Best Single Fin Surfboard You Must Have in 2020

Have you tried using a single fin surfboard? If not, now is the time to check this out. The best single fin surfboard offers speed, and smooth, slow turns. So, surfers experience an awesome surfing experience using this surfboard.

You can see single fins on longboards (both in a box setup and glass-on setup boards). The glass-on fin is fiber glassed to the surfboard. But most surfers no longer ride single fin surfboards. Well, no one can blame them. Surfers often stick to famous surfboards in this modern era.

So, you wouldn’t use a single fin surfboard this 2020?

Wrong. Surfers also gain excellent performance using single fins and get ready for the enjoyment single fin surfboard offers you!

Let me spice up your curiosity a little more.

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What You Didn’t Know About Single Fin Surfboards?

Best Single Fin Surfboard You Must Have in 2020 1

Back then, people use 100-pound redwood surfboards that don’t have fins but have a round bottom. Surfers acquire lateral drag because of the round bottom of the board.

Then, Tom Blake surfboards enter the surfing world. Unlike the conventional surfboards, Tom Bake boards have a quasi-bottom and square rails. Yes, these boards have no fins, so surfers experience a hassle surfing a straight line.

A solution came from the belief that flat bottoms having sharp-edges holds on the surfboard. (But a surfer loses control because the board’s bottom fleeces the water off its rails.) Blake adds a metallic ski kneel on the surfboards back. Alas, single fin surfboards are born!

Surfboard makers at that time did several experiments to enhance a single fin surfboard’s performance. Kivlin, Quigg, and Simmons make sure that there’s enough drag guiding the board in straight lines. In the late 50s, the surfboard sizes increased. After a decade, people are no longer interested in D fins but prefer complex fin designs.

Then in 1968, surfers began using single fin surfboards you see today!

Surfers gain fun and enjoyment using the best single fin surfboard, and you can experience it too! Expect a laid-back rid with a slow and smooth turn using a single fin board.

So, let me introduce you to the top single fin surfboards you should have in 2020!

Catch Surf Odysea Single Fin

Catch Surf Odysea 8'0" Plank- Single Fin
  • Special Fin Box that Accepts any Standard Longboard Fin
  • 7. 5” Performance Single Fin Included
  • Super-Fun for all Skill Levels
  • Triple Maple-Ply Stringers!
  • Designed by Catch Surf in California, U. S. A.

Get ready to experience a new surfing style with the Catch Surf Odysea surfboard. After seeing this surfboard on Amazon, I thought it’s similar to the other boards you see on the market. I’m wrong. Odysea is a great surfboard to ride If you’re looking for thrill and excitement on the water.

First time single fin board users might take time adjusting to the single fin style. Once you get it, you can surf like a pro. You can pump down the line easily with this surfboard, so no hassles in riding the surfboard. The Catch Surf Odysea offers stability when you’re trimming down the straight line. Experience a fantastic hold as you charge a small wave using the Catch Surfboard.

That’s not all. Since the surfboard only has a single fin, surfers experience less drag. (Hence, surfers achieve smooth and easy performance in catching waves. If you want good unbroken sweeping turns, the Catch Surf Odysea surfboard is right for you!

Prepare to experience a glided-oriented style using this surfboard!


  • Includes a special fin box
  • Has a great single fin
  • Triple maple stringers
  • Awesome design


  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Great surfboard materials
  • Easy to use
  • Offers smooth surfing


  • Surfers need surfing style adjustment
  • Pricey unlike other surfboards

Boardworks Froth! Surfboard

Boardworks Froth! | Soft Top Surfboard | Single Fin | Longboard Surf Board | 9' | Papaya
  • Created for fun and versatility with generous volume
  • Can be used by beginners, rippers, and wake surfers
  • Light, yet durable construction makes it Super user friendly and fun for all abilities
  • Froth brand recognized in the wall street journal's gear & gadgets column as "game changing gear"
  • Soft EVA outer skin wraps a fully glassed EPS foam core

Come and get fun and versatility using this surfboard! Boardworks give you satisfaction while you’re in the water riding an amazing board.


The light a durable surfboard is user-friendly, so you can try out different moves while surfing with your friends. Due to its light construction, you don’t face troubles using it. (Hey, surfers want a reliable and easy to use surfboard and Boardworks give it to them.) I agree with other surfers that Boardworks did a great job offering this surfboard.


Boardworks has great features such as EPS foam core, HDPE slick bottom, future fin boxes, and more. With these features, surfers experience a terrific surfing experience. Froth surfboards have rigid epoxy boards having real maple stringer. You would observe that a soft HDPE outer skin wraps a resin hot coat.

