Best Fish Surfboard to Ride All that Small Waves

You’re browsing the internet, and you see a surfboard having a wide midsection, split tail, and pointed nose. Then, your creative mind tells you,” If I draw a mouth and eyeball, the surfboard looks like a real fish!” You would wonder – what’s the name of this surfboard? Yes, you’re right! You’re looking at the best fish surfboard that’s also popular in the surfing world.

Like shortboards, fish surfboards have different sizes and shapes. Surfers often use a 5-foot or 7-foot fish board. (Your choice depends on the fish surfboard that you like.) If paddling out is a hassle for you, fish boards are excellent surfboards to use.


Fish boards have a great volume that makes these surfboards more buoyant and faster in catching waves. Most surfboards and longboards have quad fin set up. Fish surfboards have various fin configurations, as well. Other fish surfboards have twin or five fins, but you can often see four fins on this surfboard.

Here’s a little trivia about fish surfboards.

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History of a Fish Surfboards

The first fish boards came during the 70s and developed by Steve Lis. That time, Lis intends the board ridden using the knees. People thought that surfboard’s thick material and wide base are meant to handle large waves. Since then, more surfers began using fish surfboard leading to the modern fish board we’re using today!

Now, surfers who are planning to ride fish surfboards might be wondering:

How do I ride a fish surfboard?

Best Fish Surfboard to Ride All that Small Waves 1

Yes, I can feel it. You’re excited too. Alright. Like other boards, surfing a fish board wouldn’t be different. You gain more maneuverability than surfing a longboard and experience easy wave catching riding a shortboard.

Let me explain: In riding a longboard, you let the waves take control of the board’s direction. Then, you turn to ride it optimally. Yes, the fish surfboard isn’t thick, but you can control the board. When it comes to shortboards, surfers are always held back by the waves. A fish has a big range of different waves, and it performs in small waves successfully.

Hence, the fish board is the right choice if you plan to catch small waves.

Before you buy and ride you a fish surfboard, its best to check the fish surfboard size chart. Why? You would know If the best fish surfboard is perfect for you.

Size Chart

For surfers to determine the right surfboard, a handy calculator is essential. You punch your weight on the calculator, and you’ll see the fish board dimensions.

But the board size also falls to other considerations such as the following:

  • Wave size
  • Wave height
  • Surfer’s skill

So, let’s determine your weight and find out the right surfboard size for you:

Surfer’s Weight Fish Surfboard Size
90 to 130 lbs. 5’8 and 6’4
130 to 160 lbs. 5’10 and 6’8
160 to 180 lbs. 6’3 and 6’10
Above 180 lbs. 6’9 (not less than)
Above 200 lbs. 7’6 (not less than)

Remember that is only a rough outline. You need to take time to find the right fish board size for you. Get ready to face trial and error before choosing the right surfboard size for you. Also, don’t forget a wider and wider board means it’s more buoyant. Bout the

Now, let’s talk about the best fish surfboards that give you the confidence to catch small waves. Get ready to check the fish board that fits your preference.

5’8 Hybrid Soft Top Fish

Gold Coast Surfboards surprises surfers with the 5’8 Hybrid fish surfboard. The 5’8 Hybrid board has a 38L volume that can support young and old surfers. The surfboard offers quality and excellent performance that ocean enthusiasts like.

The surfboard’s design and materials boost your skill and confidence in catching waves. Beginners and pro surfers like how the board feels. With a terrific design, you can be cool and awesome while learning new surfing moves. (Yes, surfers like that and guess what – there’s more!)

The Hybrid Fish board has a wax-free foam top and a fiberglass bottom. You can achieve speed and sleekness in catching waves because of the fiberglass bottom. Beginners can learn to catch small waves due to the surfboard’s soft top.

Thus, surfers can expect the Hybrid surfboard meets their expectations when it comes to surfing. You can have fun and enjoy surfing the waves confidently.

5’8 Hybrid Soft Board has quad fins, rounded nose, and skinnier midsection. (Yes, you think that it has the qualities of a traditional shortboard.) You’re right! But the Hybrid has fish qualities that make this a standout surfboard.


  • Wax-free foam top
  • Fiberglass bottom
  • Rounded nose
  • Quad fins


  • Great surfboard for adult and beginners
  • An excellent wave catching performance
  • Best value fish board
  • Great materials and design


  • Only supports 200-pound surfers
  • Some surfers don’t like the color

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Fish Surfboard

Are you tired using 8-foot starter boards? Then, why not shift to a Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Fish Board? Beginners would like the performance of this fish board. (0h, adult surfers would also have fun on the beach catching waves with this baby!)

With this fish surfboard, you can see two wood stringers and dual composite core. (Hence, you would observe that the surfboard has a stiff feel.) Designed by Catch Surf, surfers would be amazed by the board’s pineapple graphics. The pineapple with sunglasses in front of a neon background adds to the awesome look of the fish board.

