TOP 5 Best Penny Board That Will Worth Your Money in 2020

If it happens that you are someone who is so much inclined with having a lot of adventures of your own, you might as well have fun while doing skateboarding. The likes can be so much fun and enjoyable for you to experience. Skateboarding is indeed a form or a category of sports wherein it gets to involve various types of rides and exhibitions or tricks with obviously making use of a skateboard. If you also happen to have a dull time of yourself or a leisure time which you could probably use and expedite, you could go and try skateboarding for you to be overwhelmed.

It would actually help you to be able to make use of your time by performing such recreation activity which would really be so much entertaining much on your part. Likewise, if it happens so as well that you do not have anything to ride on. Maybe because there are no available vehicles which would transport you from a place to another which would only just require you not much of your time. You could try to make use of a skateboard at least as this would help you be able to go to a place that you get to desire.

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Making use of a skateboard would actually help you be able to do and perform a lot of things which are very much beneficial on your part. But also, you could get into a lot of accidents or injuries as well if it happens that you get to perform such activity with its not so proper ways and means though. If you are not that so pro or a veteran in performing skateboarding, you might actually see yourself getting so messed up in a way that you could get easily stoop down or attain various cracks on your boards as well.

If you get to be unlucky enough, you could even get a lot of bruises as well especially if you are not so comfortable with what you are using and if ever you get to be so much not careful when performing such activity. Although yes, you might actually be able to stop such things or accidents to happen. These injuries would likely happen in a rare moment. If you can practice the things necessary for you and if you do it the accurate way, you would have no problem at all.

When you have your own skateboard, you should be at least very much familiar when it comes to the things to be taken of consideration, including as well the safety gears you need to wear on such activities. There is that equipment which is very much standardized for every skateboarder or rider to ensure him or her so as he or she would not get into any trouble at all.

There is that common equipment which would actually be of so much use in a way that you have to really take a lot of effort and time in order for you to use it the proper and accurate manner though.

Aside from taking into considerations various equipment, you must also be well equipped with the necessary precautionary measures or benefits as well that you would get to entail whenever you have a skateboard with you.

If ever you would really want to have a performance of your own making use of a skateboard, you must make use of such by having yourself a very much informative ways and means to be provided with the things to take into consideration that aids you to be able to achieve a happy, joyful and informative experience of yours when it comes to skateboarding.

You must always bear in mind to have the utmost stability and balance when performing skateboarding

Most of the time and the common cases that a certain skateboarder or rider would get to have is the problem of being able to keep his or her stability when making him or herself the exhibitions, tricks or simply riding his or her skateboard.

Since there could be a lot of people like them who want to ride a skateboard, there could be chances that there would be a lot of chaos when it comes to riding in a sense that a lot could possibly be of many difficulties when riding on the streets. There could be a lot of people who would get to ride and bump with each other which would really result to injuries and accidents though.

Moreover, there could also be some riders who would have a lot of things on their hands or maybe they have their backpacks with them yet of so many things inside. In other words, there could have been a lot of things packed inside their backpacks that is why this could somehow hinder them from moving freely though.

Also, this could even lead to a lot of unnecessary things, such as being outbalanced. So, if ever you have to perform any skateboarding activity, you must always keep in mind to have yourself the lightest weight possible things with you so as for you not to get injured or any accidents as well.

You must keep within yourself to always be as safe and secure as possible

Most of the time, a lot of skaters would really be longing for a more adventurous way of having their skateboards with them. Skating on the streets, strolling in the park, well these are way too simple things for them to do that is why if possible, they ask for a more intense and thrilling place to go and have their skateboards with them.

Instead of having their activities on a flat and smooth surface, some would even dare to have it on some slippery rocks or even muddy pathways as well. By just imagining such places, it would really give you chills as you would get to wonder how would this even be possible when in the first place, it would really be much hard for one to have their activities with such environment or areas.

If you happen to be on a country where cold breeze and winter would definitely get to meet you if you are that adventurous type of person, you would even go and try to have your skateboard with you on such climate. Even though you would get to encounter a lot of snowy trails and as well as frozen streams, you would still be more thrilled to go after with that type of climate though.

But, as a skater, you must always bear in mind that when skating, it must not be only just the thrills and suspense. You must always have to take into consideration your own safety and security because what would such an enjoyable and thrilling activity give you if you happen to get hurt or injured right? All the beauty in all things you get to perceive just mean nothing if you would not be careful specially when taking care of yourself.

You might as well make use of your boards to be a way for you to defend yourself from anything

As the moment you get to have your skateboard with you, it is very much inevitable then for you to get to face and encounter a lot of dilemmas. If you really are that adventurous type of person, you would obviously be able to encounter a lot of let us say wild animals if you happen to find yourself the best way for you to have your skating activity in the wilderness.

