Best Twin Fin Surfboard to Enjoy the Most of 2020

Hello, beach lovers! Are you looking for a surfboard that offers speed and maneuverability while you’re catching the waves? Then, why not use twin fin surfboards! The best twin fin is popular during the summer season and a great way to enjoy the beach this 2020.

The recent launch of the mini twin fins adds popularity to this surfboard. Guess what? The twin fin surfboards are in demand these days. So, why not choose and buy the twin fin surfboard of your choice?

We’ll talk about that in a moment.

First, let me give you a little history of twin fins. These surfboards came during the ’30s and 40s and described as “old school.” During the late 70’s Mark Richards, a four-time world champion uses it, and twin fins became a famous surfboard.

After that, many surfers became part of the “TwinFin Addiction” such as Asher Pacey and Rob Machado. Like people say,” the rest is history.”

Twin Fin Setup

Best Twin Fin Surfboard to Enjoy the Most of 2020 1

The best twin fin provides increased speed and excellent maneuverability for surfers (both newbie and pro surfers). Unlike the single fin, the twin fin surfboard offers more stability. You can also observe the twin fin board design gives a looser board than the thruster fin.

The fin shapes on a twin fin setup can be from tall to thin. Surfers can also observe fins that are short or wide. In the traditional fish, you would see that two fins have large surface areas and are broad. Twin fins are also visible on fish boards having swallowtail designs.

The best twin fin works best from 1-6 ft. Since the twin fin is loose, it’s reliable during sloppy conditions such as 2-4ft. But experienced and skilled surfers can utilize the fin in 5-6 favorable conditions or more.

Now that you have an idea of the history of twin fins and the twin fin setup let’s talk about the best twin fin surfboards you can enjoy this 2020!

Catch Surf Wave Bandit Twin Surfboard

Wave Bandit Performer TWN Surfboard, Neon Green, 4'10"
  • Custom template and rocker for high-performance surfing
  • Dual-wood Stringers and composite core made of high-pressure construction to provide maximum stiffness for speed
  • Special 4.5 inch removable and performance fin set
  • Pro-style leash attachment
  • Requires surf wax for grip

Surf Bandit offers a great surfboard that surfers can use in 2020 – the Catch Surf Wave Bandit Twin Surfboard. Alright, I’ll be honest – I love the excellent performance of this surfboard. Yes, it has beautiful features such as professional leash attachment, custom template, and more. But it’s more than that.

Buyers would like how Wave Bandit cares for beginner surfers such as your kids, for example. The Catch Surf Wave Bandit Twin Surfboard is kid-friendly, so children who want to be pro surfers would enjoy this.

That’s not all.

The excellent performance and quality of the surfboard isn’t something to ignore.

Remember: twin fin surfboards provide high speed and stability.

The Wave Bandit Twin Fin surfboard is no different. The dual-wood stringers and cords offer you the right speed you need in catching the waves.

The surfboard’s price tag is reasonable considering the quality and performance the Wave Bandit Surfboard has. Why not try your surfing skill using this twin fin surfboard?


  • Rocker and custom template
  • Dual-wood stringers
  • Composite Cords
  • Removal fin set
  • Professional leash attachment


  • Offers maximum speed
  • High quality surfboard
  • Fin set (removable)


  • Needs design improvement
  • Requires surf wax

Rock It Albert Surfboard

Rock-It 6' Albert Surfboard (White)
  • 72" x 22.4" x 3.2" (49 L)
  • perfect starter board for kids or adults up to 175lbs
  • removable performance fins
  • floaty stylish fish design
  • 2x nano-coated stringers & UV resistant soft top material

Kids and adult surfers love a quality and high-performance surfboard. The Rock-It Albert Surfboard is excellent for their surfing needs. One of the best advantages of this twin fin surfboard is the flashy design. (Get ready to look stylish when you’re facing the waves.)

The fiberglass and stringers are also assets of the Rock-It Surfboard. Why? These features add stability to the surfboard that allows you to use it easily. Here’s more: surfers weighing 175lbs can use the surfboard. So, kids and adults face no hassles in using the Albert Surfboard on their next surfing adventure in 2020.

