part of your body is in need of working hard as you kick and paddle your feet. It only means that your cardiovascular system is also being required to do more intense works. Aside from that, longboarding will also improve a healthier and stronger heart. At the same time, it will also improve your stamina and increase your lung functions, which will result in you to live a fit and healthier life.

After knowing the health benefits that you can get from longboarding, we are sure that you are planning to purchase one. But, buying a high-quality longboard will require a high amount of money. It is because different brands of longboard also have various price rates. So, one of the things that you can do to have your own longboard is to build one.

If you are looking for the steps that you can do to build your own longboard, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to show you a step-by-step guide on making a longboard on your own. If you want to know more about it, let’s get started!

Pick your Parts

The first thing that you should do is before you create your own longboard is to pick all the materials that you will need.

Gather your Materials for the Deck

When it comes in collecting all the needed materials for the deck, you will need the following;

  • Griptape – it will make it easier for you to stick your feet over the deck
  • A piece of pencil and paper for making your own design of the board
  • Cloth, hardener, and fiberglass resin or polyurethane varnish
  • A jigsaw that will help you in cutting the shape of your deck
  • Weights
  • A drill
  • Staple-gun or screws – these materials are needed in sealing your deck when you already made its curve shape. The number of the needed staples or screws will always depend upon your desired size of the deck and the pressing quality mechanism. You might not need screws if you are using a board press. But, using screws will help you to ensure that you have a tighter deck if you are trying to mold it with some clamps or weight.
  • Eight small screws – this will be attached to your deck’s trucks. Each four will be attached to every truck. There are two trucks needed so you will need 8 pieces of screws. You need a screw that has enough length to affix the truck on the deck securely. But make sure it is not too long that it might touch the street when you use it.
  • Fine and rough-grained sandpaper
  • Wood glue or any sturdy adhesive that you have
  • Hardwood or plywood. Make use of two to three pieces

Pick Your Wood

For an inexpensive board, you might prefer using a 2 to 3 and ¼ inches of a thick sheet of plywood or 4 to 6- and 1/8-inches ones. Interchangeably, you might consider using a 7- to 9-plies that are on millimeter thick each. You will need a wood glue or screws in fusing all of these into your board. The number of sheets that you will use will always vary upon the flexibility that you want. If you want a rigid board, we recommend you to use numerous layers of wood. You might also consider buying a pre-pressed deck and start building your own board from there.

Pick Your Adhesive

Make sure that you will use high-quality and flexible resin and epoxy or wood glue. You can purchase all the mentioned items at hardware or construction stores. The function of the glue is to hold the layers of wood altogether. So, if you are using an inexpensive and low-quality glue, expect that you will have a low-quality deck.

Pick Your Trucks

Trucks of a deck are made up of metal. These are being fixed on the board’s wheels that will enable your board to turn as you lean. It is essential for you to find suitable trucks for our board to ensure a great longboarding experience. Reverse Kingpin Trucks are one of the most recommended trucks that you can attach to your longboard. But, if you are planning to make a tailed-board and try to ollie it, this truck’s types are not suitable for you. The Reverse Kingpin Trucks will provide you with better turn response and stability while the Standard will offer you with an excellent pop.

Choose Your Wheels

It is important for you to know that if you are going to buy a hard wheel, you are planning to have an unsafety ride with your longboard. It is because harder wheels tend to slide. If you are planning to perform longboarding on sidewalks, you might consider buying a wheel that has a higher durometer scale. Make sure that you will purchase an 80A durometer wheel since it has a great impact to your longboarding experience. If you want to have more grippy wheels and can is ideal for making sticky and tight turns, we recommend you to use softer wheels.

Shape and Seal the Deck

Cut Your Hardwood or Plywood to Your Desired Size

Consider cutting your hardwood or plywood into strips that are 40 inches long and 10 inches wide. But, if you want to make your boards longer, you can add a little adjustment. Otherwise, you can cut some measurements of your board. There is nothing for you to worry about making your board’s shape. You will shape your board when you press the materials to produce a more solid board.

Draw out the Shape of your Board

With the help of a paper, make a line that is as long as your desired measurement. The line that you will draw will be your board’s center. The next thing that you should do is to draw your preferred board’s shape since it tends to flare from the first line. If you are planning to have a symmetrical board, you can draw the line which is half the measurement of your deck. Then, make use of the similar basis in carving each side.