For additional safety and durability, the surfboard’s nose and tail have high-density EVA. Don’t forget the real fin boxes are also great features that make the Boardworks surfboard fun to use at the beach.

Here’s a trivia for surfers: Did you know that the Froth brand is recognized as a “game-changing gear” in a column under Wall Street Journal?

Thus, why not try the Boardworks Froth! Surfboard now!


  • Soft EVA outer skin
  • EPS foam core
  • HDPE Slick bottom
  • Premium fins and fin boxes


  • Durable and versatile
  • User-friendly
  • Best features
  • Perfect for newbie and pro surfers


  • Needs design improvements
  • Some surfers don’t like the color

Odysea Plank 6’0

No products found.

The Odysea Plank surfboard is another board that you should have in 2020. Why? Surfers would enjoy the fun and excitement in riding this surfboard. No doubt, Odysea isn’t left behind when it comes to speed, comfort, and satisfaction. New and old surfers love catching the waves faster, and the Odysea surfboard gives it to them.

I’m surprised by the user-friendly features of this surfboard, so you’ll like it too! Surfers can do arcing turns hassle-free because of the great performance of the board. (Well, I admit that a surfboard’s performance matters to me and the Odysea Plank doesn’t disappoint.)

The Odysea Plank surfboard has triple maple-ply stringers for speed and smooth turns. The bumper-tail PE deck and the HDPE slick bottom excellent features any surfer wouldn’t ignore. The Odysea Plank gives a successful performance that any surfer loves.

Catch Surf’s Throwback design caught my attention and other surfers as well. The design is fantastic for surfers who want an “old school” appearance on their surfboard. If you like to catch waves riding the Odysea Plank surfboard, here’s your chance to do it.

Come and try the Odysea Plank board today!


  • Triple Maple-Ply Stringers
  • HDPE slick bottom
  • Bumper-Tail PE Deck
  • Throwback design
  • Special fi box


  • High-quality surfboard
  • Durable
  • User-friendly
  • Creative design


  • Unbalanced for some surfers
  • Requires adjustment for beginners

Odysea Catch Surf Single Fin Surfboard

Get ready to enjoy the beach and of course – the waves in 2020 riding the Odysea Catch Surf surfboard! Like other Odysea surfboards, this single fin surfboard offers excellent performance for surfers. The 6’0 size is perfect for new and pro surfers who like to have fun and enjoy at the beach.

That doesn’t stop there!

The Odysea Catch Surfboard has a crescent board tail and 3 stringers. The board slick is HDPE and has a combo core. (Honestly, I’m glad that the Odysea Catch Surfboard has these features because these boost the surfboard’s overall performance.)

Surfers can do smooth turns while on the water with the Odysea Catch Surf. You can start trimming a straight line as you catch the waves riding this surfboard. You’ll be satisfied with doing stylish bottom turns with Odysea.

Experience surfing fun to the next level because of the Triple Maple-Ply Stringers and HDPE slick bottom of the surfboard. The Old-School PE deck also catches surfer’s attention. I admire Odysea Catch Surf for having these features. (You would like the surfboard too once you try it!)

The Throwback design is unique, and Catch Surf doesn’t disappoint surfers. Unlike other single fin surfboards, the Odysea Catch Surf has a creative design a surfer likes.

When it comes to the price, the best single fin surfboard has a reasonable price tag. Other surfboards have lower prices than the Odysea Catch Surf, but it’s worth it considering Odysea surfboards performance.


  • HPDE slick bottom
  • Triple Maple-Ply Stringers
  • Bumper Tail PE deck
  • Throwback design


  • Amazing performance in catching waves
  • User-friendly surfboard
  • Durable
  • Great design


  • Some surfers face hassles doing turns
  • No mesh

Retro Eggs

Paragon Surfboards Retro Egg Surfboard | Fun & Easy to Ride Single Fin Performance Surf Board Ideal for Intermediate Surfers | 6'6"x 22.06"x 2.75" | Eggplant
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE SHAPE: Paragon's Retro Egg features what you'd expect from a high-end performance board: a 7 inch single fin (FIN INCLUDED), a low rocker, unique bottom contours, 6oz top and bottom glass job and a gloss finish.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of polyurethane (PU), this board is light yet extremely strong and durable and has proven to perform in a wide variety of wave conditions.
  • EASY TO USE FOR ALL SURFING LEVELS: Perfectly suited for beginner and intermediate surfers up to 200lbs, this board let's you catch more waves thanks to its generous 44L of volume.
  • THE PERFECT SHAPE TO IMPROVE : This 6’6″x 22.06″x 2.75″ Retro Egg is the guarantee for smooth turns, with an ideal size to transition from a longboard to a shortboard.This makes it the ultimate board to take your surfing to the next level!
  • REFUND/RETURN POLICY: Returns/refunds are available for surfboards that arrive damaged due to shipping. Returns/refunds will not be made for accidental purchases, changes of heart, or instances where a surfboard has been used.

