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BeachAhoi is Online Publisher for Beach Lovers.

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This photo was taken by Oak our co-founder, in September 2018

BeachAhoi Founded by Bill & Oak in late August 2019. Our focus is to make your next beach trip full of fun and happiness. Our first month are focusing on Surfing activities. But we’ll added more varied of content in the next few month. Please stay tuned.






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Meet the Founder

Bill Kalkumnerd, Co-Founder

Bill Kalkumnerd

Bill is ex-digital manager and now working as actors in Bangkok sometime. He isn’t person who goes to beach often. But every important moment in his life has beaches included. One day he thought he wanted to do something new with his friends which there has the beach as a part. That’s why BeachAhoi was founded.

He loves writing, reading, music, art and the beach no less than anyone else. This journey with BeachAhoi is probably the best way to convey what he loves. However, if you meet him at a concert somewhere Don’t forget to cheer the glass with him.

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Aye’Oak Phairatchawan, Co-Founder

About Us 2

Oak, An ex-creative copywriter and ex-mountaineer, who recently becomes a strategic planner. His life was changed by surfing. He became ocean-addicted and also Facebook fan page owner Salary Surfer”. He posted surfing contents there every time he saw any good wave from a computer screen. In order to tone down his addiction and keep him sanity while he has to work in Bangkok where no waves could probably be found.

Once again. Ocean has turned his tides of life and brought him the “BeachAhoi” where he could put all of energy and skills to write and create good articles about what he loves the most.
If you found him in the ocean or any line-up, Feel free to give him an “Aloha” 🙂

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