No doubt. Wave Bandit fulfills a surfer’s expectations on fish surfboards and its performance. Since you’re riding the stiffest surfboards, don’t worry about speed when you’re catching small waves. Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Fish Surfboard gives you satisfaction.

If that amazes you, wait until I reveal the price tag. The Wave Bandit Fish Board only falls under 300 bucks. Thus, surfers on a budget wouldn’t face hassles in riding this surfboard. Give Wave Bandit Fish Surfboard a ride now and gain a great surfing experience.


  • Dual composite core
  • Two wood stringers
  • Pineapple design
  • Quality fish surfboard


  • Best for beginners
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly


  • Only suitable for small waves
  • Requires wax

THURSO SURF Lancer Fish Surfboard

THURSO SURF Lancer 5'10'' Fish Soft Top Surfboard Package Includes Twin Fins Double Stainless Steel Swivel Leash EPS Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Built in Non Slip Deck Grip (Gray)
  • THURSO SURF Lancer 5'10" kids fish tail soft top surfboard package includes one surfboard + twin fins + 6' high-end double stainless steel swivels and triple rail saver ankle leash made with strong recycled plastic / Board sizes: 5'10" x 20" x 2.75" (155 cm x 51 cm x 7 cm) / Board volume 33.6 Liter / Board weight: 6 lbs / Recommended max rider weight: 200 lbs
  • The board is designed with a focus on stability and glide for easy riding with maximum enjoyment. High density EPS core makes the board very light and buoyant. The stiff and durable EPS core is the perfect core for hours of surfing fun
  • HDPE slick bottom (heat laminated) is a strong and responsive bottom skin that adds stiffness and maximises board speed / High density durable IXPE deck (heat laminated) makes the board well cushioned and sealed to reduce risk of delamination
  • Two wood stringers will provide greater longitudinal strength, rigidity and controlled flex / Two fins adds stability / Adjustable fin box makes the board good at changing performance and easy to transport
  • Fish tail gives the board more hold and traction, provides more surface area from rail to rail, and allows for planning speed and lift. The board is popular among some high performance surfers in the nitro-small-wave hotdogger range

Do you want to experience an easy surfing experience? The THURSO SURF Lancer is your excellent choice. The surfboard design aims to give surfers glide and stability. Hence, get ready to experience fun and enjoyment while surfing. The soft top surfboard supports kids and adult surfers weighing 200 lbs. or less.

THURSO SURF provides impressive features that make the fish surfboard excellent in catching waves. You can see a durable EPS core that allows you to surf for hours. (You can expect the surfboard to be light and buoyant.)

The HPDE slick bottom has a responsive and strong skin adding stiffness to the board. Surfers can experience an increase in board speed because of this feature. The surfboard is free from delamination because of the durable IXPE deck.

If you want great longitudinal strength, controlled and rigidity, no problem! THURSO SURF offers two wood stringers to give that to you! The fish surfboard has two fins that add to the board’s stability. Also, the adjustable fin box gives the surfboard a high rating when it comes to changing performance and transport.

Also, the fish board has more hold and traction because of its fishtail. Surfers gain more surface area from the board. Thus, you can perform a successful speed and lift catching waves. If you’re a high-performance surfer, give the THURSO SURF Lancer a try and see how you move on the water!


  • EPS core for buoyancy
  • HDPE slick bottom for the surfboard’s stiffness and increased speed
  • IXPE deck to prevent risks of delamination
  • Two wood stringers
  • Fishtail for excellent hold and traction


  • Best fish surfboard for your budget
  • Excellent performance on the water
  • Durable and user-friendly
  • Great for kids and adults


  • 200-pound weight limit
  • Some surfers experience maneuvering issues

6’8 Hybrid Soft Top Surfboard

Gold Coast Surfboards know what surfers want. That’s what they give them. The 6’8 Hybrid Surfboard is the answer to your dreams. With this 45L board, you can gain excellent speed while you’re surfing.

At first glance, the Hybrid Soft Top Surfboard has a great thickness and width. But you’ll be surprised to know the board is foot large. The egg shape design is amazing as it prevents surfers from doing harsh bottom turns. Then, what will you get?

Of course, high-performance speed!

Like other boards, the Hybrid Fish Surfboard lets you paddle out easily once you arrive at the beach. How is that possible?

It’s simple. The surfboard’s wax-free top and thruster fin set up is the key why you paddle successfully. So, most surfers are filled with excitement while riding the board. Beginner and pro surfers find the Hybrid Fish Surfboard user-friendly.

But you might ask:

Is the Hybrid Fish Surfboard affordable?

Yes, don’t worry about the price tag. With this surfboard, a 300 to 600 budget is enough! Does the price make you interested in trying this surfboard?