Also, you’ll be amazed by the twin-fin design that adds satisfaction while facing the waves.


  • Stylish twin-fin design
  • Stringers and fiberglass for durability
  • Perfect for kids and adults


  • Suitable for beginners and pros
  • Floaty twin fins
  • Durable


  • Some surfers don’t like the color
  • Requires design enhancements

THURSO SURF Lancer Surfboard

THURSO SURF Lancer 5'10'' Fish Soft Top Surfboard Package Includes Twin Fins Double Stainless Steel Swivel Leash EPS Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Built in Non Slip Deck Grip (Blue)
  • THURSO SURF Lancer 5'10" kids fish tail soft top surfboard package includes one surfboard + twin fins + 6' high-end double stainless steel swivels and triple rail saver ankle leash made with strong recycled plastic / Board sizes: 5'10" x 20" x 2.75" (155 cm x 51 cm x 7 cm) / Board volume 33.6 Liter / Board weight: 6 lbs / Recommended max rider weight: 200 lbs
  • The board is designed with a focus on stability and glide for easy riding with maximum enjoyment. High density EPS core makes the board very light and buoyant. The stiff and durable EPS core is the perfect core for hours of surfing fun
  • HDPE slick bottom (heat laminated) is a strong and responsive bottom skin that adds stiffness and maximises board speed / High density durable IXPE deck (heat laminated) makes the board well cushioned and sealed to reduce risk of delamination
  • Two wood stringers will provide greater longitudinal strength, rigidity and controlled flex / Two fins adds stability / Adjustable fin box makes the board good at changing performance and easy to transport
  • Fish tail gives the board more hold and traction, provides more surface area from rail to rail, and allows for planning speed and lift. The board is popular among some high performance surfers in the nitro-small-wave hotdogger range

The THURSO SURF Lancer Surfboard isn’t an ordinary surfboard you see on the market. Well, this surfboard has impressive features such as double stainless swivels and saver ankle leash that offers excellent surfing performance.

If you weigh 200 pounds, this surfboard is right for you. (Kids and adults can enjoy it too!) Users gain stability and glide because of the surfboard’s design. The EPS core enables the board to be light and buoyant. Hence, surfers experience long hours of enjoyment on the beach.

The HDPE stick button provides stiffness and boosts board speed. Meanwhile, the IXPE deck allows the surfboard sealed and cushioned. Hence, it lessens delamination risks.

Don’t forget: The THURSO SURF Lancer Surfboard has an adjustable fin box that enables superb surfing performance.


  • Double stainless-steel swivels
  • Strong recycled plastic
  • High-density EPS core
  • HDPE stick button
  • IXPE deck
  • Wood stringers
  • Adjustable fins


  • Stiff and durable
  • Great Longitudinal strength
  • Excellent changing performance
  • Easy to use


  • Requires design improvement
  • Not suitable for surfers weighing more than 200 lbs.

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer Twin

Wave Bandit WB410T-BG Ben Gravy Performer Twin, 4'10", White
  • Endorsed by ben gravy
  • Custom template and rocker for high-performance surfing
  • Dual-wood Stringers and composite core made of high-pressure construction to provide maximum stiffness for speed
  • Special 4.5 inch removable and performance fin set included
  • Pro-style leash attachment! requires wax for grip

Ben Gravy makes an excellent decision in endorsing this performer twin surfboard. Why? The surfboard is unique in various conditions such as boat wakes, ocean wells, river waves, and more.

You can enjoy high-performance surfing because of the rocker and custom template features. (That feels great for newbie and pro surfers.)

The composite core and dual wood stringers offer maximum stiffness that results in high speed in charging the waves. The removal fin set gives an impressive quality of the best twin fin for enjoyable surfing.

Also, the leash attachment is an additional feature that adds to the overall performance of the board. If you want to enjoy surfing, then give the Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer Twin a try today!