You might then get to think of the possible consequences you could get to face if ever you get to beat an animal because of the animal cruelty that is very much known and eminent to a lot of people. But then, if it happens to be just for your very own self-defense, it seems like it would not matter though anymore.

As for the bad or evil people, say those who are involved with a lot of crimes, you can get rid of them though by making use of your skateboard. You could actually be able to use it as your self-defense, especially if you are a woman and a man starts to mock you or molest you. Indeed, you would really get to realize the essence and the benefits that you would get to entail by having such skateboard with you because if you happen to get attacked by someone in the future, either by an animal or a human and you do not have anything else with you but only your skateboard, you could make use of it then to save yourself.

But then, aside from providing you with a lot of necessary advantages of making use of such skateboard and as well as those necessary things you have to be equipped with when having such, you must also be provided with one of the types of skateboard which could really get you captivated.

There are really a lot of types or forms of a skateboard. Maybe you would not have heard all about it already but with this article, you would be more knowledgeable about a certain type of which – a penny board.

If you would get to hear the terms, what might come to your mind is that it deals with coins or pennies though. Apparently, a penny board is actually referred to as a mini-cruiser or tiny skateboard and also known as a shorter version of cruiser. You can get awesome boards made out of wooden in the market but the best quality of penny boards is made out of plastic material. This type of skateboard was introduced in the Australian market and the very first penny board was made in 1973 by Larry Stevenson and now became popular in the world.

Some people get confused between with the idea of a mini skateboard specifically the 22-penny board and 27 nickel board, but the secret idea is that the number 22 and 27 indicates its length size so we can conclude that their main difference is the size.

Teenagers seem to likely use penny boards over nickel board though they are both similar in sizes. These top 5 best penny boards include the best penny boards in the market dedicated to people who are looking for good recommendations

1. Mini Cruiser Board from Cal 7 Complete in 22-Inch

Cal 7 22.5" Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard (Melrose)
  • DECK SIZE — 22.5 X 6" plastic deck easily fits into a carry-on or backpack.
  • DECK SIZE — 22.5 X 6" plastic deck easily fits into a carry-on or backpack.
  • TRUCKS — 3.125" aluminium alloy trucks
  • BEARINGS — ABEC-7 bearings
  • WHEELS — 60mm 78A wheels are super durable for a smooth, fast ride.

This mini-cruiser is known to be very easy to maneuver and has lightweight features brought by its length of 22 inches. This mini board is ready to go right out of its box when you order this board because it arrives fully assembled. It also allows you to find a color scheme that suits your personality because of its huge range and varieties of colors whether its orange wheels and pink board or choosing board in black color partnered with transparent wheels.

Talking about the wheels of Cal 7 Complete, they have and feature ABEC7 bearings in 60mm wheels size. And this mini cruiser belies the affordable price that is available for because it offers top-quality performance despite being in small size.

Advantages of this Cal 7 mini cruisers are as follows:

  • Has a 22-inch length
  • Has a variety of color and color schemes
  • Built to have lightweight features
  • It comes with great price
  • And includes and ABEC7 bearings
  • People have liked it because its available price is hard to believe for the quality and personalization it offers through its huge range of colors

2. Skateboard from Rimable 22” Complete

RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard
  • Rimable Plastic Cruiser Fully Assembled
  • 22'' Long x 6'' Wide Deck With 100% Fresh Material
  • High Quality 3” Thick Aluminium Trucks
  • Super Smooth PU Wheel With High Speed Bearing
  • Max Load Weight 198 LB (90KGS)

This mini cruiser skateboard can bear up to 80 kilograms of weight although it is very small in size. Its trucks are thick and made up of Aluminum which allows it to stand this much weight and support the board completely. This is a 1970 plastic board reissue but with a though of modernization. The print of the board matches with the wheels that’s why this is good for both kids and adults so they can get a uniform and age-appropriate look. This also comes complete and would not consume your time to assemble it. Thus, it is ready to hit the ground as soon as it gets out of its box. Lastly compared with Penny skateboards which can be a little expensive for a skateboard, this one comes with a super affordable pricing.

