Best Noserider Longboard for True Longboard Surfer

Yes! Can you hear it – the waves are calling you again! Then, you pick the short surfboard you’re using, and a question hits you: why not try a noserider softboard? The best noserider longboard has polyurethane (PU), polyester resin, and fiberglass. Some noserider longboards have epoxy resin and polystyrene (EPS) materials.

So, if you like to change your shortboard to a longboard, it depends on your preference, which longboard materials you prefer. The polyurethane has a natural feel but is ready for ding repairs if the board faces issues.

Meanwhile, the EPX or epoxy core is lighter and more durable than PU materials. Also, the epoxy resin looks great after you remove old wax. For me, the epoxy resin material is excellent because the longboard is durable and doesn’t undergo minor repairs.

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What to Expect from a Noserider Longboard?

Best Noserider Longboard for True Longboard Surfer 1

Shortboard surfers would get a different experience using the best noserider longboard. Surfers, who perform a noseriding maneuver, gain a pleasant experience using the noserider surfboard.


A noserider board has additional foam on the board. You would see a wide rail up to the longboard’s back. Since noserider longboards have single fins, expect that you can ride beach breaks peeling point breaks.

A noserider longboard is slower than other surfboards, so surfers don’t have to turn or stall while riding the board. (For surfers, this is a convenient way to develop their surfing skills and learn how to perform creative moves.)

If you like trimming and going to a straight line, noseriders are perfect longboards you should try. The board’s flat bottom allows you to perform trimming successfully. Surfers would love the soft and slow waves, and that what they would see while riding a noserider board.

Due to its flat rocker, the noserider paddles with ease in flat-faced waves. Surfers would also experience increased stability that enables surfers to perform cross-stepping moves successfully.

If you observe, a noserider gives an awesome experience while you’re on the beach. The soft and slow turns are amazing to see as you enjoy catching waves with your friends.

Modern Noserider Longboards

Today’s noserider longboards are different, unlike the longboards from the 90s. Well, technology boosts creativity, and that what longboard makers do.

The best noserider longboard measures 8 to 12 ft long (some noseriders have longer sizes.) Most of the longboards you in the market are 9 to 10 ft long. The longboard’s sizes and measurements are perfect for beginners because a noserider allows them to have more deck space for standing and riding easily.

Surfers often use longboards because they can paddle and catch the waves easily. Noseriders also perform reliable speed in catching tiny and gutless waves. So, if you’re a beginner, get ready to experience a great time riding a noserider longboard!

Now, do you want to know the best noserider longboards you can buy and use next time you’re at the beach? Don’t worry! I’ll give you the top noseriders that most surfers recommend. If you’re a beginner, no problem. These noserider longboards are right for your surfing needs.

Are you ready?

Here are the best noserider longboard for true longboard surfers!

Modern Surfboard Boss Longboard Surfboard

Modern Surfboards Boss PU Longboard Surfboard
  • Length: 8ft 6in, 9ft 1in
  • Construction: PU
  • Profile: low-entry rocker, relaxed through the middle, extra lift in tail
  • Center: [8ft 6in] 22.25in, [9ft 1in] 22.75in
  • Thickness: [8ft 6in] 3.125in, [9ft 1in] 3.375in

Are you a beginner who aim to gain confidence in developing your surfing skills? Here’s a fantastic noserider longboard for you! The Modern Surfboard offers the stability that allows new surfers to catch waves and ride in various wave conditions.

I’m impressed with this longboard because it’s not only perfect for smooth turns but user-friendly as well. Beginners can maneuver the longboard easily and gain a great ride on the waves. Modern Surfboard has balanced features that enable surfer to enjoy and have fun catching waves.

For example, the parallel mid-section offers an impressive standing zone that allows surfers to break the line and surf smoothly. The low-entry rocker enables surfers to paddle fast and promotes a superb turning arc. Surfers would experience smooth rail transitions and great control while turning off the board’s tail. Also, you have plenty of volumes that offers stability to surfers. Hence, Modern Surfboard Boss Longboard Surfboard is an easy to ride noserider for beginners.