Beginner and intermediate surfers like Retro Eggs surfboard because of its high-quality performance and features. I’m amazed at how the surfboard gives satisfaction to surfers. (I’m a beach lover, and Retro Eggs is a perfect companion when I’m charging the waves. As a high-end performance surfboard, the Retro Eggs board has lots of features surfers like.

Besides the 7-inches single fin, the best single fin surfboard has unique bottom contours, low rocker, gloss finish, and a top/bottom glass job. (Even if you’re not a pro surfer yet, you would love to see how these features add to the surfboard’s performance.)

Retro Eggs has excellent construction that you can also find on other single fin surfboards. The surfboard has a polyurethane (PU) material that makes the board durable and light. Hence, you can use Retro Eggs in different wave conditions. If you’re a beginner and intermediate surfer weighing 200 pounds, Retro Eggs surfboard is right for you!

Surfers can perform smooth turns using Retro Eggs. The surfboard shape guarantees an ultimate surfing experience you wouldn’t forget.

Feel free to call Paragon Surfboards if you other inquiries about Retro Eggs or come here and see other details of the product.


  • Unique bottom contours
  • Top/bottom glass job
  • Gloss finish
  • 7 inches single fin


  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate surfers
  • Perfect for various surfing conditions
  • Light and durable
  • Great shape


  • A little pricey
  • Lacks surfboard accessories


NSP PROTECH Longboard Surfboard | FINS Included | Durable All Around Long Board SURF Board (8'6" x 22 1/4" x 2 7/8" @ 64.4L)
  • INCLUDES FINS | 8" Nylon Center Fin and M3 FCS Side Fins
  • VERSATILE DESIGN | From Performance Longboarding to Riding the Nose.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION | Built in Long Lasting Protech Construction Using 2 Layers of 6oz Fiberglass Cloth and Our Proprietary Carbon Flex Tail Laminated in Certified Bio Epoxy Resin

The best-selling longboard in the world is here – NSP PROTECH EPOXY Surfboard! Surfers who are looking for a quality and high-performance surfboard would be happy to ride this one. You can execute smooth turns without hassles riding this longboard on water.

Both new and old surfers would feel excited and thrilled, catching waves with NSP PROTECH EPOXY longboard. If you’re more than 200 pounds, you’re welcome to ride this surfboard. With a lightweight and durable construction, surfers get a user-friendly experience. The longboard’s perfect shape and performance match to a surfer’s expectations. (I admit that a surfboard-like this is a must-have in 2020.) Surfers can observe that there are two layers of fiberglass cloth and carbon flexi tail on the surfboard.

Besides the center (single fin), surfers can also add side fins to the surfboard. (It depends on your preference if you like to add side fins or not.) For example, surfers who like to double up their speed can add side fins. The NSP surfboard has M3 FCS fins.

NSP PROTECH EPOXY Surfboard has a long-lasting impression because of its durability. The surfboard’s features boost the quality and uniqueness of the item. I admire how NSP offers a durable and reliable surfboard like this.

The surfboard’s performance is noteworthy even for beginners. You would like the swiftness of the board in catching waves. So, give this surfboard a try, and you wouldn’t regret bringing the board on your next vacation in 2020.


  • Nylon center fins and M3 FCS fins
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Versatile design
  • Carbon flex tail


  • User-friendly
  • Durable surfboard
  • Lightweight
  • Great design


  • Some surfers face stability issues
  • The board’s shape needs improvement

Catch Surf Odysea Plank Surfboard

Do you want to have fun while you’re on the beach? Why not bring the Catch Surf Odysea Plank Surfboard with you?

Alright, I’ll be honest: I like the catch surf designs, and this surfboard doesn’t disappoint me. (Well, Catch Surf surfboards give an excellent design that most surfers love.) I love the awesome performance of the Catch Surfboard (and you too if you ride this surfboard.)

First, the surfboard’s performance is great because of its design and features. But guess what? It’s more than that. (Yes, you’re right if you’re expecting something more!)

The surfboard’s single fin design enables surfers to trim straight lines. You would be confident showing off your moves even if you’re not pro yet. Surfers gain stability that makes surfing fun and enjoyable for them. (If you like stable balance while floating on water, Catch Surf Odysea Plank Surfboard is right for you!)

The dual composite foam and triple maple-ply stringers offer an excellent floatation you would enjoy. The HDPE bottom and PE gives a durable and sleek surface on the surfboard. Hence, surfers gain satisfaction while they’re on the beach. With the surfboard’s durable surface, expect surfing on the next level.