  • Custom template and rocker for a successful surfing
  • Removal fin set accessories included
  • Composite core and stringers


  • Gives high-quality surfing
  • Offers great stiffness and speed
  • Easy to use and maneuver


  • Doesn’t performs well for some users
  • Lack of stability on water

Liquid Shredder Surfboard

Face the waves with confidence when you’re riding the Liquid Shredder Surfboard. As one of the top-quality surfboards in the market, this surfboard provides excellent performance. The Shred-Comfort EPE deck is comfortable to use because of its soft texture.

The laminated heat construction and removal twin fins make the Liquid Shredder Surfboard easy and enjoyable to use. The fishtail and retro-rounded nose features add to the uniqueness of this board. The leash plug accessory makes the surfboard an excellent choice by surfers from different parts of the world.

I’m sure you would enjoy using Liquid Shredder on summer vacation this 2020. Why? The laminated heat construction makes the board durable in withstanding constant use. So, you would enjoy using this board with your family for many years.


  • Wooden stringers
  • Removal twin fins
  • Leash connection
  • Comfortable EPE deck
  • Fish shape surfboard


  • Wide and convenient to use
  • Reliable twin fins included
  • Easy to remove twin fins


  • Not durable like other surfboards
  • The surfboard is quite heavy

BIC Sport G-Board Surfboard

BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard, Yellow, 7-Feet x 22-Inch
  • Soft Surfboard construction to make learning to surf Easy and Fun
  • Soft 'No Wax' deck
  • Complete with Thruster Tri Fins ( Twin on 5'6" Model)
  • Internal Twin Reinforced Composite stringers for added durability, stiffness and performance

Introducing one of the four models in the G-Board series – the BIC Sport G-Board Surfboard. The surfboard is an excellent surfboard for kids and adults. Well, one of the reasons is it has composite reinforced stringers giving additional strength and stiffness.

I’m amazed by how the G-Board models meet the surfing needs of people. The BIC Sport Surfboard is proof that satisfaction comes from high quality surfboards. Thus, expect enjoyable and quality surfing with this surfboard.

The composite stringers make your surfing fun and comfortable. Both young and old surfers agree that the BIC Sport surfboard is an enjoyable surfboard to use. (I wouldn’t argue with that after seeing the features and performance of this board.)

But here’s another surprising thing: the surfboard is durable and lightweight. That means you can use it at any time for several years. By the way, like the other surfboards on this list, it’s very affordable too!


  • Soft surfboard construction
  • Composite reinforced stringers
  • Premium and easy to use the board


  • Increased stiffens and strength
  • Comfortable to use
  • Lightweight and excellent performance


  • Some surfers don’t like the color
  • Needs design improvements

Wave Rebel Flogger Surfboard

Wave Rebel Flogger Hybrid Surfboard, Blue, 52"
  • Designed for the advanced rider
  • Camera mount on nose and hand bulbs on nose for better grip. Pp bottom with channels. Includes fins but can be ridden without fins
  • EPS core constructions with hope deck, free stringer, and is heat laminated
  • Length 52 in -- widest point 19.5 in -- thickness 2.5 in
  • Recommended for riders 120-200 lbs and 5'4 inch -6' tall

If you’re not familiar with Wave Rebel, then let’s talk about the Wave Rebel Flogger Surfboard. The Wave Rebel surfboard has fantastic features that match your surfing expectations. For example, it has the hand bulbs and camera mount for a better grip. You can also use the Pp buttons while you’re on the beach.

That’s not all. Surfers would be happy seeing the EPS core constructions and hope deck that offers the maximum performance of the board. Unlike other surfboards, the Wave Rebel Flogger Surfboard has a free stringer that adds stiffness and speed to the surfboard. (Well, young and old surfers would enjoy catching the waves.)

Don’t worry if you weigh 200 pounds; you can still use the Wave Rebel surfboard. (Adults weighing more than 120 pounds would enjoy riding this board.)

Knowing the price, you would also be satisfied. The Wave Rebel Flogger Surfboard is more than 100 bucks only, so it’s worth it!