Here’s another surprise:

Modern Surfboard is also suitable for pro surfers because it’s a versatile and reliable surfboard for any wave conditions. You’ll be satisfied riding Modern Surfboard Boss Longboard Surfboard, so come now and try this now!


  • Parallel mid-section for reliable standing zone
  • Low-entry rocker for fast paddling
  • Simple contours offer successful rail to rail transitions


  • User-friendly
  • Perfect for various wave conditions
  • Affordable
  • Huge standing zone


  • Requires design improvements
  • Quite heavy for other most users

Soft Top Surfboard

South Bay Board Co. - 8' Verve Premium Foam Surfboards - Wax-Free Soft-Top Surfboards - Best Beginner Surfboards for Kids & Adults – Fins & Leash Included - Patented Heat Damage Prevention System
  • BEST BEGINNER SURFBOARDS: SBBC offers the best beginner surfboards for kids and adults to surf with. Our patented designs, beginner-friendly shapes, Wax-Free textures, and the Triple Stringer + Bamboo Body Armor system make these the best boards
  • SURFBOARD DIMENSIONS & RECOMMENDED RIDER WEIGHT: The 8’ Verve Foam Surfboard is 96” x 23” x 3”, with 80L of Volume, and easily supports surfers up to 225lbs. The 8’ Verve surf board weighs 16lbs with included soft-top surfboard fins and leash
  • EASY & INCREDIBLY FUN SHAPES TO SURF: Rounded out Nose for extra float with nose rocker to prevent nose-diving, Widened chest area for easier pop-ups, Wider round tail for better stability, Double Concave Bottom Deck for extra speed & control
  • CUSTOM DESIGNED WITH DURABLE MATERIALS: Patented heat release valve to prevent de-lamination, Wax-Free ‘Fingerprint’ foam grip, EPS closed cell foam core, 1 Fiberglass rod + 2 Wooden stringers with Bamboo body armor shell for heavy duty durability
  • PREMIER, HONEST HUMAN CUSTOMER SERVICE: South Bay Board Co. has the fastest shipping of any surfboard brand with the absolute best, REAL humans who actually surf daily. We are always here and happy to help with any of your customer service needs

Not all noserider longboards are versatile. Well, when it comes to versatility, Soft Top Surfboard doesn’t disappoint surfers.

Why? The board’s unique shape allows surfers of various levels to enjoy and have fun. Soft Top Surfboard has a Finger Print Textured Foam Deck that offers traction, so don’t worry about using wax. With the longboard’s shape, you can perform different surf styles. The bottom deck has a double concave (you can see this from nose to tail.) Hence, you experience ultimate glide and stability while you’re on the water.

Soft Top Surfboard is shaped using a vacuum molding process that allows the board to become versatile. You can see a triple stringer that provides protection from breaks or cracks. Surfers would observe that the PVC fin holes are strong. Also, say goodbye to waterlogging because there’s a heat release vale on this noserider.

The noserider longboard has a leash string, leash, and thruster fin setup. Surfers can expect a quality surfing experience riding Soft Top Surfboard.

But wait – there are also a few drawbacks I like to mention.

With the Soft Top board, you wouldn’t see rockers on the nose. (Rockers allow you to surf or do a straight line.) Don’t worry because SBBC (South Bay Board Co.) has a solution to this problem. It’s simple. SBB adds an additional rocker to the board’s nose.


  • The double concave bottom deck
  • Triple stringer for crack prevention
  • Leash
  • Leash String
  • Thruster fin set up


  • Best for beginner surfers
  • Lots of features
  • Best value longboard
  • User-friendly


  • Doesn’t have a rocker
  • Quite heavy for some surfers

California Board Company Surfboard

California Board Company Foam Surf Board, 9-Feet (Color: Brown/Wood graphic)
  • Custom Molded Shape with Board Dims 108" x 23.75" x 4"
  • 100% Waterproof EPS Core
  • High Density Polyetheylene Slick Bottom
  • Traction pad for grip
  • PU Surf Leash and 3 fins included

Do you like the retro look of the bolsa board? Then, why not ride the California Board Company Surfboard? Most surfers like this surfboard not only because of the retro look but also its durability and safety it offers. Foam core riders are safe and durable to ride. (That’s what you get riding the California Board.) If you want to ride a soft top, this surfboard is the right surfboard for you!