Catch Surf Odysea Plank Surfboard is an excellent board for beginners, and even the pro surfers would like it too! So, come and try another Catch Surf creation, and you would be satisfied with the performance of this surfboard.

Now that you know the best single fin surfboards to buy in 2020, do you know how a single fin surfboard ride?

No might be your answer. Well. I can’t blame you. Few surfers today use single fin boards, as mentioned. Many surfers think that the best single fin surfboard to be the retro surfboard, while others as outdated.

Hence, not many surfers have experienced using any of the single fin surfboards. But you are willing to ride a single fin board. Thus, you need to know what to expect when you’re about to ride a single fin surfboard.

Yes, don’t worry if you don’t have any idea. I’ll show you what to expect in riding a single fin board.

How Does a Single Surfboard Ride?

Most surfers have experienced riding a twin fin or thruster fin surfboard but not on a single fin board. So, they don’t know if riding the best single fin surfboard is enjoyable or not.

What do you think?

Of course, yes! Though most single fin boards are outdated, it still provides an enjoyable way of surfing. I call it “a new surfing style that’s fun and enjoyable.” A single fin board teaches you to face what any wave condition might offer.

For me, this is the right time to discover and develop your surfing skills. When a surfer faces various wave conditions, he or she learns how to balance, control and surfboard, etc. Then, you learn to make straight lines that lead to satisfaction when you reach the shore.

Expect a fast approach in catching small waves since single fins offer less drag on the board. Thus, you would achieve an excellent speed each time you’re on the water.

But that’s only the beginning of the excitement with single fins.


Surfers can expect smooth turns that are flowing and fluid that leads to a great style and form. Thus, you get great and unbroken turns that you wouldn’t experience when you’re using multi-fin surfboards.

Remember: using a single fin surfboard results in a glide-oriented surfing style you want to experience.

But here a few things if It’s your first time using a single fin surfboard:

  • Surfers might require adjustments when they’re riding the board. (Since it’s a different surfboard, surfers should learn the style that goes along with single fins.)
  • You face difficulty in making your speed when you’re catching waves. (Don’t worry! The best single fin surfboard teaches you to face anything the waves would give.)
  • Surfer experience short delays in maneuvering the single fin board. (For surfers, this isn’t a big deal because they would develop the style they like in time.)

The Single Fin Surfboard Style

Yes, we know it – most surfers today are interested in tri-fin surfboards. I can’t argue with that. The active style and various tri-fin surfboards spark interest to most surfers. But have you asked this question before:

How does it feel being a single fin surfer?

Admit it – some of you are curious about what’s the feeling riding a single fin surfboard. Alright, the feeling is terrific and of course – the surfing style is different. While riding a single fin board, you get a smooth style that appeals to your senses. (Wow, that’s an interesting one!)

Have you seen 1970s surfers who are using arcing turns while close to the wave’s sources? That’s the style you get if you’re riding a single fin board. It’s simple. The single fin surfer blends into the outline and shape of the wave. Once you do this style, it’s tough to replicate. (Be proud once you achieve the unique style using your single fin surfboard.

Surfers who want to learn the style practice get the single fin style. Who knows, other surfers might even learn to appreciate the outdated style that still remains beautiful today!

Buying Advice

Surfers who aren’t familiar with single fin surfboards would have a hard time choosing the right board for them. No problem. You can buy the best single fin surfboard by considering the following:

Materials – the surfboard’s quality depends on the materials it has. Choose a single fin surfboard having the best materials that make it light but durable. Don’t forget that the board’s materials are essential parts of boosting a surfboard’s performance.

Surfer’s Weight – Your weight also plays a huge role in choosing a single fin surfboard. Why? If you weigh more than the surfboard, you wouldn’t have stability and balance while you’re catching waves. A single fin board that accommodates 200 pounds or less is a wise choice.

Surfboard’s Performance – Most surfers think about the surfboard’s performance than their budget. You see, single fin surfers gain satisfaction if they choose a quality and high-performance surfboard. Thanks to a surfboard’s features, a single fin board’s performance is top-notch.

Yes, surfers don’t forget their budget in buying a single fin surfboard. If you have a tight budget, stick to surfboards that are less than 500 bucks. Buyers who have large money can buy surfboards that are more than $500 up.


Single fin surfboards offer a style that’s unique and beautiful. If you often ride twin or tri-fin surfboards, why not give single fin boards a chance? These surfboards are also powerful when it comes to speed. You’re welcome to choose the surfboard you like above and enjoy a high-level surfing experience!

Come now and let single fin surfboards change your surfing style!



Written by BeachAhoi

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