  • Free stringer
  • EPS core construction
  • Pp buttons with channels
  • Camera mount
  • Hand bulbs


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • High-quality and performance surfboard
  • Heat laminated
  • Very affordable


  • Designed for advanced riders

Catch Surf Beater Pro Surfboard

No products found.

Here’s another high-quality surfboard from Catch Surf that surfers would enjoy using this 2020 – the Catch Surf Beater Pro Surfboard. Okay, a 4.0 rating on Amazon isn’t a joke, so you might be curious knowing why consumers give a high rating like that.

Let me answer that.

Like other surfboards, Catch Surf Beater Pro Surfboard has excellent features that beginner and even professional surfers like. One of these is the handy and easy to use twin fin setup. (Surfers wouldn’t experience any hassles when it comes to speed due to the best twin fin.)

Next, you’ll find dual-composite core and wood stringers on the surfboards. Hence, expect stiff and pace while you’re riding this board. Also, the surfboard has tapered D-rails and a twin-channel crescent tail.

Don’t forget: surfboards wouldn’t be complete without an HDPE slick skin and PE deck. (With these features, surfers experience comfort and safety in riding the board.) Why? The HPDE slick skin is impact resistant. So, don’t worry about big waves too much!


  • Twin fin set up
  • PE deck
  • Twin-channel crescent tail
  • Dual composite core
  • HPDE slick skin


  • Provides speed and stability
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great features


  • Some surfers don’t like the color
  • Need design improvements

Wave Bandit Shred Sled Twin

Wave Bandit Shred Sled 48 Twin, Neon Green
  • Best value, size and shape for kids looking to start performance surfing
  • Special Dual-composite core made of high-pressure construction to provide stiffness for speed
  • Safety twin fins are easily removable
  • Leash plug with pro-style leash
  • Requires surf wax for grip

For beginner surfers, this is one of the best surfboards they can use. Why? Wave Bandit Shred Sled Twin has excellent features that add to your surfing enjoyment. For example, the dual composite core is a certified high-pressure construction that provides stiffness for speed. (If you’re a newbie surfer, you would want to experience the speed you desire.)

The leash plug and pro leash make this surfboard quality made. But that’s only a few of the features that make this board a stand out for new surfers.

Be amazed by the safety twin fins that are easy to remove. (Wow, if you prefer to surf without fins, you can do it using this surfboard.) You can attach the fins anytime so hassles in using the best twin fin on your next surf.

Designed for kids, Wave Bandit Shred Sled Twin is an affordable surfboard. Yes, children can enjoy surfing riding this board. Let kids have fun and experience while on the beach. Use this surfboard today, and you would feel satisfied.

Come and try the best value surfboard for kids!


  • Perfect size and shape for young surfers
  • Dual-composite core
  • Safety twin fins
  • Leash plug


  • High-quality surfboard
  • Easy to carry and maneuver
  • Offers speed
  • Removable fins


  • Needs surf wax for grip
  • Requires other designs

CWB Connelly Bentley Board

CWB Connelly Bentley Wakesurf Board 4'9", Hybrid Shape w/Twin Fins
  • 4'9"
  • Hybrid design
  • Thermo Shell construction
  • 1 piece EVA pad
  • Twin FCS 3. 6” fins

Let’s now come to the Connelly surf line. If you’re not familiar with the CWB Connelly Bentley Board, it’s best to try this surfboard right now!


The surfboard has a new construction process that offers excellent performance for any surfer. The Thermo Shell provides lightweight and durability advantage that surfers love. Get ready to experience unique performance capabilities using this surfboard.

Wait – because there’s more.

The Bentley comes shaped using surf design that makes a fast and maneuverable surfboard for newbie and pro surfers. Most surfers are impressed by how the Bentley board outperforms other surfboards in the market.

Well, you have to discover that when you ride the Bentley surfboard. Also, the flat foil fins offer a reliable drive and grip once you’re facing waves. If you think this surfboard is right for you, come now and buy the Bentley surfboard today!