I recommend this surfboard to beginners because of its excellent performance. Yes, the board looks great, but it’s more than that. Level up your surfing experience riding this surfboard because it’s wide and long. The board offers excellent buoyancy that’s perfect for beginners who like to have fun catching waves.

You would observe the board has a wide tail and rounded nose. (What benefit can you get from this surfboard?) Beginners learn to perform creative moves on water and achieve balance during wave catching. I admit this surfboard exceeds my expectations when it comes to wave catching and learning balance.

Does your old surfboard often face waterlogging? Don’t worry! That doesn’t happen again with the California Board Company Surfboard! Why? The board’s EPS foam core is waterproof that’s wrapped in polyethylene. Hence, suffers are confident that there wouldn’t be water logging issues.

The noserider surfboard has other features that you would happy to know. You have thruster fins, PU leash, and a leash string. These features make the soft longboard a high-quality board for true surfers. If you want to surf or want a different surfing experience, you’re welcome to buy the soft top surfboard on Amazon.


  • Rounded nose
  • Wide tail
  • Waterproof EPS foam core
  • Thruster fins
  • PU leash
  • Leash string


  • Excellent buoyancy
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Best materials
  • Durable


  • Requires design improvement
  • Some surfers dislike the color

NSP Elements Longboard

NSP Elements Longboard Surfboard | FINS Included | Durable All Around Long Board SURF Board (Navy, 9'0" x 22 3/4" x 3" @ 73.2L)
  • BEST SELLING LONGBOARD SURFBOARD IN THE WORLD | Available in 8'6, 9'0, 9'6, 10'0
  • INCLUDES FINS | 8" Nylon Center Fin and M3 FCS Side Fins (9" Nylon Center Fin only in 9'6 and 10'0)
  • VERSATILE DESIGN | From Performance Longboarding to Riding the Nose.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION | Built in Long Lasting Elements HDT Construction Using Molded Technology with Water Resistant EPS Core, Epoxy Resin, and Fiberglass Cloth.

One of the most famous and widely sold surfboard brands in the world is the NSP. Well, we can’t argue with that. NSP Elements Longboard combines the best materials and shapes that provide great performance to surfers.

You can expect that the Elements longboard lasts for many years due to its durability. (For surfers, the longboard is the right choice.) I consider it amazing because of its features and performance.

The core is waterproof EPS foam and has tough epoxy resin. You can see the bottom deck has a concave shape. So, surfers gain stability while riding the surfboard and allows you to do fantastic tricks such as walking the nose. Surfers would love that once they ride this surfboard.

The NSP Elements Longboard has a center fin and side fins. Surfers refer to this as the “two plus one” set up. Are these fins easy to install? Yes! Surfers wouldn’t face hassles in installing the longboard fins. That’s not all. The fins are also sturdy, so these are durable.

Beginners surfers can develop their skills in riding this longboard. You can stand on water successfully while you enjoy wave catching! Come now and give this baby a try on the beach! Get ready to experience a new level of surfing today!


  • Waterproof EPS foam
  • Concave shape bottom deck
  • Center and side fins
  • Tough epoxy resin


  • Fun and easy to use
  • Durable longboard
  • Right beginner surfboards
  • Great materials


  • Sometimes unstable in the water
  • Other surfers don’t like the color

California Board Company 8 Feet Surfboard (Assorted Colors)

California Board Company Surfboard (8-Feet) Assorted Colors
  • High Density EPS
  • 100% Waterproof core
  • Molded in laminated wood stringers
  • Tri-fin system
  • HD Polethylene slick bottom

Let’s be honest – California Board Company did an excellent job releasing this longboard. Why? Like other CBC surfboards, California Board Company Surfboard is of high quality and offers excellent performance. The surfboard is a good choice for new and old surfers who like to enjoy catching waves.


