Are Penny Boards Worth It?

Do you remember the icy wind that hits your cheeks during the spring season? What about the crunch of fallen leaves under the wheels of your skateboard?

Are Penny Boards Worth It? 1

Yes, in any season, you can ride along sidewalks and streets with your skateboard.

You have different types of skateboards to choose from – you can ride a longboard or a shortboard. But do you know what’s stands out in the skateboards you’re using?

That’s right!

The Penny Board is a favorite in skateboarding. People – kids and adults, use Penny Boards. The question is, are penny boards worth it?

You’ll know the answer in this article.

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Penny Board Explained

For skaters, the Penny Board is the latest trend. You might notice your neighbors riding penny boards. That’s because many companies are jumping up and selling their version of penny boards. Penny board is smaller than regular skateboards.

Penny boards come in different designs, colors, and styles. So, it’s up to you which design or color you like. An Australian based company – Penny Skateboards, is the creator of the first penny board. The company introduced skateboard sizes:

Penny – A skateboard is measuring 22 inches.

Nickel – A 27” long deck skateboard.

Cruiser Variant – A skateboard is measuring 32 inches.

A Penny Board has different parts, such as the following:

  • deck
  • wheels
  • truck
  • bearings

These penny board parts are preassembled in the complete setup. But you can buy the parts separately so you can decide your ideal setup.

Most penny boards have a quality and ABEC bearing (but the ABEC doesn’t matter for many people). The trucks are 3” entirely intended for penny board use. Note: the trucks are responsible so that the board could turn quickly.

Did you know that the penny board shape comes from the form of the skateboards of the 60s and 70s? These skateboards are relatively narrow and have a pointed nose. The skateboards have a kicktail, but you wouldn’t see any kick on the nose. The trucks are set close to the board’s nose.

Now, you have a full idea of what a penny board is. Let’s talk about the penny board advantages.

Penny Board Pros

If you plan to buy or use a penny board, these advantages are right for you:


Yes, who wants to bring a large skateboard and put it on a loaded backpack? Well, don’t count me in, and you wouldn’t too! Penny boards are small and lightweight, so it’s easy for you to carry. You can also put in your backpack quickly.

That’s a convenient way of bringing your means of transportation. The weight and size of the penny board are enough reasons why you need to try it out!


Penny boards are made of plastic (but don’t think of putting it down yet.) Wooden longboards don’t last long, unlike small panels. Penny boards are very durable due to its plastic material, so don’t worry if your penny hits a wall by accident.

Why? The small board wouldn’t break compared to the longboard. There’s no harm if you try a penny board today.


As mentioned above, a penny board is lightweight and small in size. Because of these qualities, you can carry a small commission anywhere you go. You can fit the board inside your bag if you’re going to school or taking a leisure walk with your friends.

Since a penny board is light, you can hold and carry it anywhere. You can put it inside your backpack. Hence, a penny board is very portable for commuters who want a fast and comfortable ride going to the office or school.

Stable at High Speed

Some skateboards are prone to wobbles when they reach high speed. Don’t worry! Say goodbye to wobbles when you’re riding a penny board.

What’s the secret?

It’s simple – penny boards have trucks that have better construction and design that makes penny boards suitable for cruising.

But if you want to perform complicated tricks, you can’t do that at once with a penny board. You need to practice if you’re a beginner. Once you get used to riding a penny board, you can do any desired tricks you want.

Great for Beginners

One of the awesome skateboards that are great for beginners is the penny board. First-timers can carry the small commission around because of its small size and lightweight.

That’s not all.

The penny board wheels are more significant than the typical skateboard. Hence, the penny board makes it easy for you to handle cracks and curbs.

But take note: beginners would have difficulty handing a penny board because of its small size. Don’t worry! Practice riding the penny board every day, and you can maneuver the board quickly.

Alright – that’s the pros of riding a penny board. Your answer to the question “are penny boards worth it?” is YES. But don’t make your conclusions yet.

Penny Board Cons

If there are advantages in riding a penny board, there are disadvantages as well. These drawbacks might make you think twice if penny boards are worth it or not.

Difficulty Level

I agree that size matters even in skateboards. A penny board has a small area that your feet might not even fit. And for people having big feet, these sucks.

That’s not your only problem.

The penny board is difficult to handle if you require speed. The board’s small area and size would prevent you from taking the penny board quickly. So, the penny board isn’t your best bet if you’re a first-timer in skateboarding.

You can practice first on a longboard before you ride a penny board.

Price Range

Yes, penny boards seem affordable than longboards, but think again. The truth is, a penny board is more expensive than a longboard of two factors.

  1. Small size
  2. One purpose

The Penny board is small, which means the council has fewer materials. Also, the penny board is designed for one purpose that affects its price range. If you’re on a tight budget, I recommend that you shouldn’t buy the penny board.

Limited Purpose

Some of you might be disappointed to know that penny boards have a limited purpose – commuting. Yes, a penny board wouldn’t be great if you plan to do complicated tricks with it. (But I’m not saying that you can’t perform any lure with a penny board).

The penny board’s limited mobility and small wouldn’t allow you to skate with a small commission at the skating rink.

Please take note: Penny board is intended for commuting, so you can’t argue much with its purpose.

Is A Penny Board Dangerous?

The answer depends on your intention or purpose of buying the small board. For example, you can’t use a penny board yet if you’re a beginner.

Longboards are the ideal skateboards for beginners because they can practice how to balance and handle the board.

That’s different when you’re going to use a penny board.

A penny board’s small size requires excellent adjustment from the user. You can’t expect to achieve a smooth and fast ride if you’re not used with a penny board. You might experience accidents on the road or sidewalk when you try to ride the penny as you desire.

That shouldn’t work that way.

The best thing that beginners can do is buy and try riding a longboard. Then, they could try hanging a penny board.

The penny board isn’t dangerous, but you still need to be careful in handling it.

Are Penny Boards Worth It?

Penny boards are designed for commuting. You can carry a penny board easily because of its small size and lightweight. For example, you can put the penny board inside a backpack when going to school or the office

The question now is this – is that your purpose in buying a penny board? If not, then the penny isn’t worth it for you. Consumers have different preferences in buying a penny board.

Here’s a scenario:

Your friend wants to buy a penny board so that he can travel fast from home to school. Meanwhile, your cousins want to buy the penny board because they like to try it out. In the end, a penny board is worth it for your friend because penny boards are intended for commuting.

Your cousins would have a different perspective once they’ve tried riding the board. Since your cousins like only to try it, riding the small board might not be worthy of them.


A penny board, as a form of a skateboard, allows you to have a smooth and fast computing experience. The penny board’s lightweight and small size make it portable and convenient to use. It’s also worth it if you’re the purpose of buying it is for its intended purpose – commuting.

For beginners, a penny board might be a challenge to handle. But it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to use it. Practice makes perfect, and who knows, you would become a pro riding a penny board. If you got tricks you want to try, you could also try that using a penny board.


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