  • Wax-free top
  • Egg shape design
  • Thruster fin set up


  • Fits your budget
  • Easy to use
  • Best for beginners and pros
  • Great design


  • Other surfers want other board colors

Rock-It Albert Surfboard

Rock-It 6' Albert Surfboard
  • 72" x 22.4" x 3.2" (49 L)
  • perfect starter board for kids or adults up to 175lbs
  • removable performance fins
  • floaty stylish fish design
  • 2x nano-coated stringers & UV resistant soft top material

Beginners who aim to improve their surfing skills can try the Rock-It Albert Surfboard. Well, the floaty and stylish fish surfboard allows you to perform creative moves. The twin fin set up offers rideability while the thin shape is reliable for you to gain speed.

Surfers don’t only experience enjoyment while catching waves riding the Rock-It. Get ready to experience comfort and thrill as you face waves. The fish surfboard’s shape, style, and features add to its effectiveness on the water. No doubt. Beginners would learn easily and improve their skills in no time using this board.

But do you think slowing down is a problem with this surfboard? Not really. You wouldn’t experience drags while you’re in the water.


Rock-It Albert Surfboard fiberglass on its bottom and two stringers! With these features, surfers say goodbye to drags. (I’m guessing that some of your experience slow riding your old surfboard.) Don’t worry! Drags wouldn’t happen to the Rock-it surfboard.

Hence, you’re sure that you’re satisfied with the moves and turns you’re doing.

That’s not all.

New and pro surfers would be comfortable carrying the surfboard because it’s lightweight. Hence, you wouldn’t experience hassles anytime you’re in the water.

Come and ride the Rock-It Albert Surfboard today! Experience an enjoyable surfing experience you wouldn’t forget.


  • Cloth fiberglass
  • Two stringers
  • Twin fin set up
  • Thin shape


  • Stylish and floaty
  • Good for wave catching
  • Lightweight
  • Prevents drag
  • Affordable


  • Durability issues
  • Needs design improvement

CBC Surfboard

California Board Company CBC Surfboard, 5-Feet x 8-Inch, Assorted
  • High Density EPS foam core
  • Full graphic deck and graphic bottom
  • Attached traction pad for better grip
  • New fins system with 3 blue fins included
  • Surf leash included

Beginners, here’s your chance to develop your surfing skills! Are you facing trouble searching for the best fish surfboard that suits your preference? The CBCs Surfboard allows you to have fun, enjoy, and feel excited while waiting for the next waves to come.

Surfers catch small or mid-sized waves with this surfboard. But the high-level surfing experience isn’t over there. Why? The surfboard’s buoyancy allows surfers to catch waves easily. CBC has a size and feels that sends satisfaction to any surfer.

I like how the CBC Surfboard performs and many surfers too! You can execute simple and smooth turns while enjoying the waves. Surfers can also cruise through wave sections riding the surfboard. When you’re riding the CBC Surfboard, it’s a unique feeling you wouldn’t forget.

In addition, the CBC Surfboard has a stomp pad on the surfboard’s back. So, don’t be afraid to throw tight snaps and carve ocean waves. The CBC Surfboard lets you enjoy surfing to the next level.

Oh, by the way, the CBC board is affordable, so no hassles if you plan to buy it!


  • Great surfboard design
  • Excellent buoyancy for wave catching
  • Stomp pad
  • High-quality materials


  • Good for catching small and mid-sized waves
  • Perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers
  • Allows surfers to perform smooth turns


  • No surfboard accessories
  • Other surfers don’t like the shape

Big Boy Fish Surfboard

No products found.

As a recognized surfboard provider, JK Surfboards assures that surfers would jump and head to the beach to surf. The Big Boy Fish Surfboard is the reason for that. At first glance, this fish surfboard is closer to small longboards than shortboards. Nevertheless, Big Boy makes its own mark in the surfing industry.

The surfboard’s additional length and thickness allow you to catch waves easily. Thanks to Big Boy’s size, your wave catching wouldn’t be a hassle. But it’s different when you’re trying to catch mid-size and large waves.


Surfers experience difficulty paddling out when they reach the beach. But that’s only a slight issue. The Big Boy surfboard back up that problem by giving you speed in cruising the waves. For me, it’s not that a hassle at all. You only need to train yourself on how to maneuver the board.

Here’s another advantage:

Surfers have ultimate control over carves and turns because of the five-fin setup. So, don’t worry about experience surfing hassles! Say goodbye to that once you’re catching waves riding Big Boy Fish Surfboard.

Many surfers consider Big Boy as a fun surfboard. Well, we can’t deny that. Big Boy proves that it deserves the attention of most surfers. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro surfer, the Big Boy Fish Surfboard is right for you!