The surfboard’s features provide satisfaction to surfers despite any surfing conditions they face. The board has a 100% waterproof EPS foam core and high-density polyethylene. (Hence, the surfboard is safe against waterlogging. (You would enjoy the moves you’re doing and develop your surfing skills.)

Surfers can also see laminated wood stringers and a tri-fin system on the surfboard. With these features, you gain speed and stability while you’re on the water. CBC assures that surfers gain enjoyment and satisfaction riding this surfboard.

If you’re happy with that already, wait until you see the price tag. Unlike other noserider longboards on this list, California Board Company Surfboard only falls under the 200 bucks price tag. Longboard’s price is reasonable if you consider the fantastic feature it offers.

Here are the notable features of longboard that could spice up your interest even more.


  • Waterproof core
  • Fantastic tri-fin system
  • Polyethylene slick bottom
  • High-density EPS


  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof core
  • Waterlogging resistant


  • Needs design improvements
  • Lacks longboard accessories

Storm Blade 9’ Longboard

StormBlade 9ft Surfboard // Foam Wax Free Soft Top Longboard for Adults and Kids of All Levels of Surfing
  • 9’0”L x 24”W x 3.25”L / Volume: 98L Weight: 14.6lbs/6.6kgs
  • Superior EPS Core with focally set 3x Marine Ply Stringers
  • 4mm EBS-IXL Top Deck
  • High Grade HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Slick Bottom
  • Bolt-Thru Thruster Set Up Reinforced fin-plug inserts with water barrier Silica rings & Double Swivel Standard Leash

Beginners would love the Storm Blade 9’ Longboard and (I’m sure with that.) Well, Storm Blade is a recognized brand in the surfing industry, so surfers are sure the Storm Blade Longboard gives high performance. Surfers would like the incredible shape of the longboard, and that’s only the start of many surprises.

Thanks to Storm Blade’s innovation, the longboard has increased volume and rails that boost the versatility of the board. Beginners and pro surfers alike can catch waves easily using this surfboard. Get ready to surf on the water or catch big waves on the beach.

The board’s design and materials are top notches so expect satisfaction in riding the board. We have a waterproof EPS foam core and a damage-resistant HPDE bottom deck. The top deck has durable foam materials and three-ply stringers that maintains the longboard’s shape and performance. (With these features, I’m sure surfers would experience a great surfing performance.)

Unlike other longboards, Storm Blade 9’ Longboard has a waterproof thruster fin setup. You would see the longboard fins have watertight silica rings that prevent water entering the longboard. Also, surfers wouldn’t experience any tangle problems using the board because of the double swivel leash feature.

Ocean lovers would like the quality and performance of the Storm Blade Longboard. So, why give this noserider a try next to you and your friend to go to the beach. Any ocean enthusiast who aims to catch waves would be satisfied and enjoy riding Storm Blade 9’ Longboard.


  • EPS foam core
  • HDPE bottom deck
  • Marine ply stringers
  • Thruster fin setup
  • Double leash


  • Waterproof EPS foam core and thruster fin
  • Versatile and durable surfboard
  • High-quality longboard
  • Affordable


  • Stability issues for some surfers
  • Design improvements

Wave Bandit Gravy Rider

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Pro EZ Rider Surfboard, White, 8'0 (WB80)
  • Fun Egg shape great for beginners and advanced alike
  • Double Maple wood Stringers
  • EPS core surfboard
  • Pop thru TPU 4.5 inch tri fin set up
  • RADICAL bottom skin graphic

Longboard surfers having different skill levels would enjoy using the Wave Bandit Gravy Rider. No doubt. With the board’s versatile shape, it’s easy for surfers to catch waves and improve their surfing skills. Surfers would learn to stand up and ride the longboard because it’s thicker and wider than other surfboards. With the Wave Bandit Surfboard, you can catch waves easily.

