A Guideline to Know Best of All types of Surfboards

Are you ready to catch waves when you’re at the beach? Yes, I feel your excitement. But if you’re a newbie surfer, you need to consider the types of surfboards you would use.

Surfboards have different sizes and shapes. (Take note: your choice for the best surfboard that’s right for you would be a tough one.)

So, before you head to the beach, it’s wise for you to know the best types of surfboards that fit your skills and experience.

Let’s get familiar with all types of surfboards in this article.

A Guideline to Know Best of All types of Surfboards 1

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Types of Surfboards for All Surfers


One of the oldest and traditional surfboard designs is the longboard. A longboard ranges from 8 feet up to 12 feet long. Longboards are 2.5 inches thick and 20 inches wide. Surfers can paddle easily using this surfboard because of its extra volume.

If you’re a BEGINNER, a longboard is a right surfboard to ride and catch waves.


The longboard’s shape allows beginners to learn paddling techniques, wave selection, and turning basics. New surfers can paddle easily and smoothly riding a longboard. Once you become an expert surfer, you would develop and fluid and skillful manner of surfing.


If you’re familiar with 1970s surfing, then you would recognize the shortboard design. At that time, surfers began to experience high-performance surfing. But that didn’t end there. Today, surfers continue to discover new boundaries riding shortboards.

Shortboards measures 7 feet long and has excellent rockers that allow surfers to catch critical wave sections. You can identify a shortboard by its thin rails, sharp noses, and three/four fin setup.

Fish Surfboard

During the 1970s, fish designs are famous among surfing enthusiasts. The fish design continues to amaze surfers today because it allows surfers to paddle easily and gain speed. That’s enough for you to ride flat wave sections.

A fish board is wider and shorter than a shortboard. Hence, the fish design works well in conquering small mushy surf. You would observe that the fish board is flat and has a rocker. So, next time you go to the beach, ride this board for you to paddle well.

Gun Surfboard

Are you afraid of catching huge waves? Don’t worry! The gun board is an excellent surfboard you can ride if you’re facing large waves. A typical gun surfboard measures 6’6’’ to 10’ inches in length. With the gun surfboard’s additional length, surfers gain enough speed in paddling big waves.

You can see a rocker and three/four fins as few of the gun surfboard’s features. The gun board’s design is best for performing big drops while handling speeds having great control. Hence, get ready to catch fast and big waves riding a gun board.


Funboard is big surfboards having additional volume but not similar to a longboard. A funboard measures from 6 to 8 feet long. If you like to make a transition to smaller boards, then the funboard is an excellent choice for you. The funboard will allow you to gain stability and paddling power successfully.

Surfers can choose from different funboard nose shapes, tail shapes, and foils. Come and check this surfboard type now!

Hybrid Boards

Yes, you’re right – hybrid surfboards are combinations of types of surfboards. For example, you would see the features of a shortboard of a fish board in a hybrid surfboard.

You can also see the characteristics of a shortboard and a longboard in hybrid boards.

Good news if you’re a heavy surfer who wants to ride small board, hybrid boards give you excellent surfing experience.


Are you uncomfortable riding a longboard? Then, why not try surfing with a foamie or foamboard instead. Foamboards are also ideal surfboards for beginners because this type of surfboard allows the surfer to stand easily and gain excellent stability.

Foamboard has a soft texture. Hence, a foamie is also called as surfboard. Surfers don’t face injuries because of the soft qualities of the board. Also, other surfers on the water are safe because of the board’s soft texture.

Paddle Board

Here’s an awesome addition to the types of surfboards you might like – a paddle board. From its name, you can figure out that the paddle board allows a surfer to stand up on the board while paddling. Paddle boards are wider and offer more buoyancy than other surfboards.

A paddle board measures 10 up to 12 feet long and requires to have excellent balancing skills for you to surf small and large waves. Take note: the paddle board isn’t also great for the sea. You can also this surfboard while you’re in the lake or pond.

Yes, you can enjoy nature riding a paddle surfboard!

Now that you’re familiar with the types of surfboards, it’s time to choose what’s the best surfboard type is for you. Yes, the selection process is hard, considering that surfboards are different. (We’re talking about the size, length, weight, and shape of the surfboard.)

No problem. In this article, you would also know what type of board is right for you, depending on your skills, etc. So, let’s start with beginners and kid surfers.

Surfboards for Beginners and Children

Have you heard of the golden rule in choosing a surfboard type for beginners and kids? If not, it’s time to remember that “size is everything is choosing a board for novice surfers. Long and wide boards are best for newbie surfers who want to develop their surfing skills.

A long and wider board gives stability to new surfers so they can paddle and catch waves successfully. So, what are the types of surfboards that are best for beginners and kids?

Foam or Softboards

New surfers would be glad riding softboards. Why? These surfboards allow surfers to catch messier and smaller waves without wasting cash. (You would feel sad buying a surfboard that you can’t use.) So, softboards are good choices to start learning catching waves.

But that’s not all.

Here are other reasons why newbie surfers should choice a foamie or softboard.