Get ready to face the waves with Big Boy!


  • Great shape and size
  • Excellent board materials
  • Five-fin set up


  • Perfect surfboard for any surfing condition
  • Best value fish surfboard
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly


  • Not good for large and mid-sized waves
  • Weight limitations
  • Slow ride than other boards

Ronix Koal Classic Fish

High-end surfers would love the Ronix Koal Classic due to its performance and quality. Yes, Koal Classic doesn’t disappoint surfers when it comes to its materials and features. Surfers would enjoy the fun and enjoyable experience this surfboard offers.

That’s only the start.

Ronix Koal Classic has a precision shape and rocker line. The fiberglass material is superb, and its lightweight provides strong and consistent performance that every surfer dream to experience. Ronix Koal Classic Fish has a buoyant structure that keeps you at ease on the water. The board’s thickness and quality are a stand out from other surfboards in the market.

Ronix Koal Classic has a sturdy construction process that makes fish surfboard durable in catching waves. The fish shape board offers maximum glide and surfing performance.

Also, the board’s price tag wouldn’t disappoint you. Why? Like most fish surfboards on this list, the Ronix Koal Classic is affordable. Surfers who are conscious of their budget don’t need to worry! Ronix Koal Classic Fish is an excellent surfboard when it comes to quality and price!

If you’re interested in riding this surfboard, don’t waste time! Level up your surfing experience today!


  • Front pad design
  • Concave top deck
  • Hook Fiberglass fins
  • Fiberglass shell


  • Lightweight surfboard
  • Affordable
  • Great for beginner and professional surfers
  • Perfect fish shape
  • High-quality materials


  • Moderate stability issues
  • Doesn’t have board accessories

StormBlade 6’ Surfboard

StormBlade 6ft Swallow Tail Surfboard // Foam Wax Free Soft Top Shortboard for Adults and Kids of All Levels of Surfing
  • Superior EPS Core with focally set 3x Marine Ply Stringers 4mm EBS-IXL Foam Top Deck High Grade HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Slick Bottom Bolt-Thru Thruster Set Up Double Swivel Standard Leash 44.4kN Strength Nylon Leash Coupling
  • Length 6’0” / 1830mm Width 21.3/4” / 550mm Thickness 3 1/4"/ 80mm Volume 49L Weight 6.1lbs / 2.8kgs

Surfers would be excited when they get their hands on the StormBlade surfboard. Other surfers would soon follow suit. We can’t blame or argue with them. StormBlade is a reliable and trusted brand that offers quality and high-level surfboards. The StormBlade 6’ Surfboard is no different when it comes to quality and performance that surfers like to have.

StormBlade 6’ Surfboard has excellent shape and buoyancy that allows surfers to enjoy long hours at the beach. The surfboard’s materials are premium and tested. (No doubt StormBlade gains a large following surfer.)

With this fish surfboard, you can find amazing features such as three marine-ply stringers, foam top deck, slick bottom bolt and more. The thruster set up is cool and amazing. Surfers don’t need to worry about being tangled with the surfboard.


StormBlade 6’ Surfboard has a swivel leash that prevents any tangling problems. With StormBlade surfboard’s performance, expect that your surfing experience is on a high level.


  • EPS Core
  • Marine Ply Stringers
  • Foam Top Deck
  • Slick Bottom Bolt
  • Thru Thruster Set up


  • Lightweight and buoyant
  • Perfect for any wave conditions
  • Superior materials
  • Great features


  • Could be pricy for some surfers
  • Kids face difficulty riding the board

Fish Surfboard Benefits

Now that you know the best fish surfboards, you’re thinking of buying one. Then, a question pops up in your mind – Is it worth it to surf with fish boards?

Your friends might have mixed answers to this question. Some would tell you longboards are awesome, or shortboards are the right boards for you.

Yes, you become confused. Don’t worry! Read the benefits of fish surfboards, and you can make your decision.

Great in Small Waves – Unlike longboard and shortboards, fish boards would give you the speed you want if you’re catching small waves. Shortboards are hard to unleash in small waves, while longboards don’t give enough speed in small waves.

Easy and Fast Paddle – Compared to shortboards, a fish board offers easy and fast paddle for surfers. Why? Fish boards have higher volumes than shortboards. High volume means that fish boards are more buoyant. Thus, surfers can paddle easily.

Great Wave Catcher – Yes, fish boards are shorter than shortboards. But its thickness and width are similar to a longboard. Hence, surfers can catch waves faster and gain an enjoyable surfing experience.


Be ready to catch small waves at the beach with the best fish surfboard. With the top fish boards, we have here. You have great choices. Surfers can catch waves fast and easily with a fish board. The board’s quality and performance aren’t something to ignore.

So, what are you waiting for, come now and give these top fish surfboards a ride now! Let the excitement begin!



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