  • Thermo Shell Construction
  • Surf design
  • Flat foil fins
  • New construction process


  • Offers stiffness and speed
  • Affordable surfboard
  • Gives excellent grip and drive
  • High performance


  • The fins might break free
  • Some surfers don’t like the color and design

There you have it! The best twin fin surfboards you would enjoy. Now, here’s the question: which among these twin fin surfboards you like to buy?

I guess some of you don’t have answers yet. Don’t worry! You would decide soon. Well, buyers need to be wise in choosing and buying the twin fin boards they like. So, let’s get to that now.

What to Watch Out for Before Buying a Twin Fin Surfboard?

Many twin fin surfboards are available online. Yes, you have different choices. Surfboards have distinct features, and others are cheaper than other surfboards. Now, what do you think is the best surfboard for you?

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – you’re not sure about the surfboard you’re buying. So, don’t pull out your wallet yet, and let’s first determine the essential things to watch out before buying your twin fin surfboard. The following are buying guide essentials in choosing a quality surfboard.


Surfers are observant when it comes to the surfboard materials. Some twin fins surfboards come from plastic, wood, or stainless steel. You can even find these materials on one board, depending on the product you would buy.

The common surfboard materials, such as stainless steel and plastic, are good choices. These are the right combinations that result in the performance of the surfboard. You’re welcome to check other materials such as wood, but this depends on your preference.


Surfers are aware that surfboard features add to their buying decisions. Features make a twin fin surfboard unique and standout. A few of the notable features you would find in twin fin surfboards are stringers, composite core, fin, pro-style leash, and many more.

Consider the features you like before buying a surfboard. Some surfers also consider the surfboard accessories that add to their satisfaction. Choose a surfboard that you’re comfortable using the features.


Twin fin surfboards are agile and maneuverable. Hence, you can use or turn these quickly while you’re surfing. But take note – not all twin fin surfboards don’t excel much in a performance like other surfboards.

So, buyers need to make sure that the surfboards they would buy are excellent in performance. For example, you get speed using the best twin fin on the surfboard. The surfboard also needs to provide floatability and stability while you’re on the water.

(A surfer who faces waves at sea requires a surfboard that offers excellent performance.


Twin fin surfboard’s price tag depends on the size, materials, and surfboard brand. So, buyers need to have a sufficient budget for buying surfboard.

Most twin fin surfboards on our list aren’t more than 200 bucks. So, you wouldn’t face hassles in buying the product. Consumers who are on a tight budget would consider quality over the price. That’s also good. A right quality surfboard assures long-lasting use, unlike other boards.

But high-quality twin fin surfboards are quite expensive than boards having cheap price tags. No problem. You can buy the item once you have sufficient cash for it. If you need the surfboard ASAP, you can still buy quality but affordable surfboards.

(Feel free to choose the items on this review and choose the product you like. Click the product name that would direct you to Amazon.)

Buying Advice

The best twin fins are available on Amazon today. You check out the product first (features, quality, performance) before you conclude your buying decision. Double-check the outcome of your choice before making a purchase.

Consider your cash on hand before you pay for the product.

Remember: wise buyers don’t forget to check their money before buying a product

Feel free to ask your friends what they think about the product you like. Your friends would give you advice on whether to buy or not a surfboard. You can also ask pro surfers, and they would offer tips if the surfboard is right for you or not.

But in the end, it’s still your decision and choice. Consider if the twin fin surfboard is right for you. Check if the product meet’s your preference. Then, get ready to experience the satisfaction that you deserve.


The best twin fin surfboards offer fantastic features, performance, and satisfaction. Enjoy surfing on the beach while you let ride the surfboard of your choice. Choose the twin fin surfboard that agile, fast, and maneuverable.

The surfboard needs to provide the terrific speed that keeps you on the edge of enjoyment and excitement all the time. Take a chance on the top twin fin surfboards and experience a high level of fun and excitement.

Come now and be prepared for the fantastic surfing experience of your life! Choose and ride twin fin surfboards today!


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