Wave Bandit Gravy Rider is resistant to damage because of the double maple wood stringer. The longboard maintains its good shape due to the wood stringers. (Hence, you can expect the longboard is often in good condition despite constant use. Thanks to the waterproof EPS foam core, the board wouldn’t face water logging issues. The bottom deck prevents UV damage and scratch-resistant. Thus, surfers can enjoy riding the Wave Bandit Gravy for several years.

If you’re asking about the surfboard’s look, get ready because you’ll be the talk of the beach. Why? The pineapple graphics are fantastic to see on the board’s bottom deck. The surfboard style is promising for other surfers who want to ride Wave Bandit.

Young and old surfers would love the longboard’s design. Honestly, the graphic reflects a cool vibe that any surfer would love to see. (I’m sure would like this too once you’re catching waves riding the nose rider longboard.)

Also, I would like to take note of Wave Bandit’s thruster fin setup. Here’s good news for surfers: the thruster fins are easy to install. The board also includes a leash fin. So, what are you waiting for, ride the Wave Bandit Surfboard right now and feel satisfied!


  • Double maple wood stringer
  • EPS foam core
  • Pineapple graphics design
  • Wide and thick surfboard


  • Great versatility and maneuverability
  • Damage resistant
  • User-friendly
  • Prevents waterlogging
  • Durable


  • A little heavy for some surfers
  • Lacks design improvements

How to Choose the Best Noserider Longboard?

Are you ready to choose the best noserider longboard of your choice? If not, you might be facing a hard time choosing the surfboard that’s right for your surfing needs. Yes, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the features of various noseriders on this list.

Now, relax and think about what you prefer in a nose rider longboard. What are things surfers should consider in choosing a noserider?

Let me help you to answer that question


Longboards have different lengths, and it depends on your choice of which length you’re going to choose. For nose riding, it’s best to select a longboard that’s 10 feet or more.


Noseriders that are more than 10 feet are excellent if you prefer the traditional line of surfing. Surfers who aim to become successful in progressive surfing choose 8 to 10 feet noserider longboard. A longer board needs more space for you to make turns. Meanwhile, shorter boards are excellent choices if your focus is maneuverability.

Your choice considering the longboard length depends on your surfing needs. But since we’re talking about nose riding, a long surfboard is a wise choice.

Longboard Materials

The common materials you would see on noserider longboards are polyurethane (PU) foam, wood stringer, and flex. The balsa wood longboards come from the classic school era of surfing. Balsa materials have unique properties when it comes to flex and weight that professional surfers like. Balsa wood is also light and has good effects on the environment.

But if you’re looking for a strong and light longboard, it’s wise to choose epoxy materials. Noserider longboards require flex and weight for it to offer excellent performance. Epoxy material is thin and stiff, so it’s a great material. Also, epoxy is affordable and durable, so it’s a good choice for a noserider longboard.

Width and Thickness

Most noserider longboards are 2.5 inches thick and more. You would observe the board having a thin tail and nose area. Once a longboard is floaty. It’s easy for surfers to catch waves. But take note that a too floaty longboards wouldn’t yield good results for surfers.

Here’s a good tip: Thin surfers should stay on the lower thickness. For big surfers, a 3+ range is perfect for achieving a successful turn on the water.

Since longboards measure from 22 to 25 inches, your choice for the width depends on your purpose. Nose riders should have a wide nose for surfers to achieve a surfing advantage.


More rocker longboards are excellent choices for noseriding because of their curvature. Noserider longboards are slow that allows the noserider to be on top of the water. Surfers would observe that there’s extra weight on the surfboard’s nose and tail.

Other variations on longboard designs are considered by surfers, but the materials, width, length, and rocket lead you to a good decision. Remember: choose a noserider longboard that you’re comfortable using. In doing so, you gain satisfaction in executing moves on water.


The best noserider longboards await surfers who want fun and enjoyment. Beginner and pro surfers can choose the noserider they want, depending on their preference.

Think about the great possibilities while you’re on top of a longboard. Do you hear the waves beneath you? Then, doubt no more, get a noserider longboard now and be satisfied!

Let the waves guide you to an enjoyable experience. Get ready!



Written by BeachAhoi

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