In doing this step, make sure that you will think of the ways on how you will use your longboard. Take note that the shorter the board, the more portable it is. On the other hand, the longer the bard, it is deal to be used on making faster speed.

Trace Your Boards Shape on the Hardwood or Plywood with Pencil

In this step, you are going to put some adhesive and pressure n pressing the wood and the paper together. Make sure that before carving the shape, the wood is already dry. Aside from that, ensure that you will carefully trace it and sketch the board the way you want it to look.

Drills the Holes Outside of the Board’s Outline

At this time, you will now drill the screws to the holes of your board’s outline. Drilling will help the wood to clamp together. It only means that you should make holes that are quite smaller compared to your screws. As we mentioned a while ago, the number of screws will always depend upon your board’s size. It only means that there is no fixed number of screws that we can recommend. Try putting the screws in every point on the shape of your deck. When placing the screws, consider the design that you will do which you think needs some support.

Stick the Woods Together

Make use of your preferred adhesive. With the help of a paintbrush, spread some amount of adhesive on the inner facing sides of the woods. The next thing that you will do is to place the woods together. Ensure that the holes you have drilled previously are still at the top of the board.

Shape the Board

In this step, you need to stack the pieces of the wood to ensure that the smooth and soft side of the wood will be placed at the bottom. Place the woods properly for the board’s ends reach on a thing while the middle part is hanging.

Place a Screw on the Hole Closer to the Nose of your Board

After placing the screws on the holes that are placed closer to your board’s nose, the next thing that you will do is to re-clamp the deck or put some amount of pressure back on the top area of the board. If the curves satisfy you, place the screws around it. Make sure that you will maintain some parts free from being glued.

Re-Check the Curves

If you think that the curves of your longboard are okay with you, try rechecking it. If you think that the curve is perfect, then let the adhesive you put to dry.

Use Board Press in Molding Your Board

It cannot be denied that the board press is more costly when compared to the ordinary adhesives out there. But, if you consider buying it, you can ensure that your money will get worth it. It is because you can still use it when you are trying to make numerous longboards. Vacuum press, as well as the coffin press, are the two major kinds of broad press.

Finish Your Deck

Carve the Shape into the Board

Get a single piece of your plywood or hardwood. Make sure that you will pick the one that has the best and smoothest look. You will place this plywood beneath the deck.

Sand the Entire Deck

Sanding will help you to ensure that your deck is scratch-free and smooth.

Cover Your Board with a Layer of Fiberglass Resin or Polyurethane Varnish

Either of the two mentioned coatings is excellent to use. It is because these two will secure that your paint is free from scratches. You can buy these coatings on skate shops or hardware stores. Look around at these stores to pick the one that is high-quality made and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Decorate Your Board

Again, Sand our Board by Your Fine-Grained Sandpaper

After sanding your board, it is the right time for you to design it. It is up to you as to which style of design you want to put on your board. You might consider using waterproof markers or paints.

Consider Putting Some Paint on Your Board

Some of you might prefer using their customized longboard with its natural wood color. But you might consider giving life on it by putting some paint colors. Decorating or painting your board with different colors is what makes it unique. In marking your design, you might use a stencil or an electrical tape.

Add Some Layer of Fiberglass Resin or Polyurethane Varnish

Putting another layer of polyurethane varnish or fiberglass resin will ensure that your design is sealed up to the board’s bottom. Make sure that you will use a clear resin or varnish. Thus, your crafted design is still visible even though it has been layered with multiple coatings.

Cover the Board’s Top with Grip Tape

Purchase some sturdy grip tape that will help you to cover the entire deck. Aside from that, the grip tape will also help you fit to stick with the board while riding at the highest speed. Make sure that you will carefully apply t on your deck. Applying the grip tape is similar in applying a sticker. To remove the excess grip tape on your board, you can use a box cutter or even a razor blade.

Use Board Wax for Barefoot Riding

If you are planning to ride on your longboard barefooted, make sure that you will use a board wax rather than a grip tape.

Attach the Wheels

Attaching the wheels is easy, most especially if you have a friend that is ready to help and accommodate you in attaching the wheels. To attach the wheels, you need to put the bearings first. Make sure that you will not push it too far. Secure your wheels by using the nuts. Make sure that you are using tight nuts to enable free and easy spinning of wheels. Aside from that, ensure that the wheels are attached straightly. It is because if it is not aligned correctly, accidents while longboarding might occur.


Making your own longboard is easy when using this article as your guide. We hope you enjoyed reading it!

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