3. 22 inches Skatro Mini Cruiser

Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete. Model: Blue Ocean
  • Performance - Abec 7 Skatro Bearings; 59MM Urethane Skatro wheels; 3inch lightweight aluminum trucks
  • Skatro Flexy Technology - A proprietary manufacturing process that ensures optimal flex on every board
  • Amazing Value - Skatro outperforms many of the leading brands and sells for a fraction of the cost
  • Commuting has never been so easy - Take this board on the subway, plane, train, and bus with ease
  • Includes T-tool - All Skatro Boards come standard with a color matching T-tool. This is a $10 value

Indicated from its name this mini cruiser has a Skatroflex technology which ensures the plastic deck is a flexible and optimal plastic, but its size comes with 22 inches skateboard that is much like with traditional skateboard. On the process of making of decks and boards, they calculate the plastic that goes into making with the use of a special machine that results to a more consistency of deck and consistent ride than the regular skateboard decks in the market. This skateboard also offers smooth wheels, you’ll see less breakdown over time because of the stronger components which greatly contributes to the overall smoothness in the ride. Meanwhile, the bearing steel is where Skatro’s bearing is made from and the earings they used to be stronger than the carbon steel bearings that are regularly used by other skateboards. Also, this complete mini cruiser from Skatro provides you strong, good value and quality that will be worth it of your money.

In addition, this Skatro Mini cruiser can be your go-to skateboard if you’re looking a penny board that can provide you with the smoothest ride possible and only Skatro has this exclusive manufacturing trick that is really comparable with its flexible board than can hold any pressure. Keep in mind that if you use it, it is made to flex under your weight, but when it comes with riding, having an ultra-smooth rode and durability, it will be worth your uncertainty.

For those teens who want to try penny boarding, this board provides an amazing thing about its color as it comes with rainbow colors that are perfect for their ages and in all ages. This also has a lower price, which means it can be affordable for riders, but the quality will give you a surprise as it was made with high quality materials and unique equipment. Purchasing this comes with a very handy and strong matching T-tools that is enough to support and adult skateboard with an average size.

4. Skateboard from Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginner with Sturdy Deck Purple 1
  • Anti wheel bite design make skateboarding easy to turn right or left
  • Hold up to 220 lbs weight due to the sturdy deck made of fiberglass compound
  • Soft 59x45mm PU wheels combined with ABEC-9 bearings for smooth ride
  • Solid 3.25 Inch Aluminum trucks equipped with soft bushings for comfortable cruising
  • Available for Kids 3 years old above, Boys, Girls, Teenager and Adults

Its purpose had opened a way for easy transportation and a lot of doors for commuters looking for this kind of ride and through that this mini cruiser had a major change and impact on the industry of skating. People want and looking for compact board find this cruiser to be their best and solid choice and it comes with a size of 22 inches so it is very handy and can store easily on your backpack to carry wherever you go.

You can pick a plethora of colors with this mini cruiser and that what makes its best features, choices include camouflage, green, having black carbon and all other designs that available in them. With its length of 22 inches, it has a maximum capacity of 220 pounds that make it flexible and ideal with all kinds of people and all kinds of weight. Lastly purchasing this board includes a multi-tool.

Buying this Playhion mini-cruiser would give you:

  • Lightweight and compact mini-cruiser with a big weight capacity
  • Has a weight capacity of 220-pounds with just having a length of 22 inches
  • Has a unique and variety of stylish designs to choose from
  • Can get you quickly in the town

5.The complete Penny Nickel Graphic

Penny Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboard, 27", Woodstock
  • Authentic Penny Skateboard
  • 27" Nickel Complete
  • Waffle Deck

Talking about the Penny Nickel Graphic, everything you love about penny nickel has been combined in this mini cruiser but with the truly unique and eye-catching graphics to the deck was added thus the term graphic was indicated on its name, so you are assured that this one has its quality on its design and colors giving you more personalization. And if you want to change your board style based on your mood, you can purchase extra decks and change them out. This bored is on 27 inches long mid-sized penny, and its uniqueness is because of designs are touched with classic Australian styling.

Many others have reviewed these products with an amazing results from its durability , flexible deck plastic, trucks in high quality, waffle patterned top for feet friction just like the other cruisers but what makes it different is their graphic design and wheels that are transparent that others don’t have the qualities which give coolness on its overall look. Some of their unique graphic design that you can choose from our designs based on animal prints, tribal patterns, geometries that are abstract, solid color combination and outer space that can show your personality and what other things you must like or interest.

After its designs, its quality also has something to show. Its deck is adult rated so it means that it has good capacity to carry the weight of adults. This also can be carried on a backpack or just hold it because it’s also lightweight so that kids would be entertained with the design and makes them also want to try it off. The four-inch penny trucks help in keep the ride smooth and quite so you can go with a long ride from one place to another with annoying noise and hassle from pebbles on the road. It is easy to pass down with kids with the help of durable plastic material of the deck because it can hold any beating making it last for a long time.



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