Less Injury

It’s natural for beginners and kids to be “wipe out” while they are surfing. Remember: you wouldn’t be a great surfer if you didn’t commit mistakes. That’s part of a novice’s learning process. But that doesn’t mean that wiping out allows you to get hurt.

Here’s the solution: softboard or foamie is soft so you wouldn’t get hurt when you fall from the board. Hence, surfers don’t face high chances of injury.

Catch Waves Easily

Do you feel frustrated seeing other surfers catch waves easily? Don’t feel bad because you’re a beginner. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to live with it. So, the additional volume and size of a softboard allow you to catch waves. (No hassles in catching small waves this time!)

That’s only the first part.

Foamboards also offer stability that means new surfers can stay on the waves longer. Thus, you would enjoy the entire moment catching waves and feeling satisfied.

Fast Learning

Shortboards are streamlined and much cooler looking than softboards, so does it mean short surfboards are ideal for novices?

No, not really.

If you’re a beginner surfer, it’s wise to learn first in longboards such as softboards. Why? Longboards allow surfers to stand up while maintaining stability. Unlike shortboards, longboards such as foamies allows you to be stable while standing up.

Once you get used to riding foamies or even a longboard, it’s easy for you to shift to a shortboard. (Not bad if you aim to practice and develop your surfing skills.) Young surfers would learn to surf like pros in no time riding softboards.

Great Design

Okay, I’m not saying that other surfboard types don’t have terrific designs. {Most surfboards have unique and attractive designs that surfers like.) But softboards also have eye-catching designs that you shouldn’t miss!

It’s not too late getting an attractive surfboard. Guess what? The foamboards have amazing board designs that make you stand out from other surfers. Don’t miss the chance to select cool designs that would amaze you and other surfers on the beach.

Lasts a Long Time

As a beginner, softboards make good investments. Why? Foamies are durable but affordable, so surfers feel satisfied in buying the surfboard. But we’re not only talking about the price here – but also the surfboard’s performance and quality as well.

You see, softboards are durable, like other surfboard types. When we say “durable” it means that the surfer can use the board for a long time. Who knows? You can give the softboard as a gift to your children.

Funboard and Hybrid Boards (Mini Mal Boards)

Yes, you might be familiar with surfing but don’t have much experience yet. Well, it’s not bad to try minimal or funboard/hybrid surfboards. These boards have less length than other types of surfboards that enables you to catch waves easily and experience excellent maneuverability.

That’s a good way for young surfers to learn more and develop their surfing skills.

Like foamboards, a hybrid or a funboard also offers great designs that you and other surfers would like. So, why not level from being a beginner to an intermediate riding mini mal surfboard?

Surfboards for Intermediates

Do you plan to take your surfing skills to the next level? Then, you need the best types of surfboards to achieve your desired expectations. The question is – what surfboard is right for intermediate surfers?

Here are two surfboards you can use:


Maneuverability isn’t a problem when you’re riding shortboards. You can maneuver fast and big waves easily. (A feat that’s tough to do if you’re riding big and longboards.) With shortboards, surfers gain awesome turning ability and duck dive through breaking waves.

But as people say, “we can’t have it all” so here’s the drawback of riding shortboards. If high speed is your concern, you wouldn’t have of it riding a shortboard. Surfers need to paddle more so that they can get to the wave. Also, shortboards wouldn’t give you the advantage on smaller breaks, unlike funboards, and longboards do.

Fish Surfboards

Here’s a good surfboard if you like stability and excellent ability in wave catching – fish boards. Unlike other boards, fish surfboards wider and flatter. Fish boards are perfect during the summer season when the waves are mushy, and small waves are present.

Fish boards have a low rocker that enables the board to gain excellent speed. But the board’s large width doesn’t allow it to maneuver, unlike shortboards. But the turning ability of fish board is commendable.

So, if you feel that a fish board would level u your surfing skills, don’t waste time and ride this surfboard today! Get ready for the thrilling and fun experience at the beach you wouldn’t forget.

Surfboards for Pros

For the experts, choosing a surfboard type depends on the surfer’s preference and the surfboard’s performance. Advanced surfers are more confident than new surfers when it comes to catching waves.

That means the pros should have a surfboard that they’re comfortable to ride. After all, a surfer’s convenience results in amazing surfing moves.

Foamboards are Good for Pros, too!

Let’s not leave a softboard or a foamie only for beginners. Pros who like to ride foamies can ride it too! Yes, foamboards offer stability and allow the surfer to catch waves easily.

Foam surfboards are durable, and their volume adds to the thrilling surfing experience. (That’s what advance want, and they aim to experience it all the time.)

In riding foam surfboards, surfers are less to face injuries. The foam’s soft material offers less impact in case the surfer is wipe out from the board. (Of course, that only happens by accident, but we can’t tell.)

Also, pro surfers would like the cool designs of foam boards. Surfboard designs are a battle nowadays, and foamies aren’t left behind when it comes to design. Foamies are also best value surfboards in the market, so professional surfers wouldn’t hesitate to try this out.


The types of surfboards offer enjoyment and satisfaction to new and pro surfers alike. These surfboards are unique when it comes to design, size, and features. So, what’s the surfboard of your choice?


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